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About Us

One of the most priceless life lessons I’ve learned over the years is that dreams can come true one way or another.

That's not me in case you wondered!

My name is Daniel and I’m a football fanatic. Yea, that’s right! I’m a die-hard lover of the game, and I’ve always dreamt of contributing my share towards its development and growth.

I’m no longer an active player, nor are my skills at par with the legendary Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, or other amazing footballers out there. I did, however, played the game for fun for over 15 years, and I’ve been closely following and watching these stars play the game we all love.

After retiring from my college football team, I realized that I didn’t need to stand in the center of the Metlife Stadium wearing cleats, helmets, and gloves to make a difference.

Instead, I could provide technical and educative support for those who have the skill and opportunity to play professional football either in the NFL or college leagues, or whoever wants to play just for fun with a couple of buddies. 

It was my love for football coinciding with idea to help that made me team up with Wayne – and together we founded Gamedayr.

I can’t describe how excited I was to find out that Wayne, whom I met during my years in college, was nursing the same idea. We bonded like glue and decided to drive this dream with so much turbo that will provide timeless value for folks like you with passion for the sport. 

What Is Gamedayr All About?

Gamedayr is an online blog dedicated to providing informative and interesting content about football and the NFL.

To be more specific, we write and publish comprehensive reviews on top-notch football equipment and accessories such as helmets, headgears, cleats, gloves, jerseys, braces, and other protective gearWe also have information articles about football tips.

If I were in your shoes, I’d probably wonder, “What makes Gamedayr different from the thousands of football blogs out there?”

Well, it’s pretty simple.

For us at Gamedayr, we don’t have our own products, so our drive has little to do with remuneration. It's really all about our passion for the sport.

Although there are good stores and brands out there, I’ve had a fair share of pain associated with buying poor gloves or cleats from vendors who claimed to be offering the best. Frankly, we don’t want you to experience those inconvenient situations. We don’t want your jersey ripped off during a match or be encumbered with torn cleats. 

Which is why at Gamedayr, we’re dedicated to share with our readers the best protective gear and other football equipment that will make them play their best game.

We have single product reviews, comparisons, and round-up articles about all these football equipment and accessories to help you choose the best one that will fit your needs and preferences.

For instance, there are several brands that produce headgear. If you’re not informed about their differences, you may be quick to think that every one of those headgears offers the same features and experience.

However, in reality they do not. Through reviews, we can show you how one product or  brand differs from the other. Our reviews also give you a deeper insight into the pros and cons of buying these products.

It’s safe to say that we help you answer the questions most local vendors have little idea about.

What’s more…

We don’t just have a number of articles in the archive. We’re writing on a regular basis. Which means our information is always fresh and updated.

We follow trends and give you a heads-up when something new hits the market, and we show you how to use these new products after introducing them to you.

Gamedayr is also committed about delivering value through our educational articles and tips that ensures you stay protected from injury. We only want you to play your best in the field, with the right gear and equipment that will further enhance your game.

If you have any questions or feedback you can contact me directly at:

Or you could also learn more about us and catch up with our latest activities and via our social media handles:

Our Mission

We at Gamedayr aim to:

Meet the Team


Co-founder & Editor in Chief
Daniel is the brain behind the idea of Gamedayr. Without a doubt, his passion for football precedes him. Back in high school, he was a member of his school football team. With the effort of other young chaps, he led his school to a state championship final. Daniel has since continued his fandom for the game, even in college. But today, his energy for the game is channeled from another standpoint. He is a fervent writer with years of professional experience in the sports industry. No wonder he doubles as a Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Gamedayr.


Favourite NFL team: New England Patriots

Wayne C. Hairston


Co-founder & Senior Coach
If you’re looking for the technical guru with a mastery of good strategies and skills of football, then Wayne is the right guy. He’s got an awesome track record as far as college football is concerned. As he is advanced in age, so are his skills and proficiency on the pitch. He is one of those football lovers that have a thing for training youngsters. For what it’s worth, Wayne has coached dozens of footballers who play in today’s NFL. Bringing his vast knowledge and experience in professional football, he teamed up with Daniel to give birth to Gamedayr. Judging by his credentials, it shouldn’t be surprising that he is the Senior Coach of Gamedayr.


Favourite NFL team: Green Bay Packers


Editorial Writer & Graphic Designer
“Beautiful Jade,” as she is fondly called, is the gifted hands behind all the amazing articles we have on Gamedayr. She is an SEO expert, content writer, and sports journalist. As expected, she also has a strong passion for football too. Although she doesn’t play the game, it shouldn’t surprise you that she watches every single NFL match time can afford her to catch. Her passion for the sport has a lot to do with her being a cheerleader in high school. Jade combines her numerous skills and experience in her role as an Editorial Writer of Gamedayr. But more than that, she is a mind-blowing creative Graphics Designer.


Favourite NFL team: Dallas Cowboys


Editorial Writer
Ready, set, hut! Legend has it that Kevin has been a football enthusiast since a pigskin landed in his hands a long time ago. Love at first sight, some might say. When not avidly checking the latest stats, watching highlight reels and keeping up with expert predictions, Kevin can be found on the field tossing a football with his friends. Gamedayr has been the perfect outlet for him to revel in his passion. Combining his interests in writing and the NFL, he shares his love for the sport while providing insightful content for readers to help them improve their skills.


Favourite NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles


Editorial Writer
Poch has been enamored with NFL football for almost 30 years. His love for the gridiron began when he was in junior high school. Since his family is from Indiana, it’s only natural he pulls for the Indianapolis Colts. He considers legendary quarterback Peyton Manning his all-time favorite player. Poch has written football articles for publications such as Bleacher Report, ClutchPoints, I4U News, The Sportster, and Swimsuits & Sports Magazine. He uses his writing talent to help his readers gain a unique perspective on America’s Game. Poch has also passed on his love for football to his son Coltin, who is named after (who else?) the Colts.

Favourite NFL team: Indianapolis Colts


Editorial Writer
If you’re looking for a fantasy football expert that is obsessed with all things fantasy, Vin is your go-to guy. He’s played in tons of leagues and formats over the last decade and has a wealth of experience and knowledge as it pertains to helping readers figure out the best games for them to play. Not to mention helping players gain that winning edge in their leagues! Vin is an avid sports fan when it comes to just about anything, but truly loves the NFL and is a long-suffering New York Jets fan.

Favourite NFL team:  New York Jets

Tracy E. Katzke

Editorial Writer

Hello Friends! Daily Fantasy Sports provides fans with adrenaline rushes and substantial payouts daily. Despite never exceeding entry fees of $4, my top ten finishes have netted me over $11,000. Not too shabby for a recreational player, right? An unblockable OLB in college, I am an avid fan of the NFL and all things related to fantasy football. Nonetheless, only recently have I ventured into DFS fantasy football, preferring the year-long contests instead. However, this upcoming year, I plan to focus more on DFS NFL, and I expect my achievements to follow.

Favourite NFL team: Kansas City Chiefs