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Aliexpress Jersey Review

Aliexpress is a cost-effective e-commerce marketplace where you can find hundreds and hundreds of NFL and NBA jerseys for cheaper than retail. 

You’ll be able to find any kind of NFL and NBA jersey you’re looking for, with screen printed player names and graphics, for as low as 10 to 20 dollars. 

Many of the sellers on Alibaba also offer full customization options, so you can get your family name on the back of your favorite team’s jersey, if you so wish. 

Aliexpress also has an app which you can download to receive discounted prices.

Questions You May Have

Are Aliexpress jerseys legit?

The jerseys you’ll find on Aliexpress are not authentic jerseys, but they do look nearly identical to that of an authentic jersey.

You’ll have to exercise some due diligence when looking at a jersey. You’re paying less but you still want something as close to the real thing as possible, right?

If you’re looking at NBA jerseys, take a good look at the Nike Swoosh logo on the jersey. On counterfeits, the Nike logo is often too thin and also looks disoriented and just plain bad.

If you look carefully at some NFL jerseys on Aliexpress, you’ll see that some do not have the NFL shield on the color. 

Also, if you can manage a glimpse of the tag, check to see if the jersey is made in either Honduras or Guatemala.

No matter how convincing a jersey looks, if it’s made anywhere other than in those two countries, you’ve spotted a fake NFL jersey. 

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Is buying on Aliexpress safe?

Buying on Aliexpress is very safe.

They have a buyer protection program that guarantees that if your product does not arrive on time or as described in the listing, you can get a full refund. 

If your refund is approved, customers will receive their money back within 15 days.

What happens if your purchase is not as described in the product listing is that Aliexpress opens a ticket with the seller. 

If the seller responds, Aliexpress acts as a mediator to resolve the situation. If the seller goes silent, the dispute is resolved in the buyer’s favor and the purchase will be refunded in 15 days. 

Does Aliexpress sell fake stuff?

Many of the manufacturers produce quality and brand products, but when it comes to NFL and NBA jerseys, yes, they are all fake. 

It only makes sense that if you’re paying $100 less than you would on a jersey you bought from Fanatics that it would come with some concessions to quality. 

What you’ll find on Aliexpress are replicas or knockoffs that are not manufactured by Nike, who are the official providers of NBA and NFL jerseys.

How long does it take to get a jersey from Aliexpress?

Jerseys ship 3 to 7 business days after ordering, but as Aliexpress is headquartered in China, you may not receive your jersey until as many as 50 days after purchase. 

Be sure to check the on-delivery rate of the seller before purchasing to ensure you’ll receive your jersey when you’re supposed to. 

Who is the best seller for jerseys on Aliexpress?

Maraemul is the best seller of NFL jerseys on Aliexpress. 

They have the highest number of transactions made and a star rating of 4.4, which is pretty good relative to the other vendors. 

Sellers of NBA jerseys are few and far between, however. 

Currently, Aquaman is the best seller as they have the best rating and highest number of transactions, but this could change soon.

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Where does Aliexpress ship from?

Most of the sellers of NBA and NFL jerseys ship from China. 

This can lead to long shipping times, but you’ll save so much money from your initial purchase that you might not mind.

Keep an eye out for sellers that ship to your location for free. There are quite a few of these vendors on Aliexpress. 

All you have to do is look under the production description – Aliexpress will make mention of the vendors’ shipping costs. 

Step-by-Step guide to buying a jersey on aliexpress

#1 Only Buy From Reputable Sellers

Sellers actually have reviews and ratings which you can easily access from the product description page. 

Simply look through the feedback tab and check the number of positive reviews. 

Reputable sellers will have many positive reviews and customer ratings of at least 4.

You can also check how many orders they’ve shipped – the more the better, obviously. 

#2 Search for the NFL or NBA jersey you’re looking for

For some reason, typing in “NFL Jerseys” populates no results. If you’re looking for an NFL jersey, be sure to type in the exact name of the player whose jersey you’re looking for.

For example, you’ll only be able to find a Brady jersey if you type in “tom brady jersey”. Typing in “tom brady” will not yield the most optimal results, and typing in “buccaneers jerseys” will not give you many hits either. 

Searching for “nba jerseys”, meanwhile, gives many results but perhaps too many, as it becomes difficult to sift through.

So you’ll have to tailor your search to be a little more specific. 

You’ll have to type in the name and the team, as just typing in “lakers jersey” for example, gives you a bunch of different hits that have nothing to do with jerseys. 

#3 Find the jersey you want and purchase

Many sellers on Aliexpress have bundled product description pages, where they sell many jerseys under one ad.

So what you’ll have to do is select the jersey you want Under “Color”. You’ll see some options like “Gronkowski red” or “Lebron gold”.

Then you pick your size and either click “But It Now” or “Add To Cart”.

If you don’t have an account with Aliexpress, you’ll be prompted to make one. And then, all you have to do is confirm your payment and wait for your delivery to arrive!

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