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Best College Basketball Jerseys

College basketball jerseys tend to be a little more experimental, because there aren’t the pressures that come with being a professional basketball organization.

That means that a lot of college basketball jerseys end up being absolutely great, or devastatingly terrible.

This article ranks the 16 best college basketball jerseys. At number one, we have the UCLA Bruins, whose powder blue jerseys we’ll never get tired of!

If you disagree with any of the rankings on our list, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Best College Basketball Jerseys

#1 UCLA Bruins – Pacific 10

The Bruins found a nice, middle-ground of blue: not too dark to be Duke, and not too light to be UNC.

Still, the powder blue is great and pairs really well with the gold accents and trim. Even if the Bruins aren’t having the greatest season, these jerseys will always be undefeated.

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#2 Duke Blue Devils – ACC

The blue on these jerseys are devilishly blue, which is something that’s very hard to do.

I especially like the bold black stripe running down the seams of the jersey; paired with white trim, they make these jerseys pop out on the court.

These jerseys have stood the test of time and deserve to be near the top of any list. 

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#3 North Carolina Tar Heels –  ACC

The Tar Heels have some of the most classic jerseys in all of sports.

Personally, I’m more of a fan of their white jerseys, because the white offsets beautifully with the powder blue, but their head-to-toe blue jerseys are gorgeous as well.

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#4 Oregon Ducks – Pacific 10

The Ducks get a lot of bonus points for their creativity and their commitment to switching things up.

Sometimes, the Ducks have yellow jerseys. Sometimes, they’re black. And sometimes they’re dark green! But it’s these light green jerseys that really take the cake.

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#5 Tennessee Volunteers – Big 12

The Vols’ orange jerseys are loud and proud and bold. Not many teams would dare go head-to-toe orange, but Tennessee does this successfully and with flair.

I think my favorite part of these jerseys are the black accents around the neck and arm holes, which gives these jerseys a modern, futuristic look.

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#6 Syracuse Orange – Big East

Just look at these beauties! These jerseys are crisp, clean and classic.

The Orange wear the color like no other program in the country, and it helps that the Syracuse program is steeped in a winning tradition. That adds some extra je ne sais quoi to a jersey.

#7 Sienna Saints – MAAC

The Saints’ jersey certainly wins points for originality.

I like that the two primary colors are yellow and green, and there’s not a lot of white on these jerseys so that the primary colors contrast even better.

#8 Norfolk State Spartans – MEAC

The Spartans and the Saints have practically the same jersey, except that their primary colors are mixed the other way around.

For that reason, these jerseys deserve to be next to the Saints jersey in our rankings. I also love how bold a primarily yellow jersey looks.

#9 Oklahoma State Cowboys – Big 12

The Cowboys’ deep orange jerseys pop out no matter what team Oklahoma is playing. I’m especially a fan of the three stripes on the seams of the jersey, as they’re actually pretty unique!

There’s enough contrast with the black lettering and white numbers to keep these jerseys fresh and visually appealing night in and night out.


#10 Michigan Wolverines – Big Ten

The Wolves are known for their football team, but with these gold and blue jerseys, the college basketball team is also making a statement.

They’ve also paired with the Jordan Brand to create a traditional look of lettering and numbering with the Jordan modern style to create an all-time great jersey.

#11 Loyola Chicago – Missouri Valley

Loyola is one of the smaller programs to make this list, but they made a big splash with these classic cursive jerseys by making the Final Four recently.

That gave this maroon and gold design a huge platform and instantly made these jerseys a fan favorite.

#12 Kansas Jayhawks – Big 12

The Jayhawks’ red, white and blue color scheme pretty much guarantees them to make any ‘best college basketball jerseys’ list.

Their white and blue jerseys are great, but it’s really the red jerseys that just ooze with class.

#13 Indiana Hoosiers – Big Ten

The Hoosiers keep things very simple, but simple sometimes makes for classic. That’s the case with these jerseys, especially the white, which are super crisp and clean.

I especially love the stripes around the waistband of the shorts as well as the Hoosiers logo on the left leg. It’s a subtle touch that adds personality to the uniform.

#14 Texas Longhorns – Big 12

The Longhorns’ jersey is another in a long line of simple but subtle college basketball jerseys.

Their burnt orange and white color scheme always stands out on the court. The white outlines around the neck and arm holes really make these jerseys pop.

#15 Florida State Seminoles – ACC

These are very underrated jerseys, in my opinion, as you won’t see these gorgeous jerseys make a lot of people’s teams.

But FSU mixed some modern with some retro and some classic with some cool to create a very good-looking jersey.

The stripe on the side of the jerseys ensures this isn’t a traditional-looking uniform, but it’s still one to remember.

#16 Pittsburgh Panthers – ACC

Pitt has a great logo and an awesome color scheme, so it would be kind of hard to screw up the jerseys.

Indeed, Pitt’s jersey is great. The stripes around the collars and arms add a ton of color and vitality to the blue jerseys.

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