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Best College Football Jerseys

College football is like religion to some.

Every fan will always believe their team’s jersey to be the best, but the truth of the matter is that there can only be one objective winner.

That’s a distinction that is difficult to make, because college football is filled with wild, beautiful and bold jerseys that can either tickle your fancy or have you turning your head with repulsion.

This list breaks down the top 15 best college football jerseys. At the top of our list are the Oregon ducks, whose commitment to experimentation has produced some of the most beautiful jerseys ever seen.

If you disagree with any of our rankings on this list, feel free to leave us a comment down below!

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Best College Football Jerseys

#1 Oregon Ducks

The Ducks get top billing here for their creativity, originality and commitment to being different.

Whether it’s green, black, orange or white, the Ducks are the kings of the football jersey. No other program in the country consistently churns out so many visually appealing threads.

#2 Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns have a simple but subtle football jersey that is steeped in a deep, winning tradition.

I mean, who could forget when Vince Young carried Texas in the Rose Bowl against USC!

For that reason alone, these gorgeous jerseys get bumped up to number 2 on our list.

#3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Part of what makes the Fighting Irish uniforms so pretty is their gold helmets, which look great no matter what color jersey Notre Dame is wearing.

Still, I really love the simplicity of Notre Dame’s jersey, especially the gold contouring around the numbers and the logo on the shoulders.

#4 Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners keep everything simple, and in football, simpler is better. That’s the case with these jerseys, especially the white variants, which are super crisp and clean.

The Sooners prove that you don’t have to put a lot on the jersey to offer up a classic.

#5 LSU Tigers

The Tigers have very bright, very bold jerseys, and it’s impossible to miss these on gameday.

I love the stripes around the shoulders and all of the trim and accents on the jersey. It helps that purple and gold contrast brilliantly to create a radiant look.

#6 Florida State Seminoles

FSU successfully mixed some modern with some retro with their recent jersey redesign to create a very cool-looking jersey.

The contouring around the arms and neck holes adds a little bit of personality to the jersey, and the red and gold color scheme looks as gorgeous as ever.

#7 USC Trojans

What sets these jerseys apart is the steep legacy of winning that USC has cultivated in these threads.

These look great whether the Trojans are wearing white or red, and the fact that they can mix and match pants with any variation of the jersey keeps these mainstays looking fresh always.

#8 Tennessee Volunteers

The Vols’ orange jerseys are proud and bold, but it’s the white variant that I really love.

These jerseys are bright but not too bright, and colorful without hurting the eyes. I love the classic look and feel of these jerseys, especially the orange contouring around the neck holes.

#9 Michigan Wolverines

These gold and blue jerseys have always made a statement.

They’re some of the most iconic threads in all of football, but these jerseys get pushed down a few spots because it’s really the helmet that everyone loves.

Still, the color combination looks great and we can’t imagine Michigan dumping these out of their rotation any time soon.

#10 Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes are another program in a long line of great jerseys, but even better helmets.

After all, it’s the helmets that really put Ohio State on the map. Winning helps, of course.

I particularly love their red jerseys, as they’ve employed a shade of red that is both bright and deep.

The stripes on the shoulders look great as well, and add an aerodynamic feel to these threads.

#11 Baylor Bears

Like Oregon, Baylor likes to mix and match its uniform. But their standard green and yellow color scheme always looks great, which is why we’ve included them on this list.

Their jerseys are bright and bold and definitely cannot be missed, but some may be put off by the combination of primary colors, especially when the Bears wear their yellow jerseys with green accents.

#12 UCLA Bruins

The Bruins powder blue jerseys look absolutely amazing when offset with gold pants.

It also helps that they’ve got a great helmet with an even better logo.

Overall, the Bruins have nailed every aspect of their uniforms, including the jersey.  

#13 Texas A&M

These Aggies jerseys are super simple, but they’re buffed by the fact that their worn by a winning program.

I especially like the maroon offerings, but at the same time, these jerseys don’t quite stand up to their state-rivals in the Longhorns.

#14 Syracuse Orange

While the winning results haven’t quite been there, Syracuse will always be a winner thanks to these great jerseys.

The purple and orange will always look timeless and fashionable, and their jerseys are simple but subtle enough to remain in their rotation for years to come.

#15 SMU

The Mustangs are one of the smaller programs to make this list, but they’re really helped out by their red, white and blue color scheme, which is undefeated in all of sports.

I’m not sure if I prefer their blue jerseys or their red jerseys, but either way, these threads are all-time classics.

Sure, they strike a resemblance to the Bills, but the Bills have a great look, so why not copy them? 

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