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Best Color Rush Jerseys

The NFL introduced color rush jerseys in 2016 to pair with their Thursday Night Football package.

The idea was to have a color-versus-color matchup, and the result is some sweet looking monochromatic jerseys.

Some teams’ color rush jerseys were so good that they continued to use them, even after the NFL no longer made them a requirement.

This list breaks down the top 15 color rush jerseys in the NFL. We’ve got the New England Patriots at the top because their modern-retro jerseys just look so sweet.

If you disagree with any of our rankings on this list, drop us a comment below!

Best Color Rush Jerseys

#1 New England Patriots

The Pats had a tough sell going away from the jerseys that won them 6 Superbowls. But these color rush jerseys do just the trick.

The thick, red stripes on the shoulders are bold and the head-to-tea hue of navy actually looks great, even if the jerseys are a little similar to the Texans’ jersey.

The best part of these jerseys is the simplicity, which is a nice switch-up from the futuristic trend the NFL seems to be going for these days.

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#2 Indianapolis Colts

It certainly helps that the Colts’ color rush jerseys are pretty much the exact same as their regular home jerseys.

Still, the blue on blue makes for some great visuals, especially when the Colts face off against another team with bright colors.

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#3 Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles’ all-black jerseys go so well with those midnight green accents.

The Eagles have worn these jerseys on some pretty memorable nights out for the franchise, so part of what makes these jerseys so great is their tradition.

I especially like the midnight green drop shadow around the numbers. It gives the jersey some flair and some style.

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#4 Cleveland Browns

The Browns have found a way to make a dull color scheme look great. 

The orange pops out surprisingly well against the all-brown jersey, and some well-placed stripes on the shoulders give the Browns a classic and clean look.

#5 L.A. Chargers

The Chargers have some awesome uniform choices and these color rush jerseys are no different.

It helps that they have a winning color scheme with blue and gold, and though these aren’t the powder blue jerseys that fans really love, these still look great.

Everything contrasts brilliantly on these jerseys, from the white drop shadow to the bolt on the shoulders. It really helps that the Charges have a great helmet to work with as well.

#6 Las Vegas Raiders

These all-white color rush jerseys for the Raiders are so crisp and clean.

Kudos to the designers for making the numbers silver instead of black – it’s what makes these jerseys so memorable.

There’s not much going on with the Raiders color rush uniforms, but in football, there doesn’t need to be. These jerseys say a lot without saying much at all.


#7 San Francisco 49ers

The Niners went a different route with their color rush jerseys this year, choosing to go for more of a throwback style.

Previously, they wore all-black uniforms for their color rush variant, but these tan-white jerseys with red trim just look fantastic.

They’re clean and simple, which is what football jerseys should be.

#8 Minnesota Vikings

With their color rush jerseys, the Vikings kept things simple but added a twist.

The gold accents and gold numbering look great when offset against the purple, and these jerseys have a nice bold look who’s novelty won’t wear off.

#9 New Orleans Saints

I’m a big fan of the Saints color rush jersey because of its classic look and feel, paired with the boldness of the gold numbering and trim.

These will always look fresh and clean, and I especially love the stripes on the shoulders, which give a touch of flair and color.

#10 Green Bay Packers

The yellow and green stripes on the shoulders of the jersey contrast brilliantly with the all-white look of the Packers’ color rush jersey, which makes them an instantaneous winner.

The only thing I wonder is if the Pack could have tried something different with the numbers. Maybe yellow numbers? Or yellow drop shadow outside the numbers?

#11 Buffalo Bills

You’ll definitely notice the Bills’ color rush jersey on the football field. The bright red just pops out and the Bills have a winning color scheme with the red, white and blue.

The only thing that pushes these jerseys down this list is the fact that I’m not sure these jerseys can be worn multiple times before the novelty wears off. They seem to be the type of jerseys the Bills should only wear once or twice a year.

#12 Arizona Cardinals

These color rush jerseys by the Cards would almost look like practice jerseys if it weren’t for the white outline shadow around the numbers.

The red accents on the shoulders are a nice touch, but they’re a little difficult to see during a football game. Luckily, these jerseys look great paired with the Cardinals’ white helmets.

Still, the Niners did the all-black with red trim before, and they did it better.

#13 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have an overall great-looking jersey.

But technically, these aren’t color rush jerseys because they’re the exact same as their home jerseys, simply paired with red pants.

Still though, the combination is great, and the white highlights and yellow stripe offer a classic football feel to these uniforms.

#14 Pittsburgh Steelers

Even though all-white seems to have dominated this list, the Steelers’ all-black color rush jersey is simply a classic.

While other jerseys look bright and pristine, the Steelers’ color rush looks intimidating and ready for battle, as if the Steelers are going to their opponent’s funeral.

The gold accents take this jersey over the top, and we hope the Steelers wear these more often during the regular season. 

#15 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals should really consider bringing back these beautiful all-white color rush jerseys into their regular rotation.

The tiger stripes on the shoulders and down the leg look fantastic, and the Bengals have somehow managed to make the numbers look great without any accent colors.

Some might say these jerseys are plain, but I say they’re clean and efficient.

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