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What’s The Best Cowboys Jersey to Get for Fanboys (Top 5 Jerseys)?

Every Football fan does have or dreams of having their favorite team jerseys. The Cowboys faithful are no different. Since removing stars from their shoulders in the early 1960s, Dallas has never made great changes to their uniforms.

There are fans who might be interested in wearing jerseys with names or number of their memorable players who have featured for Cowboys in the previous years. However, there are fans especially the new fans that do not have an idea of what are the Cowboys best jerseys they can always get.

Here is a list of the best Cowboys jersey to get together with other throwbacks most of the Cowboys fans prefer getting while supporting their team.

1. Roger Staubach Jersey

Any Cowboy fan who managed to see Roger Staubach feature at the center in big D had to own his replica jersey by all means possible. Despite several other Cowboy team legend jerseys being available in the market, most fans including the younger generation can today be seen still buying and wearing the number 12 Cowboy jersey.

It does not matter how many years have passed since Staubach stopped throwing the touchdown passes, he will always be one of the most popular players to have featured for the Cowboys.

Roger Staubach used to be one of the players behind Cowboys being among the elite teams in the NFL. That explains why he will always be loved by most fans

However, there are other few classier Cowboys jerseys a fan can purchase other than the one with the Staubach printed at the back.

2. Michael Irvin Jersey

I am sure you have seen fans wearing the number 88 Cowboys jersey either at the stadium or in the streets. Most middle or high scholars’ were always interested in the number 88 jersey especially during the Dallas heydays in the mid-1990s. The number 88 wearer, Michael Irvin, the most decorated wide receiver in Cowboys history and the Triplets bad boy. For six seasons Michael Irvin tallied 1000 or more receiving yard and five pro bowl trips which are good enough to warrant a ticket in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Apart from Michael Irvin talent in the field, he was also one of the most colorful players on the offense back then.

Being nicknamed “the playmaker”, you have to perform way above the expectation to back up the claim. Michael Irvin managed to do that day in day out in his entire football career which made every person want to associate with him even if it’s by wearing his favorite number 88 jersey.

However, Michael Irvin troubles off the field didn’t please parents. However, that did not prevent the young Cowboys fans from celebrating his performances by buying Michael Irvin jersey. Although Irvin was never a stranger to controversies, he was never a stranger to Dallas fans adoration despite the age of his fans.

3. Deion Sanders Jersey

Even though Michael Irvin was one of the Cowboys fans favorite, Deion Sanders was and is still the player boys’ fans love. Despite bouncing from team to team in his career, Deion Sanders managed to spend five productive years at Cowboys secondary. Nicknamed primetime, Deion Sanders was one of those talents who would dare tell you with his mouth how good he was and show that with his performance on the field.

Deion managed to win one of his super bowl rings while featuring for Cowboys and sent to four Pro Bowls with the same team. Although he might have been a hired gun, Deion was loved by every team member he featured for. Since he was never a lifelong Cowboy player like the others, there is no Cowboy jersey fanatic who can fail to appreciate the Dallas number 21 jersey.

Most of the Cowboys fans back in the 1990s used to wear either Irvin or Troy Aikman jerseys. However, more than a few donned Sanders one as well as appreciating his production and popularity.

4. Bob Lilly Jersey

Bob Lilly an 11 time Pro Bowler was one of the high profile athletes to put on the Dallas uniform. Bob Lilly was a member of the 1960s and 1970s NFL all-star decade team and was popularly referred to as Mr. Cowboy for this and many other reasons.

Born in Texas, Bob Lilly used to feature for the Texas Christian University and spent most of his professional career featuring for his home state’s most popular team. Being a lifelong Texan, most of the Cowboy faithful loved him for that and for his performance on the field. In the early years of Cowboys and jersey sales, Bob Lilly was the idol of most young fans and among the most popular players.

He is still one of the most iconic players from previous years. His jersey can always be seen in most Cowboy games and around Dallas.

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1994 Throwback Jerseys

The 1994 Throwback is one of the best Cowboys’ jersey to get. Stars on the shoulders return to Dallas Cowboy jerseys in 1994 on thanksgiving mission and he really made the team look sharp. It is the year which marked NFL football 75th year and the 35th anniversary since the Cowboys returned into the league. It was also the same year when the star-studded Dallas team managed to win its first place in the NFC East by managing to go 12-4 into the normal season.

However, the Cowboys lost their NFC title match 38-28 to San Francisco, their familiar rivals. The 1994 season didn’t come into completion with the boys winning the super bowl title. The team still managed to have a successful year and they looked great.

Although there are people who refer to the jerseys as busy, the stars on the shoulders consisting of blue and white colors were considered to be a great tribute to the team’s early days. Dallas is popularly known for its symbolic while jerseys. However, fans are always interested in different varieties. This explains why most of the Cowboys younger fans opted to add this throwback jersey into their Christmas list immediately after the Thanksgiving debut.

It is still one of the best Cowboys’ jersey to get and teams store registered lots of sales after the debut in the 1994 season.

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