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What’s The Best Eagles Jersey to Get for Loyal Supporters

Are you an Eagles fan?

Do you own an eagle jersey?

Every super bowl fan will always want to associate with the teams they support. Try imagining the environment at the stadium almost every person wearing the jerseys of their teams.

One item any eagle fan will want to have during match day is their favorite eagle jersey. There are several fanatics’ stores selling different eagles merchandise such as hats, shoes, hoodies, tailgating gear and much more. Eagle jersey is one of the most essential merchandise any Eagle fan will aspire to have. Do you have any idea what are the most favorite Eagle jerseys?

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed list of the top five best Eagles jersey to buy.

Best Eagles Jersey To Buy

1. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is an obvious choice in the list. It is considered to be the face of the franchise.

As an Eagle fan, there is no better way you can get ready for an Eagles match day without the Carson Wentz game jersey. This jersey contains vibrant graphics that gives any fan the spirit that will enable them to stand any competition. Eagle player Wentz has recorded lots of progress in his second year. Considering he is just an emerging star, Wentz appears to be an excellent dude off the field. For sure, he will be playing for Eagles for a longer time.

Wen shopping for one, we recommend you order one that is a bit larger than you which you will always wear for an up two sizes or looser fit in case you are planning on layering the underneath jersey.


2. Zach Ertz

The Zach Ertz Eagle jersey will provide all football enthusiasts an excellent show of team support. This Eagle jersey comprises of a tailored fit which has been designed to help facilitate movement. It has a no-tag neck label that offers strategic ventilation and clean comfort for better breathability. This jersey has a boasting bold contrast that is detailed with team graphics and the number of your favorite player is printed both at the back and over the front.

Ertz is having an excellent year just as everyone had foreseen. So far, he is on a pace of 1,238 yards and 102 catches and six touchdowns this season. For sure, he is cementing himself among the best tight ends in the NFL. Ertz, 26 years will be sticking around at least through 2021.


3. Malcolm Jenkins

The Malcolm Jenkins Eagles jersey will help give other football lovers a great show of team pride together with all-out NFL fanaticism. This jersey comprises of a tailored fit designed to help facilitate movement, a no-tag neck label tasked with offering strategic ventilation for breathability and clean comfort.

All these have been inspired by the impressive jerseys players wear while on the field that is well engineered for comfort. Malcolm Jenkins Jersey has a boasting bold contrast colors that detail well with the team graphics with your favorite player number printed over the front and the back. With this jersey, you are guaranteed bonafide team style without bulk.

Jenkins, Eagles defensive captains are known to be a great leader in the locker room and an excellent player on the field. According to Jim Schwartz, the defensive coordinator, Jenkins is currently playing at his best in his career.


4. Fletcher Cox

The Fletcher Cox will enable you to represent Eagles and your favorite player anytime in the NFL. Inspired by what Fletcher wears on the field, this jersey is tailored fit designed to help facilitate movement. It also has a no-tag neck label offering strategic ventilation and clean comfort for breathability.

 It also has bold color detailing together with great team graphics with your favorite player’s number printed at the back and over the front. This jersey will provide you with a perfect look that will enable every person to know you are a true Eagles fan.


5. Brian Dawkins

Brian Dawkins Eagles jersey will get you a perfect look that will inform everyone you are an ardent Brian Dawkins fan. Although Brian might not be wearing pads and helmet, his spirit still lives on. This jersey shows that any true fan will never forget the Eagles legacies. Brian Dawkins Jersey features embroidered graphics and tackles twill together with polyester fabric and a mesh body.

Consider to be one of the safest Eagles jerseys one can purchase since Brian was a former player, no fan should ever worry of Dawkins getting in trouble, hurt or traded off the field. For sure, Brian was the best Eagles player to ever feature in Philly. In case you are shopping for a looser fit Brian Dawkins jersey, it is recommended that you order one size larger than what you normally wear.

This is a jersey you will never miss in any Eagles celebrations.


There are several Eagles jerseys available in the market. However, any Eagles fan will want to associate with the best Eagles jersey whenever they are going to support their team or want to have a sense of belonging. When shopping for an Eagles jersey, always consider the listed five best Eagles jerseys.

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