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5+ Best Fantasy Football Advice Sites Reviewed in 2022

If you’re a fantasy football player, everyone at Gamedayr wants you to be the smartest, most well-prepared fantasy football player you can be! That is why I have assembled and curated a list of the best fantasy football advice sites so you can dominate your league.

The websites on this list all embrace every aspect of giving advice. From podcasts and articles all the way to metrics and lineup optimizers. Every advice tool will surely give you the best strategy to get you to the top.

Among all the sites I’ve found and researched, Fantasy Pros is my overall best. Read why below!



Best Overall

Fantasy Pros

Best Podcast

Fantasy Footballers

Most Content

Fantasy Alarm

Best Premium Service


Best DFL Advice

Dynasty League Football

Best Fantasy Football Advice Sites

Best Overall: Fantasy Pros

FantasyPros organizes fantasy advice around the World Wide Web into simple, digestible articles and resources to help you make the best decision for building your fantasy football team.

The FantasyPros team takes the time to track the accuracy of the best fantasy football experts and consolidates all the information in a cheat sheet, which you can use during the draft and during the season.

Moreover, you’ll find useful resources like mock draft simulators, trade analyzer tools, weekly rankings and start/sit pick ‘ems.

FantasyPros is truly unique in the sense that it is able to amalgamate numerous sites. Plus, it can even sync your fantasy football team with Yahoo!, ESPN, and NFL, so you can get real-time recommendations from experts everywhere.

This way, you can pick the experts you like – those who have a proven track record of success. Then, use their analysis and projections to make the best possible improvements to your roster.



Best Podcast: Fantasy Footballers

Known for their award-winning daily podcast, The Fantasy Footballers consists of a group of friends who produce fantasy football content all year long. The show is focused on producing and developing content that is accurate, entertaining and of high production quality.

All of their episodes can be listened to or watched on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Youtube, as well as other niche platforms like Soundcloud and Stitcher.[2]

What’s great and different about Fantasy Footballers is that rather than focusing on sheets and excel docs, the guys focus on mental warfare. They teach you tips and tricks not only to make the best moves for your own roster but also to tilt your opponents into making the wrong moves! It’s all in good fun, of course.

Moreover, you can join the tight knit community called FootClan, where you can get all sorts of details and analysis that don’t necessarily make the show.

Overall, Fantasy Footballers is one of the few podcasts that balances proper, in-depth analysis with a sense of humor, and it works really, really well.



Best Premium Service: 4for4

4for4 is a premium, subscription-based service for fantasy football players who need that little bit of competitive advantage in their fantasy football hobbies.

4for4 provides the most accurate, up-to-date and relevant research, analysis, rankings, articles and state of the art decision support tools. Tools include trade evaluator, strategy hub, and podcasts that will take your fantasy football game to the next level. [1]

There is even a hub that syncs relevant information specifically to your roster. The hub includes highlight news and detailed reports to give you the best breakdown of who to sit, who to start and who to pick up on the waiver wire. You’ll even find information related to the weather on game day!

4for4 simply has a guide to everything, and if you want to take your game to the next level, spend more time winning and less time guessing, then you’ll need a 4for4 subscription if you want to stay ahead with data-driven content.



Most Content: Fantasy Alarm

Fantasy Alarm bills itself as your one-stop shop for everything you need to manage your seasonal and daily fantasy sports leagues. With so many tools and resources at your disposal, this is a billing that Fantasy Alarm lives up to.

You’ll find daily rankings, live scoreboards, team depth charts, advanced statistics, interactive comparisons, a full weather center, lineup help, live chats and so much more. In the past year alone, Fantasy Alarm has released 4,100 articles related to fantasy sports and produced over 50 different tools that are updated daily.

Moreover, the Fantasy Alarm community called FANation, is inclusive and willing to answer every question through forums and live streams.

The best part is that Fantasy Alarm has regular sales on its subscription package, with lifetime deals going for as low as $279 USD. For subscribers, you’ll find a mixture of metrics, tools, and analysis from industry experts that’ll have you winning big.



Best DFL Advice: Dynasty League Football

Dynasty League Football is one where you keep your players from year to year, almost as if you’re playing Franchise Mode in Madden. That’s the main difference between DFL and DFS (daily fantasy sports).[3]

Dynasty League Football has been around since 2006, when the Dynast format was still in its infancy. Because of their time and attention devoted to this format, DLF has grown into a sizable community where people gather to share information and discuss fantasy football.

What makes Dynasty League Football, and what has enabled it to endure as long as it has, is its flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing DFL landscape. Dynasty League Football understands that there is no one single winning strategy. Also, DLF embraces all the elements of the game to give you a balanced and flexible approach.

You will find hundreds of rankings, tools, resources, videos, podcasts and videos, all of which will help take your team to the next level. You’ll also find insightful articles about the psychology of dynasty ownership, how to find and create value, and how to turn things around when you’re ebbing low.

Dynasty League Football is simply the best site for all things Dynasty.



Other Paid Advice Sites Worth Mentioning

Fantasy Guru

What’s great about Fantasy Gurus is that you can import your league from a different fantasy site and have Fantasy Guru take care of all the geeky stuff, such as setting your roster or analyzing potential trades. Because of this, you can focus on making informed decisions.

On Fantasy Guru, you’ll find a number of guides, tools and resources. This ranges from articles as simple as ranking the top running backs to in-depth commentaries on the importance of handcuffing.

The people behind Fantasy Guru have been playing and winning at fantasy football for over 30 years, so their advice on strategy is backed by years – actually, decades – of experience.


Rotoworld is one of the largest fantasy sites out there. Although they deal with other fantasy sports, their coverage of football is still fantastic.

Rotoworld offers daily feed and player profiles that simply cannot be beaten. They offer an app so that you don’t have to boot up your computer every time you feel like reading a Start/Sit ‘em article.

You’ll also find detailed breakdowns on how many plays per game a player is projected to have, columns on the fantasy football “meta”, and insider knowledge on a team’s locker room chemistry, among other insightful articles.

Fantasy Football Nerd

Similarly to Fantasy Pros, Fantasy Football Nerd takes a weighted consensus of fantasy football rankings from around the Internet. Then, they weigh them based on each site’s accuracy and rank them for your own perusal. 

The site is great mainly because it offers a lot of value. Their year-long membership runs at an affordable price of $14.95 USD. 

Believe me when I say that this is INSANE value for the amount of advice, tools and data that Fantasy Football Nerd provides. Best yet, the site is designed to help both seasonal and daily fantasy players, and their tools can be tailored to the DFS side of things.

Free Advice Sites and Popular YouTube Channels

Draft Sharks

Draft Sharks is one of the better free fantasy football advice sites available. It has a number of resources that will help you dominate the upcoming season. Plus it offers a scientific injury predictor, customized dynamic cheat sheet, in-depth DFS research and analysis, and even personalized advice!

Draft Sharks has taken home plenty of hardware from expert leagues against over 100 sites thanks to its ability to adapt the information it gives you based on YOUR league’s unique scoring rules. This will help you draft smarter by telling you which players to target in which rounds.

Pro Football Focus

Pro Football Focus, commonly referred to as PFF, grades and evaluates every player based on their thorough and analytical grading system. 

There is some personal bias to PFF’s grades, but the general consensus is that these folks, a group of over 600 full-time analysts, get it right more often than not.

This allows for easy player comparisons and rankings, and can help you make difficult choices when it comes to who you start and who you sit each week.On top of that, PFF offers fantasy projections and a YouTube channel where they discuss everything fantasy football related.

Is it Worth Paying for a Fantasy Football Advice Subscription?

In the end, this is a question only YOU can answer. There is a ton of free information out there, plus if you stay up to date with what’s going on in the NFL, you can make a number of decisions based on your own expertise (or gut).

Want to know more about optimizing your fantasy line up? Check out this list of the best lineup optimizers.

However, you must also consider that what you are getting in a subscription is a one-stop shop where you can find all the information you might need in one site. This will save you a lot of time. So depending on your schedule and how committed you are to your fantasy team, you might find a subscription useful.

Final Words

Fantasy Pros is the assistant GM you’ve dreamed of. With printable cheat sheets, auction values, fantasy articles, draft tools and in-season research, you’ll feel like a real-life GM dealing with expert recommendations real-time.

FantasyPros just stands out for its uniqueness in a market filled with similar sites. Moreover, FantasyPros aggregates data from everywhere and delivers it to you in a simple, easy-to-read format. Plus, the ranking of the experts based on their prior accuracy, allows you to choose who you want to receive top-quality suggestions from.

In essence, FantasyPros eliminates all of the guesswork involved in fantasy football. Click here to check out now!


Our #1 Best Fantasy Football Advice Site

Read this review on NFL Gamepass to know how they can help you keep up with teams and seasons from around the league.


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