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Best Football Chin Strap Featured Image

What’s The Best Football Chin Strap? Weightless & Comfort

Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap
Under Armour UA ArmourFuse Chin Strap
Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chinstrap

As a young football player who’s just starting out, quality protection should be one of your top concerns. Protecting your young footballer’s head and face should be your highest priority, and the chin should not be overlooked before heading into a game. A chin strap is more than just a padded strap that connects to the helmet. It is a piece of armor, padding, and support all in one small accessory to complete any player’s protective gear.

A chin strap is a key part of any football protective gear that must fit comfortably to perform its function. To perform well during a game, a chin strap needs to fit snugly around the chin. It must connect securely to the helmet so it stays on during any form of contact. Any football player will definitely want a chin strap that snaps on tightly and won’t move an inch when slammed with helmets, body parts, and turf.

Below is a list of our top 10 picks for the best football chin straps. They were chosen based on material, durability, and of course, protective qualities. Additionally, comfort and ability to fit the chin were evaluated. Now, it’s your turn to review and pick the one that will protect your young footballer’s chin all through the next football season.

Best Football Chin Strap

1. Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap (Editor's Choice)

The first item on our list is a fan favorite, the Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap. This chin strap has been designed to give extra strength and improve its appearance. It’s a 4-point high/low chin strap with the ability to withstand a lot of impacts. This chin strap will go a long way to protect the chin from impact while playing.

The Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon’s strap system is quite impressive as it features high strength straps and no-slip straps. It ensures that the chin strap is fully-supported and does not move away from its proper location.

One of the things that stands out about this chin strap, apart from its strap system is the anti-microbial X-STATIC liner. This liner is washable, removable, and helps to eliminate bacteria that causes odor in as little time as one hour. The whole chin strap is washable so that’s no longer your concern.

Another thing we love about this chin strap is how it can attach to quite a number of different helmets. It also comes in a variety of colors so that you can select the one that suits your preference or matches your helmet. 



The Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap is very durable and offers amazing protection. All of this, coupled with the anti-microbial liner, makes this chin strap our number one choice for the best football chin straps.

2. Under Armour UA ArmourFuse Chin Strap

At number two on our list is the Under Armour Men’s ArmourFuse Chin Strap. This one is a bit different from our number one choice as this is made out of nylon. Its also long enough so you can use this chin strap on helmets of different sizes. The nylon straps are durable and strong to ensure that the chin strap is able to offer you the required protection.

This particular chin strap features the ArmourFuse TPU overmold. This overmold absorbs and dissipates low and high impacts to ensure that your chin remains protected at all times.

It also features a removable and washable inner foam pad. Plus, it contains a gel insert that ensures that this chin strap is comfortable and offers maximum protection. With all the protection that this chin strap assures you, playing for longer periods won’t be a problem.



We are glad to inform you that the Under Armour Men’s ArmourFuse Chin Strap comes in different colors and this makes it easier for you to get straps for your helmet. In addition, the straps are adjustable so that you can use the chin strap on both youth and adult-sized helmets.

3. Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Strap

At number three we have the Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Strap that is made specially for varsity helmets. It offers a snug fit and should hold in place even during intense games. It is durable enough so that you will be able to use it for a whole season without looking for a replacement.

This chin strap fits softly and comfortably on the chin, and you only need to adjust it once so that it fits you. The straps fit on almost any helmet, and is user-friendly. The exterior of this chin strap is made from high impact ABS material to ensure that it offers you the protection you need and puts your mind at rest. 

The Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chin Strap’s interior is made of a cushion that is made out of EVA foam. The EVA foam absorbs energy from impacts to ensure that none of it reaches your chin and head. The cup is also very deep so that it cradles the chin really well and secures its placement.



The Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chin strap features an easy and comfortable fit which ensures that you are not going to have any problems while wearing this chin strap throughout a game. Apart from that, it is light enough that you might even forget you were wearing a chin strap.

4. Adams USA GEL-25-4D 4-Point High Football Chin Strap with D-Rings

The Adams USA GEL-25-4D 4-Point High Football Chin Strap is an all gel chin strap that comes with the HH-11 high impact plastic buckles. These buckles offer this chin strap the strength it needs to stay in place throughout a whole game.

On the outside, the Adams USA GEL-25-4D 4-Point High Football Chin Strap is manufactured from high-strength polycarbonate, and this helps increase its durability. Additionally, the polycarbonate is a very high impact-resistant material meaning that your chin is always safe even during intense games and training sessions.

Another factor that stands out about this chin strap is the fact that you wouldn’t need a chin sleeve for it. Its cup is lined with a gel that helps reduce slipping and adds maximum comfortability. We recommend the Adams USA GEL-25-4D 4-Point if you are looking for one that is not going to cause chaffing on the chin.



Lastly, the Adams USA GEL-25-4D 4-Point’s straps are adjustable. Not only can you use it on helmets of various sizes, but you’re also able to dictate how tight or lose you want it to be. 

5. Under Armour Boys’ ArmourFuse Chin Strap

The fifth item on our list is the Under Armour Boys’ UA ArmourFuse Chin Strap. This is a youth chin strap that has the ability to protect your chin from injuries. It is manufactured from strong nylon that powers it to perform its functions and promote utmost durability.

As with all other Under Armour chin straps on this list, this one also has the ArmourFuse technology. This technology is used to create the ArmourFit TPU over mold that is used to absorb and dissipate the impact of hits on the chin. Its inner surface is lined with a removable inner foam pad. This foam pad helps protect your chin in case you fall on it while playing. The gel foam also helps to improve the comfort and also eliminates the need for a chin sleeve.



The Under Armour Boys’ UA ArmourFuse Chin Strap features a strap adapter that ensures it can be used on both high and low helmets. However, one of the main complaints that players have about this chin strap is that it is not sized correctly. They say that the youth label on it is misleading because an adult can use this chin strap as well.

6. Adams USA PRO-100-4D 4-Point High Football Chin Strap with D-Rings

At number six we have the Adams USA PRO-100-4D 4-Point High Football Chin Strap. This is a 4-point high football chinstrap, so you cannot use a helmet that utilizes a low chin strap attachment point. Just like all other Adams chin straps, this one comes with a patented HH-11 high impact plastic buckles. These buckles hold the chin strap in place even during a high impact game.

The Adams USA PRO-100-4D is made out of polycarbonate to ensure that it’s not only durable but is also able to withstand high-impact hits. The polycarbonate itself is a high-impact material so you shouldn’t worry about the safety it offers. When it comes to its cup, we discovered that it is lined with color coated vinyl. This ensures that you don’t have to use any chin sleeve with this chin strap. 

In addition, the straps are adjustable, therefore, you can be sure that it will fit it on different sizes of helmets. It is also very easy to clean, so you can ensure its maintenance before the next game.



The only issue with the Adams USA PRO-100-4D 4-Point High Football Chin Strap is its cup is not deep enough. This does not make it a good choice for players with wide chins. Regardless, the straps ensure that it stays in place even under intense games and training

7. Riddell Hard Cup Chin Strap

At number seven we have the Riddell Hard Cup Chin Strap. This is a four-point attachment chin strap that you’ll surely enjoy using primarily because of the maximum comfort it offers. The cup is lined with a vinyl cushion which will not give you any problem even if you wear the chin strap for long periods of time.

Apart from that, its straps are long enough, which means that you can use this chin strap on helmets of various sizes. It will attach and work fine on both adult and youth helmets. The cup is not very deep compared to some of the chin strap we have on this list, but the straps that come with the Riddell Hard Cup Chin Strap are strong enough and will be able to hold and keep it in place.



Although the The Riddell Hard Cup chin strap is very easy to clean, its cup does not have a removable cushion so you will have to wash the whole chin strap and its cup together. Another thing about this chin strap that might put you off is the fact that its straps do not have antimicrobial properties. Also, it is only limited to the color white, but is available in various sizes.

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8. Shock Doctor Adult Ultra Pro Chin Strap

The Shock Doctor Adult Ultra Pro Chin Strap comes in at number eight on our list. This chin strap is available in various colors and sizes, which means you won’t have any difficulties finding one that will suit your football jersey or taste. 

One of the things that we really liked about this Shock Doctor Adult Ultra Pro is its sturdiness, which offers great protection for high-impact games.

The straps are manufactured from elastic materials to help keep the chin strap in place even when playing high-impact and intense games. The straps are also water-resistant so losing grip due to sweat and wet weather conditions won’t be a problem. 

The Shock Doctor Adult Ultra Pro Chin Strap is made with “protection and performance in mind,” something we found true when we put it through the tests. Another thing we noticed was that it’s very comfortable and you can wear it comfortably for long periods of time. Its cup is also lined with soft and comfortable material.



The cushion that is used on the Shock Doctor Adult Ultra Pro’s cup is snug and cozy that you wouldn’t need to use a chin sleeve. If this is something that bothers you about chin straps, you can be assured that this one is different from the others as it offers maximum comfort.

9. Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap Set

Coming in at number nine is the Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap Set. This chin strap does not disappoint in any way. The first thing you’ll notice once you have this chin strap in your hands is its protective shell.

Its protective shell is made from high impact modified ABS material. This ensures sturdiness, durability, and maximum protection. The Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap Set is one of the most durable chin straps on this list. 

Another attribute of this chin strap is its neoprene liner used for its inside. The liner is soft and slip-resistant, keeping it in place all throughout the game.

We also discovered that the Xenith Universal Cinch comes with a vented shell and vented liner. Both of these go a long way to ensure that the chin strap offers adequate breathability. This is  quite important for players who always want their chin to remain cool and dry during gameplay.

Lastly, this chin strap comes with a two-point high hookup system, making it easy to attach on various sizes of helmet. 



If you are searching for a chin strap that will give you utmost comfort and protection while being compatible on any helmet that you have, the Xenith Universal Cinch Chin Strap Set is the right choice.

10. Schutt Sports Elite Hard Cup Chinstrap

The last item on our list is the Schutt Sports Elite Hard Cup Chinstrap. Schutt has a reputation of making some of the best football accessories, and we assure you that they did not disappoint with this one. 

The cup of this chin strap is manufactured from polycarbonate which makes it high-impact resistant. What you get with this is protection, impact absorption, and durability.

The cup also has an inside cup which we discovered to be very comfortable. This inner cup eliminates the need for a chin sleeve and also improves and increases its support. The Schutt Sports Elite Hard Cup’s features offer utmost protection, lightness, and comfortability.



The Schutt Sports Elite Hard Cup comes in a variety of colors and sizes. It has straps that are long enough that makes it easy to adjust. However, one disadvantage about this chin strap is that it is specifically made for youth helmets.




Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap


Under Armour UA ArmourFuse Chin Strap


Schutt Sports SC-4 Hard Cup Chinstrap


Adams USA GEL-25-4D 4-Point High Football Chin Strap with D-Rings


Under Armour Boys’ ArmourFuse Chin Strap

Buyer's Guide

There are several chin straps available in the market, which can make it difficult for you to find the right one. So, we’ve compiled a list of pointers you should consider before deciding on which one to purchase.


The material of a chin strap is maybe the most critical factor to consider when buying a chinstrap. But you also have to consider the material of the straps and the chin pad.

For the shell or protector in the chin, we recommend going for the strongest material possible. Any material that resists impacts well enough and at the same time is light enough and makes you feel safe when attached to your chin. We recommend polycarbonate and ABS as two of the best two materials you can pick.

For the strap, there is no better choice than nylon. It is sturdy and flexible enough to provide durability. There are various types of nylons, so you must ask and try them on before choosing the one to checkout.You wouldn’t want a chinstrap that will make you feel uncomfortable during gameplay!

When it comes to pads, the best material you can go for is hypoallergenic foam or gel, something like EVA that is breathable and soft on the skin. Make sure that it is also easy to wash and is durable so you wouldn’t have to replace it from time-to-time.

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#2 Strap Design

Men's UA ArmourFuse™ Chin Strap II | Under Armour US

While the chin strap is critical for safety, the strap design will tell you how reliable it is. There are many types of strap designs out there, and all of them have different benefits and disadvantages. However, it is your need, desire, and preference that determines which one to pick.

Some straps are designed with the purpose of fitting inside helmets. Others are made to fit without a helmet or with one. All kinds are useful and will protect you, but it all comes down to what type of design makes you feel comfortable and more protected.

We recommend the hook-up design. It is a type of chin strap that is attached to the helmet in the back using a snap button in the straps’ design. It is easy to use, protective and very comfortable.

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Size is also a very important point to consider before getting a chin strap. Most chin straps are adjustable, some are one-size-fits-all, while others are specifically designed for either juvenile or varsity players.

This is the main reason why you need to make sure you choose a chin strap that sizes you accurately. An important factor to consider is your helmet size.

Most chin straps will fit the head of a person easily, but they could still not fit the size of a helmet. For that, it’s important to go for something that fits your helmet’s size. Additionally, be sure to confirm if the chin strap is youth or adult size before buying.

Sizes come in many names and categories, but if you see “Youth or Varsity” written in the sizing options, it will be easier for you to choose. Chin straps are available in youth and varsity or adult sizes. Each category has a specific size chart (Small, Medium, Large, etc.). 


Best Football Chin Strap_4.1

All straps should come with a strong protector. But even more important than strength is right fitting. Make sure it fits right in your chin, doesn’t move, and provides superb advantages to prevent impact and abrasion.

A chin strap manufactured with polycarbonate and ABS are the two best materials to go with because of their hardness and minimal weight. Your level of performance and required protection are also points to note. It’s essential to go for a strong material but also something tight, reliable, and doesn’t slip off or move when playing. This way, you get something that will protect you at all times without problems.


Best Football Chin Strap_5.1

Not many people take comfort and breathability into account when buying a chinstrap, but these are important factors to consider. If you pick something with little ventilation, it’s very likely that the chin strap will start to feel moist and smelly in due time.

If you pick one that is too sturdy, you may eventually find it uncomfortable and harsh on your skin. That’s why we recommend a hypoallergenic foam-like EVA. You could also go for a gel that’s not only soft, but also protects against impacts. However, it is the ventilation (holes or entrances) in the chin strap that will tell you how ventilated and comfortable it is.

Therefore, make sure you pick something that’s not only protective and easy to use, but also provides utmost comfort and ventilation. This way, you will be able to prevent sweat from concentrating inside the foam and eventually create a bad smell. At the same time, you should avoid a chin strap with material that will harm your skin or create acne, so go for one that’s soft and protective.


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Apart from the obvious difference in size, there is also a build difference between a youth and varsity chinstrap. A youth chin strap is generally made of an ABS shell in the strap cup due to its lightness and comfortable fit for children and teenagers. Children have a delicate and quick reactive body so they need to use a chin strap that will not be too tight or damaging for their chin. 

Meanwhile, varsity or adult chinstraps are made with polycarbonate in the protector, which makes them stronger and flexible. Adult chin straps are quite sturdy, durable, and strong due to the nature of their function. Adult football is always hard and tough, so their protective gear should also be the same. 

Yes, you can use a football chin strap for other sports that require one as long as it fits the helmet and does not make you feel uncomfortable or slips off while playing.

Still, it also depends on what you’re looking for. Some football chinstraps fit in the helmets of other sports, but not all will. So you must be sure about your usage requirements before buying a football chin strap thinking it will work for any other sport activity.

Acne is a common side-effect of using chinstrap. You need to be really sure that you pick a comfortable chin strap when getting one. Go for one that offers a high level of ventilation with padding made of dry material. Also take good care of your chin strap and make sure it’s clean before each game. [1]

Most players do not mind accumulated dirt and its effects on the chin so they tend to keep the chin strap in their lockers after each game and use it again for the next game without cleaning. However, you can only get rid or prevent acne if you maintain your chin strap’s cleanliness. 

There are several ways to fit or adjust the chin strap to your helmet. This is quite easy to do although doing it yourself might be a bit difficult, so it is advisable to let a friend of yours or a teammate do it for you, so it will fit tightly. All chinstraps come with their own fasteners or buckles that fit inside the helmet – you can read our article talking about the parts of a football helmet. You must always fit the ends of the straps where the fasteners are to the holes or bumps in the helmets.[2][3]

But if you insist then you simply have to make sure that the chin strap cup aligns with your chin. Then, fit the edge of the straps to the appropriate part on the helmet. Done!

Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Chin Strap

Our #1 Football Chin Strap

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