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What’s The Best Football Cleats for Wide Feet? Buyer’s Guide & Review

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One of the challenges of having wide feet is that it’s difficult to find a cleat that will fit you properly, as most cleats are suitable for narrow feet. You may literally try dozens before you’d find the one that will give you the comfort you desire. This is quite important because wearing the right cleats will improve your performance on the field. 

A couple of us have been down that road, roaming from vendor or online store to another. Frankly, we don’t think it’s a stress you should continue to go through. So in this article, we won’t just give you a review of the ten best football cleats for wide feet, but we will also give you a comprehensive guide on how you’d identify the right pair of cleats when you see it.

Best Football Cleat for Wide Feet

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

Adidas is also another trusted and reputed brand that offers high-quality football cleats for wide feet – one of which is its Performance Freak X Carbon Mid Cleat for men. We think one thing that sets it apart from others and, as always, makes it unique is its 100% synthetic/textile construction. It also has a sturdy and comfortable synthetic outsole.

We are pleased to say that this product has the most natural and flexible upper. This could be due to the tech-fit upper that offers flexible and natural support as well as a soft, smooth, and sock-like fit. This upper is also known for its high level of responsiveness and stability.

This is due to the QUICKFRAME TPU used in it. It is a mid-cut style cleat, which increases its ability to provide adequate ankle support. This gives you a better chance to beat your opponents on the field. You will also be grateful for the extra traction and strength thanks to its Kevlar-reinforced plate.



This plate promotes the best blend of lightness, strength, and traction. We realized that the fit of this mid-cut Adidas cleat is also customizable. It’s because of its lacing system which you can customize to optimize the fit. It can support your fast movements.

2. Adidas Men’s Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleat

At number seven on our list of best football cleats for wide feet is the Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Cleat by Adidas. It is a great choice because it is quite affordable and offers you most of the features that a cleat should have. For example, it has a lightweight Sprintskin upper, which has forefoot underlay reinforcement, thereby increasing its strength.

This cleat guarantees added stability. This stability provided is with the help of its strategically positioned seam tape. Another undeniable advantage that we noticed in this cleat is that it relieves the pressure on your feet, ensuring a comfortable fit.

It embraces your feet firmly and eliminates such pressure with the help of its anatomical lace structure. This cleat is designed to elevate lockdown and provide more natural flex, especially in its upper. If you are concerned that your feet could move inwards, the heel cup will put your mind at rest.



It’s because it works to keep your feet secure in place. Wearing this cleat is also easy thanks to the heel tab, which aids easy entry. You will also like its lightweight cushioning provided by the molded EVA material coating.

3. Under Armour Men’s Renegade RM Football Cleat

Under Armour also impresses many wide footed athletes and footballers with the Renegade RM Football Cleat. It is mainly due to the quality and overall performance of this product that fulfills the brand’s goal of improving the performance of each athlete with the cleats they offer.

One thing that makes Under Armor Renegade a good cleat is that it’s made with a molded synthetic upper that naturally adapts to the shape of your feet. So you can enjoy a fit that is not only comfortable but also supportive.

In terms of breathability, we discovered that this Renegade cleat does not disappoint. This cleat is really breathable because it has a built-in mesh tongue. Being breathable helps to make you feel at ease during the game.

A reliable underfoot comfort is also to be expected with its EVA insole. Another notable thing we like about this wide-footed cleat is its molded rubber outsole and good layout that maximizes traction and acceleration no matter what surface you use it on.



It can give you the aggressive traction that many expect from a cleat, regardless of the surface. We are sure that you will love its lightness and pleasant feeling as well.

4. Nike Men’s Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleat

The first product on our list of best football cleat for wide feet is the Nike Alpha Menace Shark Cleat. This cleat is ideal for footballers who have wide feet as it helps to improve a footballer’s overall performance. 

This cleat can make you more aggressive while playing. In combination with Nike’s patented exclusive Fast-Flex technology, we guarantee that players can play at full speed, whether they are playing or just practicing.

The combined use of leather and synthetic material also allows you to enjoy the balance between comfort and durability. It is quite affordable compared to those made of pure leather. The use of synthetic leather on its upper part works in strengthening the cleat and makes it as durable as possible.

The light and comfortable cushioning of this Nike cleat are quite amazing, courtesy of its Phylon midsole. Another great advantage of this cleat is that your feet can move easily and naturally. You will also enjoy the aggressive traction that you can achieve with the rubber outsole.



Another thing that makes this Nike cleat a good product is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. It looks good and fits well on wide feet. It can last longer than one season. This cleat provides a rigid fit and also protects your feet while playing.

5. Nike Men’s Force Savage Pro Football Cleat

If you want a high-level performance to play a football game despite your wide feet, then you need to wear a cleat just as high-quality as the NIKE Force Savage Pro. The stability and durability of this cleat is impressing, which is not a surprise because we discovered that it was designed to provide the benefits mentioned.

We are sure its synthetic upper provides every wide-footed player with the comfortable, supportive fit they want. We are also glad that Flywire cables are used in this cleat as its main function is to lock-in your feet, especially while changing direction and making quick cuts.

It also protects your feet effectively from sudden impacts and offers you as much comfort as possible. This is due to the Lunarlon foam, which is integrated into the midsole of the cleat. It cushions your feet from your heel to the toe.



Another notable advantage of this cleat is its lightweight support. This is because of the molded TPU plate, which is also responsible for the impressive traction and speed. Thanks to the incredible fit of the cleat, you can also enjoy a good multidirectional traction in several directions.

6. Zephz WideTraxx Adult Football Cleat

Another famous choice for high-quality football cleats for wide feet is the Zephz WideTraxx. It’s available in extra-wide sizes, which we think is good for anyone who’s having trouble finding a cleat that is compatible with their feet. The most amazing thing about this cleat is that it is suitable for almost all game positions.

This is due to its mid-cut length, which further increases versatility and allows it to work regardless of the position you are playing. The fact that it is a rubber cleat is also an advantage as it is suitable for other sports in addition to football.

It consists of a combination of materials, especially tough synthetic rubber and TPU. The mid-cut design used in this cleat allows it to offer your ankles the required rigid support.



The outsole made of TPU material is another great feature of this cleat as it further improves stability, grip, and traction. Quite affordable, you will not regret this choice because it has the quality and features that most wide-footed football player needs.

7. Nike Kids Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleat

If you’re looking for a youth football cleat suitable for wide-footed kids, we suggest you check out this Nike Kids Vapor Shark 2 Cleat. In our opinion, this has one of the most beautiful designs on the market today. It looks cool with its eye-catching style that many kids will love.

We are also pleased with the abundance of color options. As far as the upper part is concerned, we noticed that Nike used artificial leather for it. This is a great advantage, as you can easily clean it and the material is light. It also comes in a design that is known to give users a good, tight fit when you lace it.

This allows you to get the stability that you like best. We are impressed with the decent and undeniable support this cleat offers the ankle. In terms of comfort, one can say with certainty that this cleat receives a high satisfaction rating. It is undeniably comfortable with the help of its foam insole cushion.

Also, it has a Phylon midsole, which not only increases comfort but also absorbs shocks and impacts. Nike has also done a great job using its unique Fast-Flex technology for the molded rubber outsole. 



This is because this technology allows the cleat to deliver the kind of responsiveness, speed, and traction that everyone expects. The breathable lining provides the shoe with a comfortable fit.

8. Nike Men’s Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Football Cleat

Another great product we would recommend to anyone looking for a good pair of wide-footed football cleats is the Nike Alpha Strike 2. The color line for this football cleat is amazing. You can choose from one of its cool, beautiful colors so you can look great on the field while still meeting your team colors and preferences.

We like the innovative and unique double pull system used in this Nike football cleat. This is mainly because it locks your feet securely and avoids unnecessary movement, especially during exercise or while playing. It uses a soft foam for its cushioning.

This makes it comfortable to wear, no matter how rigorous and challenging the game is. This is useful for your best performance. Using it also promotes the ease of cutting and accelerating because it provides the traction and stability required for the above operations.



This cleat features strategic positioning as well as a lightweight and easy-to-manage TPU card, which also improves traction and stability of the cleat. It has a higher blasting speed for athletes who want to increase their performance. The use of lightweight synthetic leather also means that it is comfortable and durable.

9. Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable 3 Pro Football Cleat

Another notable product on our list of best American football cleats for wide feet is the Untouchable Vapor Pro 3 from the legendary and trusted Nike brand. Like other branded cleats, this model also gives you access to different colors. So you can easily choose one that suits you.

Nike used mesh and synthetic materials for its upper part. The combination of these materials offers a great advantage to users, especially those who desire a durable, breathable, and supportive cleat.

The most impressive part of this cleat is that it provides a comfortable, glove-like fit which naturally wraps the shape of your feet. Nike also used a carbon fiber plate for this cleat. This carbon fiber plate contributes significantly to its exceptional traction. It also helps to significantly improve your performance and speed.



The upper part is also known for its flexibility and lightness. So you can move easily and comfortably in this Nike football cleat. The Flywire cables used in this cleat is helpful in locking-in your mid-foot. This can give you a great advantage, as it offers exceptional support, especially for lateral movements. 

10. Nike Men’s Lunarbeast Pro TD Football Cleat

The last cleat on our list is the Nike Lunarbeast Pro TD Cleat. Available in a variety of colors, it’s easy to find one that will showcase your personality and bring out the colors of your team.

This cleat is specifically designed for football players with wide feet. The upper part of this cleat is made of synthetic and fabric and also has a NIKESKIN crosshatch style. This cleat offers decent stability.

In our opinion, this good stability is achieved by the cleat’s hook and loop strap, which protects your forefoot. The low-profile forefoot of this cleat is also a great advantage as it allows you to change direction quickly even when moving.

In terms of traction, you can’t find a fault in this cleat because it features a detachable TPU spike plate with up to seven studs. It is a sturdy piece of a cleat, which is comfortable because it promotes a tight yet good fit by molding your feet naturally. The ankle support is impressive, considering the fact that it has a mid-cut design. 



As far as traction is concerned, there is nothing wrong with this cleat as it has a detachable TPU spike plate with up to seven studs. It’s a sturdy piece of cleat that’s comfortable, because it promotes a tight, yet good fit by naturally shaping your feet. The ankle brace is impressive, considering the design is mid-cut.




Adidas Performance Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat









Buyer’s Guide – What To Look Out For When Buying Football Cleats For Wide Feet

In this guide, we’ll show you all you need to know before you place an order for a football cleats. It’s never enough to buy cleats because of the design. It’s best you make an informed buying decision. Let’s continue as you find out the most important factors to consider before buying a pair of football cleats for wide feet. 

#1. CUT

There are three different types of cleats based on their cut. They are low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut. Each of these type of cleats have their peculiar features and what makes them a worthy consideration.


Low-cut cleats are the most common type of cleat. They are simple and can be quite comfortable, as long as you buy the right pair that fits your feet. However, the downside of low-cut cleats is that they offer less ankle protection. That’s a fancy way of saying that they don’t cover your ankles properly and you’d be at a higher risk of ankle injury if you engage in collision in them.


Mid-cut cleats are made with more materials that make them suitable for wide feet. They also offer you more ankle support and protection. These cleats can be used by quarterbacks, running backswide receivers, and defensive backs. More so, you can enjoy better comfort, as it affords you a high level of maneuverability.


There are high-cut cleats that are also well-suited for players with wide feet. They are most common among linemen because of the ankle extension and support they provide. But then, they are not as popular as low-cut and mid-cut. 


Your budget is likely to be a deciding factor that can help you make a decision when buying a wide-footed cleat. This is because the price of these cleats typically varies. Before you start researching these products, you should set a budget for the amount you are willing to spend.

Stick to your budget; you can then narrow down different products according to your budget. Make sure you are looking for a good compromise between quality and price. Choose a price that fits your budget and provides the quality and comfort you need on-site.


Cleats can either be made of synthetic material or 100% pure leather. Most times, cleats are made of a combination of synthetic and leather materials. Pure leather material is the most expensive of the three. But it is also the most durable of them all. Leather can also expand with time and can easily accommodate the broadness of your wide feet.

If you are looking for a lesser option, you can opt for synthetic. The problem with synthetic is that it does not last as long as leather. This makes it suitable for children as they tend to outgrow their cleats quickly. It is also suitable for amateurs that want to invest in a high-quality cleat for their hobby.

You can also choose the combined leather and synthetic material as it offers the perfect balance between durability and cost. You get a product that has a decent lifespan without having to spend a lot of money.

#4. SIZE

Cleats are available in different sizes. But since you have wide feet, you should pay more attention to this factor. You need a pair of cleats that will give you a perfect fit without hurting your feet.

It also has to prevent your feet from slipping back and front and sideways. Keep in mind that this is of critical importance to you if you have wide feet, especially as some football cleats could be uncomfortably narrow, making you experience pain when practicing or playing.

It should be noted that different brands may have sizes that differ from the standard shoe sizes. As a result, you need to shop with reputable retailers, especially those who have a hassle-free return policy, so that you can return the cleat if necessary and replace it with one that fits perfectly.


You can suffer great discomfort if you use a narrow cleat as a wide-footed player. It will only take minutes to of wearing it to trigger a painful experience in the field that may prevent you from performing at your best.

There is even a risk that you may have cuts and blisters. Therefore, choose a cleat designed for the width of your feet. It should not be too wide, so it can give you the comfort you desire.

Be sure to shop for other comfortable football gears that you will need such as highly recommended football helmets and comfortable football gloves and of course, NFL jerseys.


The sole plate of a cleat is the hardest part if the cleat that is underneath your feet. Cleats that are designed for speed always have a narrower sole plate than others. That means as a wide-footed player, you should look out for sole plates that are not broad, and at the same time perfect enough to spare you any pain.

Also note that because of its flexible upper, your wide feet will fit perfectly inside the cleat, but the narrowness of the sole plate can still cause comfort and stability problems. We strongly recommend that you search for a cleat with a not so narrow sole plate, so that it can fit you comfortably.


Features you need to look out for include traction, breathability, support and durability. You can ascertain this by looking at the construction and material of the cleats. One thing you’ll notice about wide-footed cleats is that they are mostly high in the back.

It can also be high-top or mid-cut, which is the best choice if you want to maximize your ankle support. We strongly recommend that you wear a padded ankle collar as this provides extra comfort and additional cushion. This can also prevent the development of blisters.

In addition to incredible ankle support, it would be better to have a strong and firm heel counter. Avoid cleats with fragile heel counters. Also, make sure that your selected cleat is light and breathable. Breathability means it allows air into your feet easily.


Your overall performance on the field is directly proportional to the type of cleats you eventually settle for. All the above mentioned factors work together to ensure you don’t purchase any cleats that will work directly against your productivity and performance on the field.

Remember you’ve got to avoid any cleat that will take your mind off the game. You don’t need to be focusing on how hurt your feet has become or how slow your pace has become. So avoid excessively tight cleats.

It can also lead to less stability, putting you at risks of poor performance and intermediate falls. If a cleat is too tight, it can also negatively affect the level of energy that you can transfer to your legs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The first thing to do in choosing the right size is to make sure it fits at your foot’s end.

It should be in this position without it touching your feet toes. This can ensure that the size you receive is for comfort and performance. A wise tip to have about a quarter to a half-inch gap. Once you have received the cleat, you need to wear it indoors first, so you can check if its fit and size are correct. This will greatly help you avoid discomfort or pressure sores.

If you feel heel pain along with having wide feet, you need to buy cleat that sit firmly on your heel without rubbing it painfully. The cleat should also have a cushion and adequate support at the back.

Also, watch out for those who have extra heel cushioning. It is also a good idea to wear orthotic insoles because having a flat, wide foot can lead to heel pain if necessary support is not provided.

The main reason is that most cleats are not constructed with wide-footed players in mind. Your feet’s unique shape is often wider round the g ats are not constructed with wide-footed players in mind. Your feet’s unique shape is often wider round the gr rim area, as such you will need extra support on all sides and soles.

This can help keep you stay stable during your practice and games. You also need a cleat that is tailored to the width of your feet due to the extra space required. There still has to be some space for your feet so you can move freely. However, its imperative that you give this space without losing the exact fit.

The only way you can make your cleat feet comfortable is to buy only cleats that are your exact fit. The comfort, most times, is dependent on the materials used in the insoles and lining. Most of these cleats use a synthetic or sock lining.

Some football players recommend the PE sock lining because it is breathable and provides a good cushion over your entire feet. It is also advisable to check the soles, as they are crucial for the comfort of players with wide feet.

Your aim is to find a cleat with a sole that provides sufficient support on the side and has a suitable cushion, especially at the base. This is necessary to improve blood circulation while ensuring that you feel comfortable on the field even after several minutes of playing.


You need to replace worn-out studs immediately because it can cause you a great deal of instability, poor performance and ultimately, injury during a game. If you purchased a football cleat with removable studs, you must check them after each practice or game. Check if the studs show any sign of worn-out. If so, don’t negotiate it.[1]

New studs are essential for better traction. You can also change the length and type of stud based on field and weather conditions. Having a wide feet is already an issue that requires a special type of cleat size, using the wrong stud type with wide feet cleat on the wrong field will affect your performance harshly and make you feel really uncomfortable, so you should always get the right stud prior to a game so you can be at your best.

A sign that says you have the right fit for your cleat is when you experience the greatest comfort, no matter where you use it. It should also have a width of space no larger than the width of a finger. It should fit firmly on your forefoot while ensuring that the heel does not lift.

You will also know that it fits well if it is comfortable and flexible enough to allow dynamic movements. Also, there should be no stud pain, pressure, or discomfort when walking, running, or standing.

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Our #1 Best Football Cleat for Wide Feet


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