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Best Football Cleats Wide Receivers Featured Image

What’s The Best Football Cleats for Wide Receivers? Buyer’s Guide & Review

Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football And Lacrosse Cleat
Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Cleat 200 x 200
Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Cleat
adidas-Cleat 200 x 200
Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

Due to the nature of their playing positions, wide receivers needs the maximum support they can get. The last thing they want is to wear a pair of cleats that will divert their attention from the game to the pains or instability they are suffering at the feet. As such, having the right kind of cleats goes a long way to ensure you’re at your best.[1]

Your playing position doesn’t require you to settle for just any cleat you see in the market, except you don’t care about your overall performance. We understand how difficult it can be to finding the right cleats in the market, that’s why we’ve gone through the pain for you. In this article, we’ll show you a review of the ten best cleats you can find on the market. Come take a look.

1. Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football And Lacrosse Cleat

The second cleat on our list is the Under Armour MC football cleat which seems to leave a positive impression on all football players. Also made of synthetic material, we think Under Armor may be what you need to win the football field as a great wide receiver.

It is very comfortable naturally. It offers powerful and incredible support and, with the help of its ClutchFit top, ensures that you never feel uncomfortable. Its upper part covers your feet comfortably, which is the secret of its high comfort.

The materials used to produce this football cleat are lightweight. With its lightness, you will never encounter any problem as you move around the field being a wide receiver. It is also to be expected that the lightweight construction naturally follows the contours of the foot.

It can also expand your muscles and joints, which is good if you want to feel better in support and shape. We are also satisfied with the added protection offered by the 3D-shaped MPZ tongue of this cleat. Another significant advantage of this product is that it ensures a high level of flexibility and easy entry.

This football cleat is also designed to significantly reduce cleat pressure while avoiding potential slippage. The forefoot technology used in this cleat limits overstretching.




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Another possibility offered by this football cleat is to use the natural movements of your body. This is the secret for maximizing stability and traction. It can also optimize speed and grip of wide receivers with the help of its rubber outsole.

2. Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Cleat

Another powerful product from Under Armor is the highlight RM Football Cleat. We recommend this to all potential buyers, mainly because it brings your game to an even higher level. One thing it can do for you is to provide you with unprecedented, robust support and to ensure that the fit stays light.

This is possible with the superior synthetic collar and high-performance textile used in this cleat. We also noticed that it’s the ultimate solution for players looking for stability. This is because its external TPU ankle cage does well to ensure that the cleat makes you feel as stable as possible on the field.

Another strength of this football cleat, in our opinion, is the improved ventilation, which is possible with its openwork mesh tongue. The flexibility of this cleat is also undisputed. At the same time, it is completely flexible with the help of its extended eye-row series and ensures that you can wear it easily.

The sock-lining of this cleat is also made from die-cut EVA material, which is a good thing because of the durability and comfort that remain under your feet. Another advantage of this football cleat is its ability to achieve amazing and aggressive traction regardless of the surface used.



It is because it is molded in rubber, that users can feel comfortable and light. It also fits well without sacrificing comfort, especially for those with wide feet and plays skillful positions, such as running backs.

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3. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

We think the Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat is another product that every wide receiver should try. We realized that its entire construction is meant to improve your game in the field. It could be helpful in bringing your game to a professional level.

The upper part is quite impressive as we have noticed how effective it is in making the cleat light and comfortable. This upper part also provides unsurpassed and proper support. Also, it is designed to provide support for foot-zones and can last the entire quarters.

It is due to the presence of an integrated embroidery LOCK WEB. This football cleat provides the necessary stability. Thanks to the carbon frame plate, which also has a nub structure, an incredible balance is achieved.

It also promotes exceptional acceleration and multidirectional support. This may completely differentiate your performance and your game on the field from others. The lightweight mesh lining added to this cleat enhances your breathability and comfort.

Another benefit of using this Adidas football cleat is that it uses the heel to increase the support and stability it provides. That way, you can hold your feet in place. It is well known that this cleat offers superior traction and strength while maintaining its lightness.



The customizable lacing system used by this cleat is impressive as it allows you to achieve the right stiffness and fit based on the actual size of the foot. It can withstand abrasion and reduce the risk of toe-print injuries.

4. Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Men’s Football Cleat

The first cleat on our list of best football cleats for wide receivers is the Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Football Cleat. We can tell that with its ability to help users improve their speed and performance, the Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD is great for experienced and skillful players, especially wide receivers. Its pronounced traction pattern is fantastic, which is noticeable due to the thin blades used near the toes.

This cleat is made of 100% synthetic material. It also has a synthetic outsole that makes it easier to use and manage during play. Its classic style and design is quite impressive, and we discovered that it offers players easy mobility. This makes it a good choice for your line-to-line and tireless range.

The Dri-FIT UV fabric is good because we’ve noticed that it helps keep the cleat nice and dry. Besides, this substance effectively protects your foot from UV rays. We are also pleased to say that this Nike football cleat is designed to allow you to cut into turf or grass easily.

Through this, you can progress while improving your responsiveness. Also, it supports flexibility and propulsion with the help of its carbon fiber sole, which aids motion power during movement. We are also pleased with the stability this cleat offers. We think that it may be due to its tight and locked-down fit.



Apart from that, you can be sure that the cleat will suit your needs due to the inbuilt structure. It is comfortable for players with wide feet that are not even wide receivers and also offers more than required comfort.

5. NIKE Men’s Vapor Untouchable 2 Football Cleat

Nike continues to offer football players products they can rely on with their Pro Men’s Vapor Untouchable Football Cleat coming in on our list at number five. Nice fit for skill positions especially wide receiver, this cleat is characterized by its synthetic skin and mesh, providing users with an incredibly lightweight fit.

We think that’s the reason for the high breathability and comfort provided by this Nike cleat. The level of support this cleat offers is good, and it locks down firmly. All thanks to the integrated Flywire intermediate cable inside this cleat.

It is safe to say that this cleat guarantees a sock-like fit. This fit wraps around your ankle and is possible with the help of its inner sleeve, which comes in one piece. Another benefit of this Nike football cleat is that it stabilizes your feet while providing a high degree of flexibility.

We have noticed that this advantage is possible with the carbon fiber plate added to this cleat. This cleat supports great acceleration and fast cuts. This is due to the superb traction achieved by the innovative and unique design.



It is a strong competitor in the market for wide receiver football cleat because it brings so much power and fits well plus it looks cool and great.

6. Adidas Men’s Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleats

If you’re a fan of the Adidas brand, then you would have come across some great reviews of the Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Cleat. In our opinion, this Adidas football cleat is impressively made due to its lightweight construction, which guarantees an unstoppable speed.

Another reason for the love of this product is that it offers numerous color options. It’s available in many colors, so you can pick the one that suits you. Another advantage that it has is its ability to offer users an exceptional grip regardless of the weather.

We also noticed that this brand values comfort, which is good. It has a well-padded collar and tongue as well as an insole foam. Besides, it is great and comfortable to wear, even while running, as it is lined with soft fabric. This will give you less chance of getting blisters while wearing this cleat.

It is also a good choice, especially if you are looking for a good wide receiver cleat to improve your speed. It can help you to reach your highest possible speed with the help of its lightweight synthetic material.



This cleat also has a soft top. This is a good thing if you want to run comfortably or get out of line quickly. Also, it is exceptionally durable and offers incredible grip. It also has rubber spikes that provide an extra spring at every step you take.

7. Nike Men’s Alpha Shark Football Cleat

Another reliable product from the renowned Nike brand is the Alpha Shark Football Cleat. Most people who have used this cleat will agree with us when we say that this is one of Nike’s most amazing products. We have a lot of good things to say about this Nike football cleat.

One of them is its impressive traction, which in our opinion is guaranteed by its TPU 12-cleat configuration outsole. Another notable benefit is that it supports your ankle, especially when it comes to side cuts. It is mainly because it is designed with a three quarter height collar.

You will not regret your decision to get this stable cleat, as it guarantees a good lockdown. It is because of its effectiveness in adaptation through its dynamic adjustment system. It is also one of the Nike cleat collections, which is characterized by good traction and designed for great performance on the football field.



It fits really well. So be rest assured that it won’t cause you to give up your level of comfort when you wear it during training or a real game. This cleat is quite affordable.

8. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat

Another football cleat that should be part of this list is the Adidas Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat, and it comes in at number eight. Its weight is quite impressing as it is very light. Despite its lightness, we discovered that it generally has high quality and robust construction. This means that it tends to fulfill its purpose for a long time.

Many even say it’s one of the lightest football cleats on the market today. Another strength it possesses is its upper SPRINT SKIN, which provides players with the support they need without affecting the volume. It can improve your game and performance due to the impressive traction that is motivated by its TPU flat-plate outsole.

Another great feature of this football cleat is that it can absorb impacts. It’s because of its molded insole that can absorb impact as you explode towards the end zone. We also like the heel of this football cleat because of its effectiveness in locking player’s feet in their place firmly.

The mesh lining of this wide receiver Adidas football cleat is also a great advantage. This is because it ensures the cleat remains as breathable and supportive as possible. Also, this cleat has no shortcomings, especially when it comes to comfort.



It’s comfortable, mainly because it has an insole that uses an anatomically shaped EVA material. The durability of this cleat is guaranteed.

9. NIKE Alpha Pro 2 TD Football Cleats

Here comes the Nike Alpha Pro 2 Football Cleat at number nine on our list of best football cleat for wide receivers, a brand that is reputable. This cleat is a competitor in the football cleat market because of its synthetic and leather construction, and other brands and models compete with care.

The overall construction provides the user with a high level of comfort without compromising on longevity. This means that you not only feel comfortable but also know that the brand has not saved on longevity.

We also find this football cleat easy to use on the pitch. It does not hinder movements because it is light. It can help to increase your speed, which is beneficial if you want to show how good a footballer you are while playing.

We are also pleased with the ability of this cleat to deliver an extraordinary lockdown. We can attribute this advantage to the fact that this cleat uses fly-wire technology, which offers this advantage in particular. Supports you as well as possible without affecting your mobility.



It is also one of those cleats designed to protect users. Another thing we noticed about this cleat is its right combination of mid-foot support and cushioning with the help of its Phylon midsole. Also, you will notice immediately how effectively you can improve your responsiveness in the field.

10. NIKE Lunar Super Bad Pro TD Men’s Football Cleat

The last cleat on our list for wide receivers is the Nike Lunar Super Bad Pro TD Football Cleat. We can say with certainty that this is one of the most convenient cleats you can find today, made of fabric and synthetic material.

By using the lightweight synthetic leather material for its upper, this cleat will surely offer you a firm, stronger fit at all times. We also think that its lock and secure fit are beneficial. This is possible with the built-in ankle strap.

This football cleat offers wide receivers the support they need every time they change directions, especially in terms of traction. It’s mainly because it has raptor spikes which can be found on the heel. During each toe-off, you will enjoy the acceleration and flexibility it offers.

This can happen because arc beam technology is used. This football cleat will not disappoint in terms of fit, breathability, and comfort. You’ll see how breathable and comfortable this cleat is when you start wearing its full inner sleeve made of mesh and neoprene materials.



A more responsive and smoother game can also be expected from the cushioning used in this football cleat. It provides great support and the ability to remain independent of the conditions you are exposed to.




Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC


Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Cleat


Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleat


Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Men’s Football Cleat


NIKE Men’s Vapor Untouchable 2 Football Cleat

Buyer's Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Cleats For Wide Receiver

Before you make up your mind on the choice of cleats to buy, there are certain things you should consider first. These factors would determine whether you’ll get the perfect cleats or not.


There are essentially six major parts of a cleat. The include the upper, insole, midsole, heel, soleplate, and studs.


The heel is the back part of the cleats. It provides its own dimension of support for your legs. Before you buy a cleat, ensure the heel is not made of weak materials that will wear out over time.


Insoles are removable paddings we add into cleats to provide some level of cushion to the feet. Some insoles are so light that they offer no atom of comfort. Others are seemingly slippery and would make you sweat easily. Do well to analyze the nature of the insole before you buy.


Refers to the hard component of the cleat that is under your feet. Some football cleat designs are good for speed, which is why they have a narrow soleplate.

While your feet fit comfortably due to the flexibility of the upper, the tightness of the soleplate can still cause some comfort or stability issues. However, you should be careful that this component is not too tight for your feet.


The midsole is a layered cushion that lies between the insole and soleplate. It exists to reduce the effects of the toughness of the soleplate on your feet.


The studs are projections under the soleplate. The come in various shapes and dimensions. While some are removable, others are permanent. You need to also familiarize yourself with the studs because it is what determines your traction.


The upper is the top part of the cleat where we have the laces and other visible parts of the cleat.  It offers a level of protection to your legs, especially when an opponent steps on you forcefully. It can be made of two different materials.

The first is leather, which is traditionally used to make football cleats. The good thing about leather material is that it is not only comfortable but also durable.

It can completely protect your feet. The only problem is that it is heavier compared to other materials. It is also not quite affordable compared to others. You can also opt for a cleat with a top made of synthetic material, an artificial material that you can’t find in nature.

In most cases, synthetic material is not only used because it is light, but also because it is quite affordable. The materials that fall under synthetic include acrylic, nylon, and polyester. However, the synthetic material is not as durable as leather.

Choosing a football cleat with the right upper part is crucial for those with wide feet. Leather material is a good choice as it gradually adjusts to your foot size. However, the whole process can take several weeks, which is very painful for some.

Synthetic material, however, does not stretch, which can affect your comfort. The good news is that there are now cleats with synthetic uppers specifically designed to provide more space for wide feet.


The tops of cleats are either made of leather or synthetic materials. The nature of the material goes a long way in determining the satisfaction you would derive from the cleats. [2]

If you have wide feet or plan to use it as a wide receiver, a kangaroo leather upper is a good choice. This is the best recommendation as the material naturally adapts to your feet.

So you can say with certainty that you can wear your cleats more comfortably while optimizing your playing style. Remember, your goal is to look for a cleat that fits comfortably to your feet. It should sit comfortably to avoid injury and accidents.


Cleats are available in different sizes and models. There is no “one size fits all.” Getting the right size is more complicated because some brands have different sizing charts, which are obviously not the same with the standard sizing chart. 

This is the main reason you need to spend some time studying the size of your choice to make sure you invest in a suitable size.

Keep in mind that the wrong size can affect your performance as a football player. If you plan to purchase online, do some research before you do, as some sizes may differ from your original expectation.

Also, you should verify that the company has return policies. It is also necessary to read the time needed for legitimate size checks to know what to expect from the product cleat.


Read other customers’ football cleat reviews to find out what others are saying about a particular cleat store. Analyze their feedback. This is the key to finding out if you are buying a high-quality cleat for wide receivers. The reviews can help you to determine if the products that the online store sells are authentic and legitimate.

If you found this buyer’s guide useful, you might want to check on buying the best football helmets here or our ultimate football gloves guides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. This is because soccer cleats and wide receivers cleat has only minor differences. However, a wide receiver can wear a soccer cleat for football with ease and still be safe. Rest assured that your decision to wear a football cleat will not affect your game or performance. And there is also a high tendency that you will like soccer cleat just like the normal football cleat after your first time wearing it. 

There is no best color, or “appropriate” color of cleats to wear. In most cases, the actual color depends on your preference. However, there are cases where you need to follow some rules. An example is if you are a high school football player, college or semi-professional football player who needs to follow some rules regarding the specific color of football cleats that you can wear.

That’s because the color normally needs to match the team jersey. In some cases, your team may also need to choose a neutral color, such as black and white, for their cleats.

Breaking in new cleats means getting it ready for regular wear in a manner that it won’t cause your pains, discomfort, or blisters. 

The best way to break it in is to apply some petroleum jelly to the specific parts of your feet that are vulnerable to sores and blisters due to friction. Apply a thin layer, especially on your toes and heels, to reduce the friction between your skin and the cleat.[3]

You should then wear your new football cleats and walk through a park or in your backyard at home. This will allow your feet to get used to the new cleat. You can then slowly introduce the new cleat in your football training. Make sure you wear it for a certain number of hours in each practice.

Increase the amount of time that you wear it gradually until you feel comfortable wearing it while playing football. Finally, make sure you fill the cleat with newspapers each time you finish using it. This tip is useful to stretch it while maintaining its original shape.

There are several actions to take to maintain your wide receiver’s cleats and extend its lifespan and durability.

One thing you can do is to loosen the laces on the second eyelet until the last one. You should then tighten the last eyelet to prevent the feet from being strained and pressed too much. It can also minimize the burden on the forefoot, ensuring that it fits well.

Maintaining the cleat is also possible if you use the one that adapts perfectly to your foot shape. Should be able to shape your feet effectively. Your feet will not feel much pressure as the material stretches and you feel comfortable.

Another tip is switching cleat pairs. Do not rely on just one pair. If possible, get several pairs to avoid overuse. Breaking them in properly and regularly replacing their studs can also help to maintain their good condition for a long time.

You can clean your wide receiver’s cleats using an old tooth brush, water and detergent. To achieve this, follow these steps

  • First, ensure you pull off your cleats immediately after you’ve left the field of play. Wearing your cleats on hard surfaces can easily damage the studs.
  • Clap the soleplates of the cleats against each other to remove dust, mud and other particles clung to the studs and soleplates.
  • Make a solution with the soap and water. Use an old toothbrush dipped in the soapy solution to clean brush the soleplate and studs properly.
  • When you’re done, dip a piece of clothing into water and clean/rinse the soleplate.
  • For the upper of the cleats, use a piece of clothing to “wash” it, but don’t submerge the entire cleats into water. You may also use brush where necessary. However, bear it in mind that this part is delicate and should be cleaned with care.
  • You can remove the insole, dip it into water, wash and dry. Do same for the lace.
  • When you’re done, leave the cleats outside until it’s dried.

To ensure your cleats lasts you for a long time, there are deliberate steps and actions you’ve got to take to ensure your cleats don’t get damaged in a short time.

  • Don’t leave your cleats under direct sunlight. It can make it cracked and unpleasant to the eyes.
  • Don’t fall for the temptation of putting you cleats in the oven or any similar electrical appliance all in the name of getting it dried.
  • Don’t submerge your cleats in water. A lot of people do this a lot. It weakens the stitches and gum that is holding the soleplate to other parts of the cleat.
  • If your cleat is made of leather, always ensure you oil/polish it occasionally. It helps to maintain the leather and prevents it from getting cracked.
  • Don’t use your cleats anywhere outside of the football field. It can get your studs damaged.
  • Ensure you wear your cleats with socks. This will not only protect the insole, but it will make the entire interior cleaner and long-lasting. You may ask, “who wears cleats without socks?” Well, I’ve seen so many that I’ve lost count. They’ll tell you they just want to do a quick training, and that’s all.

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Nike Vapor Carbon Elite TD Men’s Football Cleat

Our #1 Best Football Cleat for Wide Receivers


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