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What’s The Best Football Girdles? Buyer’s Guide & Review




CHAMPO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5-Pad Girdle


FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7-Pad Girdle


McDavid Hex Rival Pro 5-Pad Girdle


Nike Pro HyperStrong Hardplate White/Grey Men’s Graphic Football Shorts


Cramer Thunder 7-Pad Football Girdle

Are you struggling to protect your lower body for the physically overwhelming nature of football?

Have you been struggling to maintain consistent performance levels after a strenuous game due to protective issues related to padding? 

Perhaps it’s time for you to reconsider your girdling to maximize protection when things get messy on the field. [1]

Because of the physical nature of football, getting onto the pitch with no protective padding is something of a death wish. Collisions, tussles, blocks are just part of the game. Now even N.F.L decided to give lower-body padding a tryout.[2]

And just imagine yourself trying to block a ferocious jab with a pad-less body. That’s suicide!

You may have been pondering over what to do to turn your girdling around for good.

Well, having consulted with tons of other user-athletes, we have come up with these top 10 best football girdles that will give you more bang for your buck in 2019.

All set?

Great, let’s dive right in.

The Best Football Girdle

1. CHAMPO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5-Pad Girdle(Editor's Choice)

The CHAMPO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5-Pad Girdle is one of the best football girdles around. 

The CHAMPO Adult Tri-Flex is made from high-quality, high-compression polyester/Spandex. It is a DRI-GEAR moisture-management pad designed with the ability to absorb moisture, keeping you dry as heat and moisture build up during gameplay. 

It is equipped with thigh pads, hip pads, and caudal region pads, which additional padding unnecessary. This girdle is made of spandex to take the shape of your body and give you a snuggly feel. 

From its design, it can be noticed that this standard girdle doesn’t come with a kneepad, which is not necessary if all other paddings are intact. As a matter of fact, adding a kneepad to the knee area gives a kind of discomfort that can make things a bit tacky. Read here if you’d like to know more about football knee braces or ankle braces.

The stretchy feel of this football girdle allows for needed mobility and agility. At first glance, not having a pocket space may turn you off, but judging by how well the girdle is designed, rest assured that you’ll feel protected.



According to our research, many users feel that the pads should have been much thicker than they are, but this shouldn’t be considered as a drawback because throwing it extra pads without careful thought can’t simply give you the well-rounded protection that you crave. There’s a science behind its padding.

2. FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7-Pad Girdle

FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad football girdle is a great, must-have girdle. It is built from high-compression polyester.  And if you ever want a comfortable football girdle, this type of girdle is one of the lots to look out for in the market. 

It also features Spandex in its design, which makes it highly flexible and also makes it fit right to the shape of your body; hence, it gives you the agility, proper ventilation, and ease of movement you desire. Stretching can be a lot easier when you don this gridiron girdle. 

More so, this sashing features Dri-GEAR technology which does a good job of keeping you dry by absorbing moisture that might build up as a result of sweat and also provides you with enough heat to get it to evaporated. 

The appealing design and comfortability are not just what makes it worth your money; the soft pads are just what you need to deal with everything thrown at you while you play or train. With all these irresistible, high-value attributes, you might be expecting a significant price.



Let me break it to you, this accessory comes at a relatively friendly price compared to other top brands in the market. Adding a pocket cup to its make-up – which is needed for protecting this crown jewel, making it worth every penny spent on it. 

3. McDavid Hex Rival Pro 5-Pad Girdle

McDavid Rival Pro 5-Pad football girdle is another alluring choice when you’re scouring the web for an eligible football girdle. Unlike the other brands, this piece is made from nylon among others, which does more than adding comfort to the player but also embellishes the girdle with so much durability. 

It comes with Flex Air protective sashing for an ergonomic range of motion and optimum airflow. The 5-pad impact protection gives ample hip, thigh and tailbone coverage to contour with the body shape.  

This anatomically correct pad is made of Spandex, which adheres round the body to give an unbridled comfort. More so, it employs a moisture management technology, hDc, which ensures you are kept dry at all times. This technology works so well that no matter how much you profuse with sweat, it wicks it away, thereby improving airflow. 

It should be of great relief to know that this girdle can be washed using a washing machine, thereby saving you without the stress of having them hand-washed. The build and design are such that it doesn’t make you feel as though you were wearing a bulky pad. 

The pattern of design is a beauty to behold; it is also lightweight to make movement easy. This attribute makes it suitable for players who always move around on their feet.



Just like the brand that precedes this one, it is affordable. 

4. Nike Pro HyperStrong Hardplate White/Grey Men’s Graphic Football Shorts

Nike Pro HyperStrong Hardplate 808772-100 White/Grey Men’s Graphic girdle is crafted from 7.8% polyester, 22% Spandex. 100% polyester is used for the pad overlay which gives it unparalleled durability. 

The pads are engineered to make you feel well-protected and equipped all thanks to its HyperStrong technology, which is a plus to this top-shelf appendage. 

HyperStrong technology is one of the things that make this brand unique. They are actually placed strategically around the girdle to prevent you from contact-related injuries. This technology demonstrates its durability by absorbing all impacts to ensure that you feel little or no pain. 

From the stable of global sportswear giant, Nike, the HyperStrong Hardplate, this girdle is revved up with the high-end DRI-FIT moisture management technology which makes sure you are dry at all times, preventing you from any sort of abrasions. The dry mesh panels guarantee game-long ventilation to keep your temperature balanced. Its bio-design fits seamlessly throughout the coverage area to make it feel like your second skin.



Nike’s reputation precedes it, so you can expect that this product can be somewhat more expensive than most of the other girdles out there. 

5. Cramer Thunder 7-Pad Football Girdle

The Cramer thunder 7-Pad football girdle is a girdle crafted with 7 integrated pads that will safeguard your lower body from collision on the field. It is designed with nylon for full-stretch mobility, optimum comfortability. Little wonder that it is has been relied upon by accepted by players, coaches, and sport medicine practitioners since 1918. It is made of 80% nylon, 20% spandex with 100% polyester for the mesh crotch panel.

This football girdle features several attributes that make it comfy for players of all dimensions and designations. With strategically placed thigh, hip, tailbone, and knee pad protection, this girdling ensemble is well-fortified, and nullifies the effects of collision. The Thunder 7 pads are made from Cramer Spider Web EVA foam that is reinforced with impact shells. 

Some antimicrobial properties are added into the material to ward off any form of inflammation that may arise from donning this girdle. We applaud this feature as a savvy innovation, one that ensures that players are well-shielded from germs in-play. 

Cramer Thunder gives you freedom and keeps you well-ventilated. It’s a football girdle worth every cent.



Its bulkiness (16 ounces) might be a drawback to most amateurs, but not all professionals complain of this downside.

6. Crammer Classic 5-Pad Football Girdle

Crammer Classic 5-Pad football girdle is another important girdle worth considering. Although smaller than the 7-Pad model, it features top-quality materials including 85% polyester and 15% spandex. This girdle is stuff-packed with a hard plastic interior, gleams with a stylish design and is renowned for comfortability. 

This product contains a considerable amount of polyester. It is features abrasion- resistant and moisture management properties. It is always a thing of joy to feel dry and intact during scrimmages and this is exactly what it does. Also, it is laced with Spandex, which gives it the extra flexibility to make you stretch full-length. 

The padding is deftly unique, thanks to the EVA used. EVA is an essential padding material well-known to safeguard pros and amateurs, when they’re slugging it out on the field. The design of the pad is stylish, however, it may seem rather bulky to amateurs. Nonetheless, that does nothing to compromise its overall quality. 

This girdle is lightweight, durable, and this is obviously one of the attributes to look out for when buying lower-body protective wear. The closed-cell EVA padding is so unique that is spread out to contain impacts across the tailbone, thighs and hips to make sure no serious injuries is brought upon the player who dons it. 



Just like other girdles, the Crammer Classic is highly affordable for players who seek quality and low prices. Yes, with just a few numbers of pads, it may not be the best undergarment for major league players who are often thrown into the thick of things, but that still doesn’t make it uncomfortable. 

7. Nike HyperStrong Skill Football Girdle Short

Nike is arguably one of the great brands that ever graced the surface of this earth. They have made the lives of athletes relatively easier and comfortable. Nike Pro HyperStrong Graphic girdles are crafted with Dri-FIT fabric to keep you well protected and dry.

The ergonomic design of the Nike HyperStrong football girdle ensures that you have a natural range of motion which avails the body much-needed comfort.  The added characteristics to the football girdle asides from the compressed fitting and protection from accidental shock (padding) are that it gives much rigidity and support, which helps reduce fatigue even extended playing hours. 

Another feature is hard-plate technology. It doesn’t just have a 7mm foam padding added, but a well-designed hard – plate to cover the thigh. During play on the field, should there be a collision on the thigh; the hard plate strategically positioned over the thighs serves to prevent you from feeling much of the impact of the collision. In other words, this ergonomic girdle offers a high level of protection, flexibility, and maximum comfort.

Additionally, the Nike girdle ventilation is being enhanced to keep you dry, also in dealing with abrasions; Nike has generously included some antimicrobial properties to help prevent bacterial infection. 



When compared to other products, the Nike HyperStrong football girdle is inexpensive. This particular product is not available for youth players. This girdle is a bit on the bulky side.

8. Boy’s Nike Pro Core short

Boy’s Nike Pro Core short football girdle is another awesome product released into the sports market by industry pacesetters, Nike. 

This product is made with a lightweight mesh for optimum breathability while support impact protection. It is made of 90% polyester, 10% spandex. The overlay consists of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. It features Nike pro Hyperstrong technology to deliver impact absorption.

This football girdle works well by using an intricate foam protection mechanism to minimize irritation due to chafing. 

To talk about the other essential part of the football girdle, we can make mention of padding materials, which determines if you are going to be able to take some pains home or not. 

The padding material is made up of foam, which will always be lightweight, highly durable, and does well to remove most of the fatigue that may be caused during the action on the field, or after the whole activity. For as long as you still have them on, they serve their significant purpose. 

The short is laced with mesh panels which are so effective in giving warmth to make air flow freely, and consequently, given you the adequate ventilation that is much needed during the hot days. 

There are always one or many things you are going to love about this great product. One is the flat seams, which works perfectly to ensure that you don’t have any reasons to deal with any problems pertaining to rashes, as opposed to other football girdles that can get you irritated around your waist, and eventually, rashes. 

This girdle is relatively lightweight, so also is the fit, which makes it extremely comfortable for most players to wear, even for a prolonged time. 

Its stylish design is another thing that can get you head turn about this football girdle. The stylish design is enough to give you the confidence to don it all times.



It is mainly created for the youth. And a downside is that this impressive girdle is that Nike is a relatively expensive brand, and Boy’s Nike Pro Core short is not an exception still it still worth the value. 

9. Alleson 7-pad Football Girdle

Alleson athletic was established in 1933 in Rochester, New York. They are renowned for providing top-quality match uniforms and practice kits.

This all-in-one pant lightweight padding mechanism comprises 84% nylon and 16% spandex for compression as the main body fabric. It also features 90% polyester and 10% spandex stretch mesh for moisture management. Its vented-molded EVA pads make for high breathability and protection against injuries from gridiron impacts.

The Alleson 7-pad Girdle comes with a heavyweight polyester elastic waistband with the exclusive core logo. It also features 7 stretch pockets with built-in hips, tailbone pads and knee pads.

The compression fabric and bio-design fitting helps to support the thigh muscles and enables comfortable layering under the uniform and pads.

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The Alleson 7-pad Girdle is guaranteed to take care of your vitals during play is affordable but may not be suitable for younger users. 

10. McDavid Hex Integrated Football Girdle Shorts

The McDavid Hex integrated girdle is a model which comprises a polyester design with spandex for flexibility, aiding body movements with average hip pads, which are soft, stretchy preventing your skin from being irritated, and offers adequate mobility.

McDavid Hex Integrated girdle employs a hexagonal mesh to keep in check the level of moisture content in your girdle. The hDc moisture management technology does well to strike a balance between dryness and moistness. 

It wicks away most of the wetness caused by sweat and ensures you stay dry and comfortable during use. The designs are stylish, flexible and provide maximum comfort when used for games and training, purposely designed for players in need of lightweight and to conform to varying stresses during usage. 

The most amazing feature about this girdle is the 6-thread flatlock compression technology at the seams to support muscular athletes to reduce the risk of muscle pull and fatigue. It is not as bulky as other girdles. And this particular girdle features bio-design to conform to your body contours. 

The ability of a girdle to ensure moisture and optimum heat management makes is a product to reckon with. It can be used by peewees and pros. 



This product knows no other than giving comfort, which is the more reason why we are convinced that it is one of the most convenient, cross-sport girdles you can find in the market. However, users have cited that it is does not fit the female anatomy. 

What to Look Out For When Buying A Football Girdle

Protection is paramount in any sporting activity and girdles are the unsung heroes of your gridiron armory.

You might be wondering on what premise our picks were chosen. 

There are many considerations we made before we could compile some of the finest wears for the lower extremity.

You might also be interested in our most recommended NFL jersey online stores. 



Materials are an essential criterion to look out for when picking a football girdle. The material of the girdle must be very stretchy and cozy. And the degree of a girdle’s coziness is a function of price;

High-quality materials command the highest prices. 

There are three prominent materials that make up the fabrics of football girdle: polyester, spandex and nylon. While their individual benefits are well-documented, cotton materials knock the rest off the park due to its unrivaled durability and comfort. [3]

Spandex gives lower-body undergarments the much-needed elasticity to enable you to stretch at length without worrying about wear and tear. Also, it makes the sashing to conform remarkably around your body.[4]



The quality of the seams should be put into consideration, too, before going ahead to purchase a football girdle. Lots of girdles out there do not come with a good seams, therefore causing some irritation which will eventually lead to rashes.



It is a disgusting experience to have sweat in your pants while you play, not to mention the uncomfortable feeling when your girdle gets soaked in the rain. So, having a football girdle with a great wicking properties should be a great consideration. Some brands also supply their girdles with antimicrobial attributes, which greatly reduces all forms of inflammation and odor. This must be put to check if you want to last for a significant period.

Stay dry during a rainy gameday by making sure to bring these rain gears.



A cross airflow mechanism in your girdle should be essential in picking the kind of girdle. The ventilation must be airtight, particularly during the hot periods. Based on our research stretch meshes and intricately woven seams a top priority in choosing your choice of a girdle. 



Padding is arguably the most important criterion to consider in picking your choice of a girdle. Just as you have it in the review above, there are different girdles with different numbers of girdles. The reason why you would buy a football girdle at all is to be protected from impacts. So, if a girdle is worth buying, you better be sure it has optimal padding.

It is in your own decision to tell the number of padding you would want, and this depends on which part of the game you are in; if you are the type that gets on the receiving end always, it is advisable to get a girdle with extra pads. 

Plastic pads are more affordable, hard, and bulky. We came across EVA, which we feel it offers the highest quality of padding.

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For a good chunk of dough, more must be considered to make sure a right choice is made. Another criterion is establishing the fact that the football girdle to be considered is washable by machine without damaging the stylish design, size, and other crucial components. Washing girdles by hand may be a very strenuous ordeal. 

We have discovered that football girdles that can be washed by machines to save you time and relieve you of stress. 



Imagine getting a football girdle which you can also make use in other fields of sports. Interesting, isn’t it? If you ask me, I would say, that is the actual meaning of getting the best out of one’s money. Being lightweight and comfortable with stretch mesh gives you a handful of options; this ultimately saves you of some money. 

Find the right size


Before anything else, know your size, and in particular, your waist size. You can know your size easily by wounding a tape measure around your waist. Give a higher allowance on the size when ordering.



Although second-hand football girdles can be attractive, there is a great chance of contracting an infection when you wear used girdles.



When you have picked the right undergarment, try to move the pads around and if they are highly secured on the hips and aren’t sliding, then you know that you have picked the right one. This is to ensure that you are comfortable all game long and will not be distracted if and when it pulls down


With the washing machine set for a cold water wash, add a mild detergent.[5] This is to maintain a pH level of under 10. You may remove the pads before washing but most manufacturers and coaches advise leaving the pads intact.

Turn on the washer on to wash. Remove the girdle and hang upside down from the leg openings. Don’t hang the girdle in direct sunlight. Ensure that the piece is completely dry before storing.

Football involves aggressive contact as well as agility and speed; hence, the need for safety and protection particular for running backs and other players who suffer excessive impact. The football girdle bestows improved safety while giving unrestrictive movement.

Without a girdle, the hip pads, tailbone pads, and thigh pads may shift out of place, making the body exposed and prone to injury. New girdle designs are built to be lightweight for ease-of-mobility while providing protection at vital contact points.

Find out about other football gears for protection in this review. 

A football girdle is a thin sleeve of undergarment worn underneath the outer shell of football pants. It serves to offer protection and mobility to the lower body. On the other hand, a football pant is a longer piece similar to tights that cover the lower body down. Pants support circulation and are very useful for players who stand for long time periods to prevent strenuous movements.

Girdles come in multiple styles including standard, supportive pockets for users to insert their own pads.

Although second-hand football girdles can be attractive, there is a great chance of contracting an infection when you wear used girdles.

CHAMPO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5-Pad Girdle

Our #1 Football Girdle

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