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Additional Wrist Support and Grip on the Ball – The 10 Best Football Gloves in 2022 Reviewed (Buyer’s Guide)



Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Football Gloves

Best for Value

EliteTek RG-14 Football Gloves

Best Value for Receiver

Under Armour Men's F6 Football Gloves

Cheap Under Armour Football Gloves

Adidas Techfit Lineman Football Gloves

Best Football Lineman Gloves

Grip Boost Football Gloves

Best Grip Football Gloves

Have you ever wondered why some football players tend to have a better grip on the ball more than others? Of course, practice has a big role to play, but there is more to it than that. The obvious secret is the type of football gloves they wear.

After testing it over and over again, we realized that wearing the right football gloves won’t only improve your football handling prowess, but it will also give you extra protection, additional wrist support, save you from concussions and finger related injuries. And so, in this article, we’ll be giving you a review of the ten best football gloves that football players rely on. [1][2]

The football gloves are made with the quality materials, attractive, and appealing to the eyes. Are you ready Let’s ride. 

The Best Football Gloves

1. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Football Gloves: Best for Value

The Seiberton Pro 3.0 Elite Football Gloves are simple and easy to wear. Therefore, you’re looking for something quick and straightforward, then this is the perfect pair of football gloves for you. It covers all the basic needs of a football player – it’s durable, flexible, and applicable to most roles in the game. Though they do not offer the same c-tack material as most wide receiver gloves provide, these gloves make a great choice for training as well as casual and friendly competitions.

One of the biggest reasons why you might want to consider getting the Seibertron Pro is the fact that it is very easy to maintain. It can be machine-washed and it would still be able to perform like brand new. Because of how versatile they are, they make the best gloves for footballers who aren’t sure about their desired position in the game just yet. Or perhaps you are someone who enjoys shifting roles in the game then you might want to get these gloves as a cost friendly option instead of purchasing one pair for each position you play. 


  •  Brand: Seibertron



Do keep in mind, however, that their versatility means they also lack in other areas. They may not perform well enough or provide optimal protection during the game. Therefore, it is not advisable to use these football gloves for intense games and competitions. 

2. EliteTek RG-14 Football Gloves: Best Value For Receiver

Are you one of those players who still can’t get used to wearing gloves? We get it. Football gloves they can be extremely uncomfortable to wear, especially on hot and humid days. It can be a tad bit intimidating to catch the ball when there’s something covering your palms. But what if there is a pair of football gloves that can provide a natural experience without the heat and the bulkiness? If you think that it’s impossible, then you haven’t come across the EliteTek RG-14. 

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that feel like your second skin without making your fingers feel numb, then this is the product for you. That said, these receiver gloves are perfect for ball-handling positions. But wait – what about tack? Don’t worry, the EliteTek RG-14 also has that covered. These gloves feature the EliteTek’s signature GripTech Palms Technology that not only promises better grip but also consistent performance no matter what the weather or the surface. 


  • Brand: EliteTek
  • Weight: 3 ounce



Additionally, these football gloves are also NOCSAE-certified, making them an attractive viable option as professional and youth football gloves.  

3. Under Armour Men's F6: Cheap Under Armour Football Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of affordable football gloves, the Under Armour Men’s F6 is one of your best bets. The materials used to construct this pair of gloves is a combination of PSP, Silicon, and Polyester. It also includes Under Armour’s HeatGear® fabric to keep sweaty palms cool and dry throughout an intense game of football. This specific fabric is built to wick sweat and makes the gloves dry really fast.

With its Super-sticky Armour GrabTack® palm, this particular pair is best used as receiver gloves. This patented material maximizes the football gloves’ stickiness to provide extra support and promote maximum catchability for the player.


  • Brand: Under Armour
  • Mode: 1304694
  • Weight: 1 pound



Instead of a wrist strap, these receiver gloves also has a custom fit closure system to provide a seamless fit for the player. It’s known for being comfortable and flexible when used in the field. Most customer reviews indicate that it truly does “fit like a glove” along with looking stylish. Plus, football players praise it for enhancing their ball control on the field. It ultimately boosts their confidence during gameplay.

4. Adidas Techfit Lineman: Best Football Lineman Gloves

As you already know, football is not child’s play; injuries are all part of the game but they are not mandatory. Hand and wrist injuries are some of the most common accidents of football but it can be avoided by just investing in a good pair of gloves. That’s why we have this pair of gloves Adidas created as one of the best football gloves for football players.

If you’re looking for linemen gloves that offer the extra protection from wrist injuries, then the Adidas Techfit is probably one of the best linemen gloves to consider. It features a heavy-duty wrist strap that keeps your gloves in place with the right fit. However, that does not mean that these gloves are a pain to wear – it’s quite the opposite, actually. 

The Adidas Techfit promises both function and comfort especially for lineman football players. To address comfort, these gloves were made with a combination of lycra and breathable mesh. Not only does it provide extra comfort for the users, but it also makes these gloves lightweight despite the fact that it’s padded. More so, it offers great protection for the fingers.


  • Brand: Adidas
  • Mode: AF0213-24410
  • Weight: 0.3 ounces



We think that these gloves are best for linemen football players who want to feel comfortable while in the game. Performance is very important to win a competition, but we also think that in order to win, players need to be focused and at ease. 

5. Grip Boost: Best Grip Football Gloves

Also on our list of the best football gloves is the Grip Boost Football Gloves. True to its name, the product is all about giving players, especially running backs, that extra boost on their grip. 

It has the perfect amount of stickiness which may help ball-handling players improve their overall performance and catching prowess. Interestingly, the Grip Boost has a proprietary grip design made from crab shell – is there anything else more secure than the grip of a crab? This newly-developed technology aims to provide the same tack even after numerous games. While other football gloves begin to falter, the Grip Boost sticks it out with you. 

There’s a lot more to love about the Grip Boost Football Gloves. But if you ask us, our favorite part about it is the breathability and the comfortability of these gloves. One would expect a thicker and more robust material for this type of gloves. But on the contrary, the Grip Boost actually provides plenty of ventilation. No matter how humid or hot the temperature can get, these gloves won’t be a bother. Additionally, the material on these gloves are super thin, it feels like they are barely there which is great for users who prefer a natural feel. 


  • Brand: Grip Boost



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Last but not least, we also love the fit of these gloves. If you’ve tried shopping for a pair of gloves before, then you know how tricky it is to find the perfect fit. However, the Grip Boost provides additional features that help you get the right fit on your gloves. The back-of-hand is supposed to contour to the shape of your hand while the gusset allows users to get a custom fit glove. If you’re struggling to find the right size for your hand, consider getting the Grip Boost. 

6. Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0: Best Youth Football Gloves

The Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 is without doubts, one of the best football gloves on the market. It is all about tack and stickiness. This pair of gloves Adidas made, is specifically for anyone who will be catching or gripping balls in the game. Wide receivers will definitely benefit from the Adidas exclusive Grip Tack palm technology, giving them a tighter, more secure and excellent grip on the ball. More importantly, this technology works no matter the weather is. When other football gloves fail in certain temperatures, the Adizero 5-Star 7.0 commits. Not a lot of receiver gloves can do the same. 

But wait, there’s more to this popular pair of gloves than just tack. The Adizero 7.0 also comes with ClimaCool fabric which is another one of Adidas exclusive technologies. This fabric wicks moisture away effectively and when hands are kept cool and dry, there are lesser chances for odor-causing bacteria to grow. 


  • Brand: Adidas
  • Model: AF1000
  • Weight: 1 pounds



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Additionally, this fabric is also multi-dimensional which means that it expands and contracts according to your movement. Think of it as like having a second skin. Together with the no-snag hook and loop design adjustable wrist strap, you know that these pair of gloves aren’t just fit, but they also stay put. Buying this won’t be a bad idea at all. 

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7. Nike Vapor Jet 5: Best Nike Football Gloves

Among all other sports gear and equipment, gloves tend to be the hardest to adapt to, simply because it feels unnatural in comparison to how we normally use our hands. A pair of well-designed gloves such as the Nike Vapor Jet 5 should make you feel protected and comfortable no matter if you’ve never worn a pair of football gloves before. There’s plenty to things to love about this product and we think that it is one of the most flexible and durable choices on the market today and here’s why it’s part of the reviews.

The first thing worth mentioning about these popular gloves is its unique stretch-woven material on the backhand. Not only are these gloves super flexible and durable, but the stretch weave also allows the gloves to release heat effectively. This feature makes the this product one of the most breathable football gloves a player can own today. Additionally, this pair of gloves is one of the most lightweight products in this list, thanks to its stretch-woven material. 

With regards to functionality, the Nike Vapor Jet 5 was primarily designed to provide an excellent grip on the ball. It includes MagniGrip palms that promises a grip that no other football glove can offer. And to accompany this feature, the Nike Vapor Jet 5 also has a stabilizing coating on its fingers, providing the user with extra protection, additional support, and a better grip on the ball.


  • Brand: Nike



Overall, we think that this pair of gloves is perfect for players who aren’t used to wearing gloves but would like to utilize them to improve their play. 

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8. Under Armour Men’s F5 Football Gloves: Best Under Armour Football Gloves

The current toughest competition of the C-TACK Revolution is the Under Armour F5 Football Gloves. Like the C-TACK, these gloves are also NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE approved, making it one of the best football gloves that can truly deliver it all. But if there’s one area that the Under Armour F5 remains victorious in, it would have to be its breathability properties. 

The Under Armour F5 football gloves is known for its signature Heat Gear fabric. This material wicks moisture away and it also keeps your hands cool and dry no matter what the weather may be. But the F5 isn’t all about its lightweight material alone. The super-sticky Under Armour GrabTack palm is also worth mentioning. Its tack aims to give players an improved grip and maximum catchability. 


  • Brand: Under Amour
  • Weight: 1 pounds



 In our opinion, this is the football glove to get if you have a ball-handling role and if you would like to get a more lightweight option. The standards it’s built on meet and makes it qualify for all our recommendations.

9. Cutters Force Padded: Best Cutters Gloves

Our list of best football gloves for football players won’t be complete without this padded product from the Cutters brand. These gloves are built for defense so if you play the linemen role in the game, then you need to pay attention to the Cutters Force. Despite what many may think about non-ball handling gloves, the Force isn’t uncomfortably thick and bulky at all. Of course, they have more material than ball handlers’ gloves, but even so, the Force is still flexible and comfortable to wear. 

These products are made for battle with its high quality padding as protection. As part of the defense, you would want to invest in a pair of gloves that can shield you from impact. Everything from the durability of the material to the quality of its construction is extremely important.


  • Brand: Cutters
  • Model: s930
  • Weight: 12 ounces



The good news, there’s nothing to worry about with the Cutters Force. It has all the protection and support you need as you go on combat and attack the other team in the game. Plus, it comes with an adjustable wrist strap for you to gain the perfect fit.

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What You Should Consider Before Buying Football Glove

There are certain things you should consider before you buy any football gloves. Just as you would carefully pick your football helmet or any other football gear, it is also essential for you to choose the right pair of gloves. 

As you now know, football gloves are a must-have for footballers. But with so many options out there, how can you tell which ones can truly help you be a better player? Below are some things and tips that we check before buying a pair of football gloves.


There are different positions in the game of football. Some are ball handling roles, while others are not. From the outside looking in, football gloves tend to look similar to one another. But in fact, they aren’t all the same. The right one for you depends on your position in the game. As you can expect, if your role requires gripping of balls, then your gloves should possess a different set of features. 

Quarterbacks, for example, are perhaps the most important ball handling positions in the game. Their gloves need to be lightweight and without any intrusions to their range of motion. This gives them more control over the ball when they make their passes. Receivers also need a similar pair of gloves to quarterbacks. But because one of their duties is to hold the ball with their palms, they need all the extra support and tack to improve their grip. 

On the other hand, non-ball handling positions need more support in terms of protection from injury. Linemen and other defense roles in the game require gloves with extra padding to brace themselves from the impact of constant attacks. That said, their gloves tend to be heavier and bulkier in comparison to those that ball handlers use. 

In short, the first step to choosing the best football gloves for you is to consider what your roles are in the game. If you rain and or participate in varying roles, then you might want to get an all-purpose glove. But keep in mind that these do not offer the best support you need. To better prepare yourself for a competitive game, it is best to choose a pair of gloves that specifically caters to the needs of your position. 


To ensure your comfort is assured, you need to get only a pair of gloves that fit you just right. But as you can already expect, finding the perfect size can be very challenging. You need to consider the overall size of your hand as well as each finger of your hand.

Manufacturers tend to have varying sizing charts from one another. To avoid getting the wrong size, it is recommended that you measure your hand first before making a decision. [3]

With a measuring tape, start with the base of your palms (the line where your wrist begins) up until the tip of your middle finger. Compare these measurements with the manufacturer’s sizing chart and you are one step closer to finding the right size. 

The next thing you might want to do is to try them on. See if there are tight uncomfortable spots or loose areas that may disrupt you while playing. If you feel that the size isn’t right, you can try going up or down a size, and if they offer half sizes, the better. Some football gloves also have adjustable wrist straps – so take in consideration whether that would make the fit better or not.

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All gloves are not made of the same material, which is why you need to inspect the material of the one you seek to buy. Some materials may shrink after a few washes while others tend to expand while breaking into them. This can dramatically affect the fit of these products and the worst-case scenario is, they may become too tight or too loose to use for a game. 

But don’t get us wrong, expanding or shrinking gloves aren’t necessarily red flags for a bad pair. You just need this type of information to find the right size for you. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on a pair of gloves that can no longer be used after a few times. The good news is, most of the best football gloves guarantee a 90-day durability as long as you keep them well-maintained.

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Your needs and preferences in football gloves may include breathability, stickiness, tackiness, etc. When you ascertain this, it becomes easier to make a choice. This is because lots of brands are continuously coming up with new designs and interesting features every year. Some may be very useful for the player while others may be of a lower priority, and then there are some that are made just for personal preferences. Breathability and anti-microbial properties, for example, might be something you’d like to have in these products, but others can make do without them.

Having said all this, it’s recommended to make a list of your personal needs and seek potential options that match them. Even if they seem unimportant to others, you should still pay attention to your personal needs. After all, they are your pair of gloves so you have the right to choose how you want them to be. As long as they do their basic job of improving your play and protecting your from injury, it does not hurt to add a few more features you deem necessary. 


Yes. Football gloves plays a major role in immensely improving your game, but there’s a caveat to that statement. You still need to choose the right type of football gloves to see the results. Many people argue that these products aren’t necessary, that their only purpose is to provide heat during cold weathers. But in truth, there are more to them than just a football accessory for every season. 

A pair of high quality football gloves help you play better. For positions that handle the ball, football gloves can give them achieve a better grip. And for those in defense, a thicker a pair of gloves could serve as protection from hand or wrist injuries. Having said all this, we believe that football gloves really help the player and it should be a part of the attire. 


At times, washing your gloves may ruin their features. But the best way to find out the impact of washing on your gloves is to read the care instructions that came with your pair of gloves. As you know, certain materials may require a special sort of method or cleaning agent to prevent damage.

Before you make any attempts at cleaning these products, make sure to read the instructions or do your research. Also, they shouldn’t be washed every time.

Receiver gloves, for example, may need to retain their stickiness or else they will lose their purpose. As a general rule of thumb, do not machine wash your football gloves unless they have a machine-wash safe label or notice.

One of the ways to make football gloves smell better is to clean them regularly as they can be soaked in sweat during games. While washing is the best way to get rid of unpleasant orders, doing do frequently will eventually shorten the life of your football gloves. Try these tips instead to prevent damage from regular washing: 

  • After every game, try stuffing your gloves with dryer sheets. These sheets come in a variety of fragrances that can help eliminate the smell. For best results, opt for dryer sheets with natural fragrances such as lavender, basil, or rose oil. [4]
  • Another option is to use an all-natural cleaning spray such as Liv Luv Lavish. You may also use regular rubbing alcohol to do the trick. These substances kill off the odor-causing bacteria in your gloves, resulting in fresher and cleaner conditions. Additionally, this is the best choice for those who are allergic to fragrances. [5]

No, it is not advisable to throw your football gloves into the dryer. Football gloves, especially receiver gloves, must not be exposed to intense heat. Putting receiver gloves in a dryer will cause them to lose their stickiness. Not to mention the other potential damages the heat effects. That being said, do not attempt to use a hairdryer to dry out your gloves as well. To better protect your gloves from damage, allow them to be air-dried instead. 

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Football Glove

Our #1 Best Overall

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