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Less Blisters & Abrasions – The Best Football Socks Reviewed (Buyer’s Guide)

Your feet are your engine on the gridiron. Nothing’s going to help you make that game-changing play if your feet aren’t protected against all the forms of potential injury you could incur on the football field.

These days, socks are made with so many incredible features that it can be difficult to know what’s necessary and what’s not. Luckily for you after I curated and compared 10 of the top brands, I found that the best football stocks is the Strideline Socks.

To find out why that is the case and what are the important features you should keep a look out on, keep on reading below!




Strideline Socks


Under Armor Crew Socks


Nike Men’s Elite Vapor Cushioned Socks


Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks


Men’s Sports Athletic Compression Football Soccer Socks

Best Football Socks

#1 Best Overall: Strideline Socks

Strideline offers ultra-soft socks thanks to a revolutionary yarn-blend that combines cotton with micro-filament yarns. The end result is utmost comfortability.

Moreover, Strideline has somehow found a way to insert memory foam threads into its sock yarns, meaning that the socks learn and adapt to the shape of your foot with continued use. As such, Strideline Socks are stronger and finer than standard socks, and do not break down with use.

A rubber elastic with 5-ply yarns also eliminates slippage that can occur when your feet or cleats are damp. The elastic also prevents the uncomfortable chafing or friction. A never-blister tab and hand-sewn toe seam means no toe bunching, and compression padding system creates layered support.[1]



Overall, Strideline offers some top-of-the-line socks that are perfect for football, where comfort and support at the feet is of crucial importance if you want to take your game to the next level. Even though these socks are somewhat expensive, they are well worth the price AND they will last through multiple seasons thanks to its memory yarns that are guaranteed to fit perfectly.

#2 Best Technology: Under Armor Crew Socks

With the Crew Socks, Under Armour has upped their sock game. They feature strategic cushioning that reduces bulk without compromising the durability and flexibility of the socks, and a dynamic arch support helps reduce foot fatigue, which may not seem like an important feature until it’s 4th and 13 with 1:57 in the 4th quarter.

Moreover, Under Armour has included left/right technology to create the perfect anatomical fit, as well as anti-odor technology that prevents odor (of course), which increases the durability by preventing the growth of microbes and bacteria.

With material that wicks sweat away and keeps you dry, these socks are light, tight, and breathable. Plus, the added cushioning gives you incredible comfort well into the season.



All in all, the Under Armor Crew Socks offer exceptional comfort and support for a smooth ride that offers cushioning in the forefoot, toes, heel, ankle and around the vulnerable fifth metatarsal.

#3 Best Value: Nike Men’s Elite Vapor Cushioned Socks

The Elite Vapor Cushioned Football Socks from Nike feature a low-profile ankle with padding for the Achilles heel. This combines lightweight protection for the most optimal mix of foot freedom and support.

Cushioning in strategically-placed areas of the socks relieves cleat pressure, while zonal cushioning and a close-fit rib system creates a fully contoured snug fit through the forefoot, the heel, and the ankle. Furthermore, Nike’s patented Dri-Fit technology, which you may be familiar with from other equipment in Nike’s line makes a return, drying up sweat faster that you can blink.

Moreover, like other premium socks, Nike’s Men Elite Vapor socks have been specifically designed for each foot to ensure the most comfortable fit possible. Support has been added to the arch of the foot so that you can easily slide your feet into your cleats while avoiding any kind of blistering or abrasions.



Overall, these are great “entry-level” socks. Thanks to its low price point, these socks are excellent for Youth players as they are affordable despite offering cutting-edge technology. 

#4 Most Affordable: Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks

Thanks to a number of colorway options, the Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew socks are perfect for football players who are looking to match their socks with their team’s uniforms. That’s not to imply that these socks are only good because of their color options, as these socks feature acrylic cushioning that reduces the chances of getting blisters to practically 0.[2]

Furthermore, the Red Lion socks are ankle-high, offering support to the ankle and the arch to help reduce fatigue and strain to the bridge of the foot and ankle joints. If you’ve ever sprained an ankle, this is a feature you will definitely appreciate!



Unfortunately, while the Red Lion socks offer much in the way of comfort and versatility, they do not offer moisture-wicking technology, which could be highly problematic if your cleats are not decently ventilated. However, the trade-off is that these socks retail at a lower price point than other socks on this list.

#5 Best Value: Men’s Sports Athletic Compression Football Soccer Socks

Though these socks have “soccer” in their title, they’ve been equally designed for football players alike. That’s because these socks are made from spandex, among other materials, which improves the fit and durability of the sock almost ten-fold.

The polyester fibers in the socks also provide reinforcement to the heel and prevent slippage and bunching, while the ventilated outer mesh dries up moisture to keep your feet cooler than a cucumber. The cushioning on the heel is an underrated feature, because there’s nothing worse than developing an abrasion or blister in that specific area, as it’ll make any kind of movement difficult and painful.

Lastly, elastic at the top of the socks keeps them secure and adds a compressive fit that can be stretched all the way to the knee, keeping the calves tight and secure. Thereby, preventing shin splits, which we can all agree are the absolute worst!



Overall, what makes these socks great is just how durable and versatile they can be. If you or your child play multiple sports, these are a great buy as they’ll keep you covered throughout.

#6 Schutt Sports Socks Game Day Football

If you’ve read other articles on Gamedayr, you know that Schutt Sports is a trusted manufacturer of all things football. If you get these socks, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that they have been designed specifically with football players in mind.

These socks are incredibly durable thanks to its nylon yarns. It also has a longer design that gives you the option of adding shin guards. Moreover, the nylon material reduces friction between the heel and the boot, which results in less abrasions and less blisters. [3]

Additionally, the spandex material means that you will not have any trouble putting these socks on, no matter the size of your feet.



These socks are better as training socks than game day socks. We would have liked to see more advanced technology, like moisture-wicking yarn and Achilles reinforcement on these Schutt socks to be appropriate for game day. 

Polypropylene, nylon, elastic and spandex make up the material of these TCK socks. That’s just a fancy way of saying these socks are incredibly stretchable, breathable, and durable, which is the best of all worlds.

They’ll keep you warm even when playing in the snow, and bacteria-riding technology means no mushrooms will be growing out of these socks.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that the toe and heel feature added reinforcement while arch compression keeps your feet locked-in and secure. Padding is also included in the ankle area.



TCK has also added blister-protection while ensuring the socks are as comfortable as possible. They also come in a number of sizes and a variety of colors so you are likely to find the perfect pair for you.

#8 Nike Park IV Cushioned Socks

The Nike Park IV Cushioned Sock covers the leg up to the calf, adding rugged protection to everything under the knee. On top of that, these socks have reinforced padding along the toe and heel to ensure your cleats do not put any undue pressure on those areas.

Like other socks on this list, the Nike Park IV is made of spandex. This just means that finding the right size and fit will never be an issue. These socks are super comfortable, due to the fact that they will keep your feet dry thanks to its ability to wick away moisture and sweat.



These socks pretty much meet every standard set out by athletic socks. They’re comfortable, offer amazing foot control, and do not slip to prevent bunching and blisters. The only real downside to these socks is that they are relatively light and thin, which means they’re not the warmest option.

#9 Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks

These socks are made for soccer but work just as well for football. These socks are made with nylon and lycra, which are both high-quality materials. Best yet, they come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can always find the perfect pair to match your team’s uniform. The Copa Zone socks also feature moisture control and retail at a relatively affordable price point.

Lastly, Adidas has built into the socks some targeted cushioning on the footbed that adds shock absorption and arch and ankle support that adds stability.



These socks are best used on sunny or light rainy days, as they are not heavy duty.

Key Features To Look For In Socks

Not all socks are made alike, and in today’s age, socks are much more than just little pieces of yarn you wear on your feet. Athletic socks these days have myriad features that can enhance your performance on the gridiron in a number of ways AND keep you safe.

Moisture Wicking

It’s normal to sweat a lot over the course of a football game. It’s also normal for your feet to get wet thanks to inclement weather conditions. All of that build-up becomes extremely irritating to deal with, especially because that whole wet feet feeling is just miserable.

But with moisture wicking fabrics, you don’t have to feel like you’re playing in a swamp. Most athletic socks nowadays feature yarns that wick everything away, so be on the lookout for these.[4]

Getting rid of the build-up also helps with eliminating odors. Your gym bag will be thankful for it.

Antimicrobial Materials

If you’ve ever heard of athlete’s foot you know it’s something you want to stay far away from. Wearing socks with antimicrobial bodies will keep your feet germs and fungi free.

Most athletic socks come with these antimicrobial materials, so be sure to pick a pair of socks that has these. It’ll be well worth the investment.

Blister Protection

Nothing will hurt your game more than a blister.

Keep in mind that a thicker sock is better at preventing blisters than a thinner sock, mainly because there’s more fabric to prevent the foot from rubbing against the cleat. This will also cause less abrasions. You can even find socks that feature special abrasion resistant liners built in.


Actually, a lot of the socks on this list are worn by professional football players.

It’s all about personal preference, in the end. Some players prefer being loyal to a brand or are sometimes obligated because of sponsorships to wear the big-name brands like Nike and Schutt, while others prefer to turn to sock-specific manufacturers like Strideline.

Socks should typically be a few inches below the knee. At most, socks shouldn’t go much more than just above the knee, but the truth is that the right length is the one that allows you to run as freely as you can.

Football socks are most commonly made up nylon with an elastic thread. There is some variance, of course, with some socks using spandex and others using more premium material like polypropylene.

Final Words

If you find socks with all of the features we’ve mentioned above, you know your feet – your foundation – will be taken care of.

That is why I’ve chosen Strideline Socks as the best overall, because they’re simply pushing the envelope in new and interesting ways, and their socks are simply some of the most comfortable you will ever wear.

Strideline Socks

Our #1 Best Overall Football Socks

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