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What’s The Best Football Tacking Ring (Training Equipment)?

SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring
Fisher Football Tackle Wheel TW2814
Sports Unlimited Football Tackling Ring with Straps

Since its innovative introduction into the world of football, tackling rings have fast become one of the most effective practice field equipment every player needs for resistance training, technique, and strategy. It’s pretty awesome to know that with this equipment, you can train and improve every aspect of your game without having to harm or risk another player’s health.[1]

Although tackling rings are all over the market, some are more superior to others in terms of durability, effectiveness, sturdiness, and other properties. After a thorough research, trials, and interview of professional football players and coaches, we’ve arrived at the five best tackling rings from the leading sports brands in the world. Let take a look at them. [2]

Best Football Tackling Ring

1. SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring

Topping our list of the best football tackle ring is the SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring. A first look at this ring and you’d discover that it is far different from what other products look like. Unlike other products that have inner rings, the SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring has a inner hexagonal design.

Its peculiar shape was designed to capture the size, movement, resistance, and contours of a real opposing player. The idea is that the human body doesn’t have equal parts. Some parts are protruded, while some are more vertically inclined. The contours and edges of an opposing player is thus actualized in this hexagonal tackle ring. 



The SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring is made of high-quality foam and vinyl-coated cover. Being 28 inches thick, players can use it to learn how to tackle at game speed, exerting maximum force and intensity. You can also use this learn how to mitigate risks of head or bodily injury during head-on challenges.

2. Fisher Football Tackle Wheel TW2814

The Fisher Football Tackle Wheel is another formidable equipment in the market today. Unlike the SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring, this piece has an inner central ring. This wheel teaches players to adjust their angle in pursuit of opponent players.

This is good because in reality, players will always make quick cuts and bends in their pursuit of the opposition player holding the ball. It is also used in teaching open field tackling without bodies. Another benefit of this tackle ring is that it reduces injuries by eliminating repetitions.



The repetition of a specific playing style may lead to injuries for the players especially if the opposition players already caught up to their playing style. The Fisher Football Tackle Wheel is made of durable and strong re-bond foam that can stand the taste of time. It will also helps players to gain the necessary endurance required to play in any playing condition.

3. Sports Unlimited Football Tackling Ring with Straps

At number three on our list of best football tackling ring is the Sports Unlimited Football Tackling Ring with Straps, this ring helps to improve the player’s tackle technique. This innovative football tackle ring allows coaches to replicate a moving ball carrier and allow players the opportunity to develop their tackling ability. 

We are pleased to inform you that this football ring can be used in professional and college football, this tackle ring is designed to teach the safer rugby-style tackle while in training. Check this review of the best college football helmets. It helps players to focus on head placement, shoulder contact and wrapping the arms while wrestling for the ball. 



This tackle ring was constructed from a dense high-quality foam with a durable vinyl cover that shields the foam from the harsh conditions of practice fields. It features two elastic straps that allow you to secure a football. This is also known as a ball pocket, making it a great tool for fumble drills. This lightweight tackle ring is the perfect addition to any team’s practice gear.

4. Fisher Tackle Wheel TW3616

We’ve got another tool fro Fisher, and this time, it’s the Fisher Tackle Wheel. This tackle ring is used in teaching proper tackling technique while reducing injury potential. It is quite impressive as it makes running tackle drills easy. Run open field tackling drills without extra players involved, thus greatly reducing potential injuries. Its round design is ideal for teaching proper pursuit angles because players will always make quick cuts during play. 

This tackle ring is constructed with durable re-bond foam and a heavy-duty vinyl coating. This long-lasting tackle ring will keep its shape practice after practice irrespective of how rough it was used.



Get a Fisher tackle wheel for your team, and it will change your team’s playing style positively.

5. Ram Rugby Junior Tackle Ring Black/Red PVC Cover – High-Density Foam Core

The last tackling ring on our list of best football tackling ring is the Ram Rugby Tackle Ring (also known as a roller or tube). This is an outstanding tackle practice ring. This tackling ring creates a moving target that ergonomically replicates the feel of tackling an opposing player with far less risk of injury.

The Ram Rugby Tackle Ring is 10 inches thick. It is made of high-density foam and provides a safe cushion for players diving into making the tackle and at 40 inches tall, this tackling ring provides an accurate representation of an opposing player lower half.



We are pleased to inform you that this ring keeps your tackle practice safe. Player-on-player contact is no longer necessary for practice on moving targets with the Ram Rugby tackle ring. Come at the ring head-on, from the side, or from behind, the Ram Rugby Tackle Ring can take repeated abuse from all angles thanks to the ultra-durable PVC outer cover. This ring encourages players to judge speed, timing, and distance accurately.




SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring


Fisher Football Tackle Wheel TW2814


Sports Unlimited Football Tackling Ring with Straps


Fisher Tackle Wheel TW3616


Ram Rugby Junior Tackle Ring Black/Red PVC Cover – High-Density Foam Core

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Consider Before You Buy A Football Tackling Ring

Before you eventually make a choice of the perfect football tackling ring to buy, there are a couple of things you need to consider. They are a few of the things we also considered before we made our list of the best football tackling rings.


Most tackling rings are made of high-quality foams and re-bond foams of varying density. The foams are clothed with different types of vinyl-coated materials, including PVC. Some are also covered with polyester, among others.

Whichever type of tackling ring you finally opt for, ensure that the material is tough and durable. For instance, polyester is quite tougher than vinyl-coated materials. But both of them are quite durable and can withstand the hits from a well-kitted footballer.

Nylon, or cotton, on the other hand, isn’t that tough. Besides they cannot withstand dirt and the rigors of a practice field. The tackling ring will surely not last more than a few training sessions if it is not made from good materials; this quite dictates how long the ring will last. 


A good tackling ring must be durable enough to withstand the rough training and practice it is to be used for. Football is a game of extreme contact and hard nature, anyone playing football already knows the kind of sport they are signing up to and its requirements. As a football player, you must be strong, rugged and fast in order to meet up with the demanding nature of the sport. 

The training is also rugged and demanding, sometimes footballers train in the mud which is rough as we all know. They train in the rain and harsh weather condition. A tackling ring must be durable enough to withstand all these harsh practices and weather condition so it could help the players improve their style of play and learn new techniques.

So as a football team coach, you need to make research on the durability of different types of tackling ring before you make your final buying decision.


There are different tackling rings for special purposes. Beside the general goal of tackling ring, you should get one that meet specific training requirements like diving tackle. For instance, some tackle rings are light and can move at high velocity.

Such tackling rings are needed when learning how to jump and dive to catch a speedy opponent. Besides being lightweight, the tackling ring for such purpose need to have a wider doughnut circle which can easily accommodate your dive. Knowing exactly what you seek to achieve with your training will help you make the right buying choice. 


You need to consider the age of the players that will be using the ring to train. Are they adults or young players? As a coach, you have to be specific in training your players. You should not buy adult’s training tackling ring for youth football players. Get the youth size of tackling ring for youth players and the adult size for adult players.

Nonetheless, there are some tackling ring that can be used by both youth and adult players, they serve an all-round purpose. This is good because such tackling ring tends to offer a wide range of training exercise. Just be sure to get the specific tackling ring that suits your player’s need and which you think will help improve their style of play and bring positive result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A tackling ring is a piece of ring-like training equipment used by football players to work on their game-playing technique without risking another player’s health. The wheels are usually simply constructed out of foam and vinyl, with some featuring straps to secure a ball and work on fumble drills. Tackling ring is very important training equipment in football, it offers a wide range of training styles and drills which helps to improve the playing style of football teams.

There are various types of tackling rings for various purposes, and there are some that offer numerous purpose, its just preference. A good football team training session will feature different types of tackling rings which are being used.

Football players train with tackling rings because it offers them a wide range of training drills and exercises which will surely help improve their playing style and get positive results from a real game.

Tackling rings allows the players to have an intense and breathtaking training session. It will also boost your optimism, confidence, and preparedness. What’s more? You will always learn new techniques and gain more experience prior to the real game. Tackling rings is widely used all over the world nowadays because nobody wants to be left behind in the new training technique the ring offers. [3]

The size of tackling ring you should buy depends on the players and training drills they are needed for. Tackling ring comes in different sizes, including 22 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches, 48 inches and other sizes. The smaller inches are good for training young players because they will be able to handle it and train with it efficiently. While the bigger sizes are good for adult players because they need a tackling ring size that matches their stature and that can aid their rugged training.

You can get different sizes irrespective of whether you are training young or adult players because all tackling rings have their specific benefit to players and sometimes adult players may need to train with a small ring for a specific reason, and young players may also need to train with a big tackling ring for a reason. It is ideal to have different tackling ring sizes irrespective of the player’s stature or age. 

Also, remember that the size of the inner circle matters as well. You may have to buy a tackling ring with a wider inner circle to accommodate certain special purpose training.

SafeTackle Pro Football Tackle Ring

Our #1 Best Football Tackle Ring


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