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Top 10 Best Footballs of 2022

Football is a revolutionary sport, and it has attracted some of the most mainstream attention and news headlines over the last century. The sport has produced legends, and it is a great way of entertaining fans, keeping many of them glued to their television sets for hours and generating huge revenue for some of the broadcasting stations.

However, the game cannot be complete without a great football ball that is used, and players like Tom Brady would have never become legends if it were not for this ball. Starting a football career is easy and not much is needed except for the equipment, but having the right ball from the start will be a great way of learning and understanding the game better and easier.

There are various footballs on the market with different range in quality and price. Some are quite affordable, while the replicas used in the NFL are much more expensive. Whether you are looking for the best footballs for throwing or kicking, you have come to the right place as we have found and review the top 10 footballs on the market today. 




Wilson NFL Super Grip Football


Wilson NFL MVP Football


Wilson GST Leather Game Football


Wilson NCAA Composite Football


Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football

10 Best Footballs For Football Players In The Market

1. Wilson NFL Super Grip Football: TOP PICK

The first ball on our list of best footballs is the Wilson NFL Super Grip Football. This ball is one of the top training footballs to use in the rain. It is made of durable leather and has a decent cover that adds to its grip. While this football is not the official one used in the NFL, it has an authentic sizing that enables you to learn the game quickly and feel the ball much better.

It features a multi-layered lining which ensures that the football will retain its shape irrespective of how often it is used. What makes this ball really special compared to some of the others is its tacky cover. Wilson is the official manufacturer and supplier of footballs for the NFL, and they also provide some of the best training footballs for beginners and professionals alike.



We are sure that you will love using this football in wet weather conditions as well as teaching beginners how to catch the ball in the air. Its additional grip is good, and it doesn’t wear out either. If you need something consistent for playing the game of football, the Wilson NFL Super Grip Football is your ideal learning and training ball.

2. Wilson NFL MVP Football

The second football on our list is the Wilson NFL MVP Football, this football is much similar to the previous football, and it is also manufactured from durable materials. This football offers an exciting flight in the air, and it does create some great catching moments that you would like to see on replay. It also comes in the official size and looks impressive with the NFL logo.

The PVC tacky material used for its outer cover ensures that the ball sticks to your hand when playing in different weather conditions. Beginners will surely like its overall design because it ensures that the ball does not slip out unannounced and it builds self-confidence in the players.

This ball is quite durable and maintains its shape as well. Although it is not meant for indoors or being thrown against hardened objects like walls, its cover still does not wear out easily. If you can’t afford grip gloves yet, then this will be a great football to use as a learning curve for your game.



This Wilson football remains quite affordable for something that borders close to the real NFL ball, but even though it cannot be used in real games, this football is good for your training sessions and also for beginners playing the wide receiver role.

3. Wilson GST Leather Game Football

Coming in at number three is the Wilson GST Leather Game Football which is the official football used by college football players hoping to break out and make it eventually to the NFL. Once your training is complete, and you have a better understanding of the game, you will need to start playing with a football that is a little better and designed for real game situations. This Wilson GST Leather football is one you can use to efficiently learn the professional footballing rope.

Made from durable leather, this ball does not give anything wrong when it comes to overall durability, and it does hold up quite well in all conditions. Its strips are sewn on by hand, and this football has been approved by the NCAA and NFHS for players looking to play at the college or high school level and for training.

The deep pebbled composite leather cover is what makes all the difference between a professional and training football. This will offer excellent grip, and when used with a great glove, there will be no way for you to miss the game-winning touchdown throw. Neoprene is included on the inside, and this helps it to retain its shape as well.



This ball is an official game ball and having one will help you get used to what it’s like to play football under pressure. This football is a good match for college and high school players in need of extra training.

4. Wilson NCAA Composite Football

At number four is the Wilson NCAA Composite Football, this football is similar to the previous football, and it certainly ensures that players can enjoy the game and start training for college football. While it is not used for official games, it is the ideal ball for teams looking to buy a couple of footballs for their training sessions.

This football is manufactured from composite leather and has deep pebbles that are sure to provide some excellent grip for wide receivers. Training in a wet weather condition is possible with this football, and the quarterback does not even need a glove to handle the ball when it should be slippery. However, it is not advisable to use in a muddy field.

This football is available in all the sizes you might be looking for, and it will definitely be a great addition to your football team during your training sessions. This football can be used for backyard football and teaching younger ones a little more about the game when you want them to catch the ball. It is ideal for kicking as well.



An impressive aspect of the Wilson NCAA Composite Football is its overall price, and it is certainly one of the most affordable footballs that you could find on the market today. It is a good training football for players of all ages, and its durability is great if value is what you are looking for.

5. Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football

The fifth football on our list is the Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football. This is the replica of the official football that is used on Sunday football official games. This ball has a perfect shape and grip. It enables you to play at your own ease and perform really well.

This football features an extremely deep pebbled design, and this has been tested to provide a much more grip than some of the older footballs that were used originally for the game. Although it cannot be used for official games, it is the ideal ball to have at home and show you are a true fan of football or to play outside with younger ones in the backyard.

What we found most impressive while using the Wilson Pro Replica is the way it retains its shape without giving anything when it comes to durability. This football can only be found in the NFL official size, and it does not come in numerous sizes like some other football.



The Wilson Pro Replica is a good one if you have a son or child that loves the game and wants to play outside. Growing up with an official football is the best way to help them to be ahead of their age mates once they start playing in the Peewee leagues.

6. Under Armour 395 Football

The Under Armour 395 Football is one of the top footballs on the market for younger players, and it makes a great backyard football as well. This football is manufactured from composite leather and offers great durability to its user with great gripping technology which ensures that the ball does not slip out of your hands often.

Gripskin technology is patented and used by Under Armour, and this makes this football perfect for all weather conditions. It can be used by beginners to ensure that the ball does not slip out of their hands and it is a good one for training in wet weather conditions. The inner lining also ensures that the ball maintains its shape as often as possible, regardless of how rough it is used.

Foam is added to the design, and this makes it a little softer than the original football. The added foam also somehow deforms its shape, therefore this football is not considered to be an official size that is used for NFL games. However, beginners should find it comforting to catch out of the air without having to deal with much pain at first.



The Under Armour 395 Football is also perfect for beginners. Under Armour is one of the best sporting brands and they always ensure the best quality and value for their products. 

7. Nike Spiral Tech 3.0 Official Football

At number seven on our list is the Nike Spiral Tech 3.0 Official Football which has been approved for use in High School football and it features similar qualities that are found in some of the official footballs on the market today. This football is good for throwing, and we are sure that a quarterback will surely enjoy his game on the field with this ball.

An impressive point about the Nike Spiral Tech 3.0 football is that it gives beginners the opportunity to throw a tight spiral in the air. This will lead to much better accuracy, and we have seen it in official games with players being able to hit their targets more often than not. The spiral-tech is certainly a great addition that throwers love when training as well.

In terms of grip, this ball holds up tightly in all weather conditions. Whether you are playing a final game in the rain and you want to win the game with a final touchdown, you do not need to stay on the ground. It is also ideal for playing during the day, and the grip is even better if you are using one of the best gloves on the market.



The Nike Spiral Tech 3.0 is an ideal ball for you to train with as well. It can be used to help players adjust to the ball before a big game and get them ready to make an impact on the field during the match. 

8. Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football

Coming in at number eight is the Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football. Playing in the NFL is certainly something that many young college football players aspire towards, and if they have the official football that is used in the NFL, they will feel a sample of what it feels like to play football at the highest level and what quarterbacks feel when using “The Duke”. 

This ball is designed with the best materials available. With great gripping, this ball is perfect for training before a high school and college game. If you consider yourself or a younger one to be a good football player looking to make it to the big leagues, this is the ideal football to help you/them achieve that dream. It is also the football used in the combine before the NFL draft.

“The Duke” has been approved in all football associations universally. It features the official Commissioner of the NFL’s signature to show that it has been approved all through. This ball is quite durable and will maintain its shape for multiple seasons. It can be used for training and college games.



You will not be much closer to the real football feeling except if you play with “The Duke”. We certainly believe that it will be ideal for training and it does go with the saying that you will definitely be playing the way you were enthusiastically training during the weekly practice.

9. Spalding Never Flat Football

The ninth on our list is the Spalding Never Flat Football. This is the ideal recreational football for players and fans that want to have some fun at home in their backyard. It is designed with a soft composite cover allowing this football comfortable to catch. Plus, it will not cause any damage to your hands if it is falling from a higher distance out of the air into your hand.

This ball features revolutionary technology that keeps it inflated for a significant amount of time, so you are never caught off guard with a deflated football when having friends over for a local game. Its valve has been specially designed to make inflating easy and to eliminate any potential leaks that might occur when playing.

The Spalding Never Flat Football’s soft rubber foam backing makes it ideal for wide receivers to train with and it also makes it easier to project where the ball will be. It allows you to make spectacular catches that are seen from professional players. Unfortunately, it cannot be used in real game situations because it has not been approved.



The Spalding Never Flat Football is a good one for the quality and value that it provides. If you simply want to have some fun in your backyard, this is the ideal football for you and your friend to play with.

10. Rawlings NFL Hail Mary Football

The last football on our list is the Rawlings NFL Hail Mary Football. This football is not designed for playing. It is specifically made for fans supporting their favorite teams but needs something that can be placed on display in their home. This football is much smaller than the official balls but still looks great on display.

The Rawlings NFL Hail Mary Football can still be used for recreational games. It’s a great fit for you to enjoy a game outside with your friends, plus you can certainly find it in any color with the brands and logos of your favorite teams. It is one of the most affordable designs that we have on the list and should be a great addition to your replica NFL equipment.



The Rawlings NFL Hail Mary Football is really easy to play with, offers a decent grip, and can be used in any weather condition. That being said, it is not ideal for you to decide to play a recreational game in the rain. This football is quite common in football fan households, and it is mostly used to play by kids that are just starting out to learn the game. 

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What Should You Be Considering Before Buying a Football?


Footballs are made from different materials, and the most affordable is composite football. Composite footballs are made with synthetic materials. They are ideal for optimal grip, but they cannot be used for real games. If you are on your way to becoming a professional football player, authentic leather footballs are ideal for your training.

Additionally, having foam on the inside will make the ball much easier to play with recreationally. When tailgating, you will use this football to throw between the cars and this is the perfect way for beginners to ensure that they are comfortable with catching the football before moving up to the higher levels.


Depending on your age and level of play, you need to play with a football that is the right size for you. If the ball is too small, you will be left with a misrepresentation of your skills as catching a larger football is a little tougher in real game situations. The right size is important, and there are four different sizes that you need to choose from.

Picking the right size for you goes a long way in affecting your performance while playing, a small ball will always be awkward in big hands, and a big ball will always be a challenge to handle by small hands. Just make sure you go for a size that suits you or the set of players you are buying the football for. Size is really essential.


Each brand has different designs, and they feature different technology that is used to ensure that their football offers optimal grip. The better the grip, the better it will be to use in all weather conditions. A football must be firm and not slippery in hand, the tough nature of the game does not make room for a slippery football so you must get a football that offers optimum grip so you can enjoy your game.

Mud is a major difference, and it is hard to find a football that can be used effectively for playing in the mud without the ball slipping off the hands of players. Deeper pebbles are recommended for beginners and training.


This feature is mostly applicable to the quarterbacks, and the ball should give you a tight spiral in the air. Different features will lead to this, but the overall design of the ball will enable you to know if its spiral will be great or not. If you are a quarterback and you need a football to throw those tight spirals, you should definitely look at the design and lining of the ball.

Not all football possess this feature, most of the official game ball has this feature, and that is why you see quarterbacks performing at their best while enjoying the playing mode and weather. Other balls that are not used for games do not have this feature, but all NFL approved balls have this feature.


When getting a football for professional use (game or training purpose), you need to be sure that it is approved by the right association to ensure that you can use it for all your gaming needs. There is no use in training with a football that cannot be used in a real NFL game, and you will only be surprised with a ball that you cannot handle efficiently.

As a professional footballer, you must always use the best and authentic products. Starting from your helmet to your sock and cleat, so the football which is the main item you will be playing with must also be authentic and approved by the relevant associations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most footballs will arrive deflated so you will need to inflate them yourself. This is still ideal as it enables you to have a perfect pressure and ensure that the valve is working perfectly before you play with the ball. If you face any challenges inflating it, the football should be returned. [1]

However, there are some footballs, especially those with foam that arrive inflated already. This is good because it allows you to access its grip and know how firm the ball will stay in your hands, you could also inflate it if you are not satisfied with its current inflation state.

Inflating your football is easy, and this can be done at home if you have the right tools. All you need is a pump which may be manual or electric and the right nozzle that fits into the football’s valve. A wrong nozzle would do you no good; it will just waste your time and may even damage the football’s valve. [2]

While inflating the football, it would be best for you to have a pressure gauge to ensure that the pressure is correct, this is especially important if the football would be used for games to avoid unnecessary stopping of the game to get another ball.

Most footballs will arrive deflated and in a package. This is only to protect the football, and there are some brands that include the right nozzle for the pump as well. The nozzles can be found at most football stores. Nozzles are reusable, and you will only need to purchase it once.

If your football arrives inflated in a package, it not wrong and neither does it call for false alarm. Just check it thoroughly and make sure that it is exactly what you ordered. There might be a mix-up in some cases. It is very unusual though.

With 4 different sizes to choose from, it should not be hard to find the right one for your need. The sizes range from Peewee football to the official footballs used for the NFL. [3]

Here is a breakdown of the different sizes so as to know which one you should choose for your needs:

  1. Pee-Wee: Pee-Wee footballs are the smallest size, and they are generally size 6. They are recommended for players in the age bracket of 6-9 years old.
  2. Junior: Junior players use the size 7 football, and this is a little larger than size 6. This football is recommended for ages 10-12 years old
  3. Youth: Youth players will use a slightly bigger football, and these footballs are generally a size 8. Youth football is recommended for ages 12-14.
  4. Official: Once you are past the age of 14, you will use an official size football, and these footballs are a standard size 9. 

The mini footballs are only for show and for little children to use. These footballs are ideal for children looking for something to play with at younger ages.

The composite leather is not considered to be real leather, and it is especially a good fit for players and people searching for an affordable football. The composite leather footballs are a little tackier, and we have seen them offer some additional gripping technology that some official balls might not include.

Irrespective of which leather is used to manufacture a football, you must be sure that it will help you boost your performance and give you the utmost satisfaction you want to derive from the game.

Walter Camp is considered to be the father of American Football. The first official intercollegiate football game was held on 6 November 1869, and since then, football has grown to be widely accepted as a sport throughout the world.

When it comes to selecting the best American football ball brand, the Wilson brand is the very best on the market today, and they have a huge reputation for creating great footballs. Wilson brand is also the designer of the NFL, and they provide training footballs and game footballs to the NCAA. If you are searching for the best brands of footballs, Wilson is your number one option without any doubt

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

Our #1 Best Football


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