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Best NBA All Star Jerseys

The All Star game is always exciting in the NBA, and one big reason for that is the all star jerseys.

The NBA always encourages experimentation, and the All Star game is no different. Some of the all star jerseys produced have had us pick up our jaws from the floor, for reasons sometimes good and sometimes bad.

This article ranks the 10 best NBA all star jerseys. At the top of our list are the jerseys worn during the All Star game in Toronto in 2016.

They’re the last all star jerseys Kobe ever wore and therefore will always have a special place in our hearts.

Best NBA All Star Jerseys

#1 Toronto in 2016

These jerseys reach the top of the rankings, not only because the two-tone uniforms look great, but also because these were the last all star jerseys Kobe ever wore (RIP Kobe).

I especially like the claw-stricken maple stars on the shorts of these jerseys, which are a nice little nod to Canada and to the Toronto Raptors.

The accents and decals around the neckline and shoulders are also a nice touch. There’s just enough going on in these jerseys to keep them fresh, but not too much to keep them clean.

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#2 1991 to 1994

Some of the greatest players of all time wore these super fresh and super clean jerseys.

The NBA was smart to implement a red, white and blue color scheme, as you can never go wrong with those colors when you combine them.

On top of that, the logo on the front is so 90’s in a good way: bold, bright and brilliant.

These uniforms were so great that the NBA kept them for another 3 All Star games. Talk about making a mark!

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#3 San Antonio in 1975

These jerseys are super simple but super clean.

The font of the conference on the chest looks absolutely great, but it’s really the trim around the neck and arm holes that take these jerseys over the top.

Overall, these are jerseys that will never go out of style, and they’re a vintage way to show off your NBA fandom.

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#4 Orlando in 2012

These jerseys stand out thanks to the color gradient which starts dark, fades to a brighter color and goes dark again on the shorts.

Unlike the ‘75 jerseys, these jerseys are flashy, with gold and silver trims that make these jerseys pop.

It helps that the infamous LeBron vs. Durant duel happened in these jerseys

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#5 Houston in 1989

These jerseys are as close to perfection as you can get.

Red, white and blue is a winning color scheme, always, and the addition of stars running down the seams give these jerseys a bit of an over-the-top feel that is basically required of all star games.

These jerseys are so nice that the NBA brought them back for the 2003 all-star game, where MJ and Kobe battled it out. Funnily enough, Isaiah Thomas was MJ’s teammate in 1989 and his coach in 2003.

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#6 San Antonio in 1996

These jerseys will forever be remembered as the jersey that Shaq wore when he dunked on Hall of Famer David Robinson, center for the Spurs. In San Antonio, no less.

The teal on these jerseys is just brilliant, and all of the details and decals give these jerseys a fun, big-game look.

I love how eccentric these jerseys are, and I think many other fans love these jerseys too. 

They were so good that the NBA decided to stop making all star jerseys and just allowed players to wear their own jerseys until 2002. They knew these jerseys couldn’t be topped!

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#7 Phoenix in 1995

The cartoonish design might not appeal to everyone’s sensibilities, but I like that these jerseys are just so different from anything you’d normally see in the NBA.

Other than that, the NBA adapted these jerseys to Phoenix, the host city, brilliantly. It’s crazy to think that the NBA hit so well on all star jerseys in back to back years.

These jerseys are very 90’s though, so some newer fans might have these far down their personal lists. For me, they remind me of one of my favorite movies as a kid, Space Jam.

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#8 Las Vegas in 2007

I’m a big fan of cursive font, as I think it adds a classic kind of look to most jerseys.

This is true for these 2007 all star jerseys, and I especially love the NBA logo as a star on the shoulder.

There’s also the fact that these jerseys just scream Vegas, and there’s a lot of nice details that make these jerseys blend seamlessly together.

#9 New York in 2015

These jerseys are very minimalist, but there is beauty in simplicity.

I especially like the homage to the 5 boroughs of New York with the 5 starred stripe on the seams of the jersey.

Then there’s the ultra unique nameplate, which features a player’s full name on the back. The colors on the numbers on the chest are very elegant, and the whole aesthetic is also very New Yorker.

Overall, a classic, but it’s maybe a look that doesn’t work for everyone.


#10 Los Angeles in 2011

These jerseys are very early 2010’s, but they’re dialed back just enough to not be overly cheesy.

These jerseys will always be remembered as the jersey LeBron posted a triple-double in. Not to be outdone on home court, Kobe took home MVP honors and memorably blocked LeBron two times.

The only knock against these jerseys is that the graphics look a little too uniform. The NBA is all about experimentation and I like to see all star jerseys really test their limits.

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