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Best NBA Jerseys


The NBA, unlike any of the other four major leagues, has been pretty consistent in encouraging teams to experiment with their jerseys.

They got rid of the Home/Road concept and asked teams to simply create the best NBA jerseys possible. Some of the jerseys produced have been awesome. Others, not so much.

This list ranks the best NBA jerseys from 1 to 15.

At the top are the Los Angeles Lakers, who have some of the best jerseys of any team in any sport.

Keep reading to see if your favorite team has made our list.

Best NBA Jerseys

#1 Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers golden threads will last the test of time.

The purple font and numbers contrast brilliantly against the gold, and the white drop shadow on the numbers and accents around the neck and arm holes keep this jersey bright and flashy.

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#2 Philadelphia 76ers

Red, white and blue will always make for an amazing color scheme.

Philadelphia has figured out a way to make their jerseys look both modern and retro. Their jerseys are edgy but clean, bright but not too flashy,

If they win an NBA finals in these uniforms, they’ll definitely be seen as iconic jerseys, just like the Lakers showtime gold.

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#3 Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan wore these threads so there’s got to be something great about them, right?

The red just pops out and makes the players look both menacing and athletic. The Bulls will never deviate from this design and they never should.

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#4 New York Knicks

The Knicks have been awful since forever, but their jerseys have always looked great.

The bright orange reminds us of the blinding lights of Times Square, and the classic “New York” font ensures that these jerseys will remain in the Knicks’ rotation for years to come.

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#5 Phoenix Suns

Even before Charles Barkley played for them, the Suns have always had great jerseys.

Their most recent primary uniform is a little more modern-looking than Suns jerseys of the past, but you can absolutely never go wrong with their color scheme.

The orange, purple and white look great together and is a nice nod to the city the Suns play in.

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#6 Portland Trailblazers

The Trailblazers’ jersey is just so unique that it’s in a class of its own.

The iconic red and white/black stripe is timeless, and so is the Blazers font on the front.

These jerseys scream clean, artistic and avant-garde, which is kind of what Portland is.

#7 Brooklyn Nets

Some might say the Nets jersey design is boring and plain, but I like the minimalist look.

It makes use of all the space it has, keeps things simple but still offers a classic look and feel, kind of like an apartment in Brooklyn!

#8 Washington Wizards

The Wizards’ primary uniform is basically a redesign of their old Bullets’ uniform, which is one of the greatest jersey designs of all time.

These jerseys are no different: they are unique and colorful without being too loud and obnoxious.

The way the color of the numbers contrasts with the stripes on the jersey is amazing, and there’s no question these jerseys offer some of the most striking visuals in the association.

#9 Toronto Raptors

The Raptors have that classic simplicity going for them, paired with a great font and some nice accents to keep the jersey from looking too stale.

Whether the Raps are playing in red, white or black, these jersey designs look great. It helps that some iconic buckets have been made in these jerseys.

#10 Miami Heat

These jerseys look great, but they lose some points because they’re not even the best jerseys the Miami Heat have. That distinction goes towards the Heat’s Vice Edition jerseys.

Still, their jerseys are clean and colorful, and everything from the font of the “Heat” to the stripes on the side look great. It helps that great players have worn this jersey before.

#11 Charlotte Hornets

These jerseys are pretty clean and minimalist but still have a boatload of personality.

The color scheme also works great too and the hornets get plenty of points for the font of the lettering and numbers.

#12 Milwaukee Bucks

It’s hard to make Forest Green look good but the Bucks have managed to do this thanks to their peach-like secondary color.

The accents look great on the court and you can’t deny the color scheme makes a big statement.

#13 San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs jersey is a classic. It features plenty of personality without coming off too cartoon-ish or outlandish.

The silver accents around the neck and arm holes add a little extra oomph, and it also makes it seem like the players move faster.

#14 Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies’ powder blue uniform looks great on the court, but it’s the details around the neckline that really make these jerseys stand out.

#15 Golden State Warriors

The Warriors’ jerseys are clean, bold but expertly made.

The logo is colorful without being too encumbering, and the design pays a nice homage to the Golden State.

It also helps that these are the jerseys the Warriors won 4 championships in. 

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