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Best NFL Jerseys

Since Nike took over in 2012, the NFL has been pushing the envelope in terms of jerseys.

More and more, we are seeing NFL teams switch up their jerseys and take more bold and more artistic risks.

The results have been fantastic across the board, but not all NFL jerseys are made the same.

At the top of the rankings are the L.A. Chargers, who have managed to perfectly encapsulate the classic but modern look in their jerseys.

This article lists the top 15 best NFL jerseys. Like anything to do with art, this is completely subjective and you may disagree.

Feel free to leave a comment if you think changes should be made to this list!

Best NFL Jerseys

#1 L.A. Chargers

Building off those powder blue retros in San Diego, L.A. has adopted the entire look and transformed it.

Now, the white uniform looks just as good as the powder blue, and the different combination of pants the Chargers can use, from yellow to white to navy blue, means that they can use many different great looks.

These are both artistic and classic and stay looking bold even after losing its novelty.

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#2 New England Patriots

The Patriots made a big change to their uniforms in 2020, ditching the threads that they won six Superbowls in.

But these new uniforms are so clean that Pats fans don’t really mind.

They’ve got a bold, modern look, but still kind of retain that vintage ‘football’ kind of feel. The Pats could wear these every Sunday for the next ten years and you’d never be bored of looking at them.

The fact that the lines on the jersey are sharp and efficient only makes sense thematically considering it’s the Patriots.

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#3 Philadelphia Eagles

Since this list is about the best NFL jerseys, we won’t mention the Eagles’ helmet, which has been the best in the league since its inception.

The midnight green jerseys just look so classic on the field, and while I personally prefer the white jerseys with the green pants, the all-black color rush jerseys look intimidating and bold.

The sad thing is that the Eagles’ best jersey is the Kelly Green, but the NFL hates Philadelphia  for some reason and won’t let them wear it.

#4 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have a great jersey mainly because it fits the city they play in so well.

The aqua and orange color scheme gives us Miami Vice vibes and the jerseys look great whether the Dolphins are playing on Monday night or Sunday afternoon.

I especially like their throwbacks which feature a vintage helmet design and some power lines on the shoulders and socks.

#5 Buffalo Bills

The AFC East is loaded with beautiful jerseys, and the Bills are no different. Since permanently switching to their modern-retro jerseys, they’ve consistently looked great on the field.

Red, white and blue will always look good as a color scheme, and the blue especially pops out on the green grass.

On top of that, the way the jerseys are designed just makes the players seem more aerodynamic. The red jerseys work great as alternates, though the Bills probably couldn’t get away with wearing them regularly.

#6 Chicago Bears

The Bears have a classic uniform. It’s one of the few jersey designs that made it through the 90’s that still looks great.

I like that they’ve added the orange alternates with white pants, as these give a new bold, visual flavor. But their white jerseys with navy pants will always rank amongst the all-time greats.


#7 Cleveland Browns

The Browns might seem to have a disadvantageous color scheme, with brown and orange being their primary colors, but they’ve figured out a way to make it work with these jerseys.

I like that they have a number of different pants options, as that means the Browns can mix and match their uniforms to keep things looking fresh on the field.

The stripes on the pants and the shoulders and the socks also give these jerseys a classic look and feel.

#8 San Francisco 49ers

The Niners have jerseys that have stood the test of time.

The all-black alternates with the red font are a nice addition as well, but it’s really the white and gold that most fans will love.

If these jerseys were good enough for Bill Walsh, they’re good enough for us.

#9 Green Bay Packers

I’m not personally a big fan of yellow pants, but these are another classic set of jerseys.

I like the all-white alternates the Packers trotted out last season, and I love all of the stripes on Road jerseys.

The only thing is, the Packers have got to get rid of all of their throwback jerseys. I don’t think there’s anybody in the world that thinks that those are better than their default jerseys.

 #10 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders’ silver and black color scheme perfectly encapsulates the Raiders culture and playstyle, and whenever I see them I just think, “That’s Al Davis’ team.”

I like what the Raiders have done with their alternate jerseys. They look clean cut and pristine, but it’s really the rough and tumble Home jerseys that fans of any team can appreciate.

#11 Kansas City Chiefs

Like the Bills, the Chiefs sport one of those modern-retro style jerseys that just pops out on the field.

The gold perfectly compliments the red, and all of their different combinations of jersey and pants look amazing.

The Chiefs should never change these, and probably won’t.

#12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs went back to their Superbowl winning jerseys, and lo and behold won a Superbowl in their first year of wearing these.

I like their all-pewter color rush jerseys, but it’s really their all-white road jerseys that stand out.

#13 New York Giants

The Giants have the red, white and blue color scheme going for them, which no team could screw up.

But it’s really the striping on the shoulders that make these otherwise plain jerseys stand out.

#14 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings’ purple and gold jerseys look great, and not just because the colors mix well together.

The Vikings figured out how to both pay homage to a city and make a jersey look great, and their all-purple jerseys with gold lettering win major style points.

#15 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts’ jersey is one steeped in tradition, and though the blue jerseys are a rarity in the NFL, they still look great on the Colts all these years later.

It helps that some of the greatest players to have ever played football have donned these jerseys. 

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