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The 5 Best Places to Buy MLB Jerseys (Buyer’s Guide)

Owning a jersey is a symbol of your die-hard pride for your team and your city. A jersey is quite literally the thing that says, “Hey, I’m a fan and I support my team through thick and thin, good and bad, winning or losing!”

The only problem is, MLB jerseys can be really expensive. Still, before you run off to buy the cheapest jersey you can find, consider whether you want your jersey to look and feel like an authentic MLB jersey. If the answer is yes, then please keep reading.

I have curated and compiled a list of the best places to buy MLB jerseys – jerseys made of high quality that will last you several seasons of looking good in your team’s colors. Sure, you might have to pay a little more, but the gap in quality between an authentic and a knock-off jersey is surely worth the price.






MLB Shop







Best Places to Buy MLB Jerseys

#1 Best Overall: Fanatics

At Fanatics, you’ll find all of the best jerseys and styles from the number one licensed distributor of MLB gear. Their collection offers authentic MLB jerseys for all teams so that every fan can show off their pride. 

Fanatics has jerseys for everyone–even babies! You’ll find in there jerseys you can customize with personalized names and numbers, and their assortment of jerseys is constantly expanding when special edition jerseys are released.

Fanatics also has a full lineup of throwback MLB jerseys featuring Hall of Fame players from the past. These are customizable as well so you can always add your name to a jersey that never goes out of style.



Overall, Fanatics is the place to go for the most genuine baseball look, and it’s stocked with so many amazing options that you’ll have a hard time picking just one jersey.

#2 Highest Quality: MLB Shop

The MLB Shop is the best source of the new Nike collection. In 2020, Nike took over from Majestic as the official uniform supplier of the Major Leagues. Not much has changed between Nike and Majestic MLB jerseys, though in general the Nike jerseys do run a little larger with some extra room in the chest and stomach.

Here’s what you’ll find in the MLB shop:

  • Nike Authentic jerseys, which are the closest you can get to wearing what the players wear.
  • Nike Replica jerseys, which are more affordable than Authentic jerseys but lack the premium finishes.
  • Nike Cooperstown Collection and Mitchell & Ness Throwbacks, which offer vintage looks from some of the game’s best all time players – an excellent option if you want to stand out.



What’s more, all of these jerseys are 100% authentic, and the MLB Shop has jerseys for every fan in every style and size. The Shop offers the widest range of options, and even includes Spring Training and All-Star jerseys.

#3 Also Great: Lids

Lids also offers a great selection of authentic jerseys with a variety of options that should appease all MLB fans.

You can even snag some Cool Base edition jerseys, which are moisture-wicking replicas that will keep you cool during summer. The Cool Base technology makes the material lighter and offers ventilation under the armpits.

The rest of the assortment of jerseys includes Flex Base jerseys, Replica jerseys, and new additions for every event.

All in all, Lids offers a huge selection of MLB jerseys, with options for men, women, kids and even babies, all in one convenient place.

The jerseys on Lids fit true to size, so if you’re hoping for a looser fit, I recommend you order a size larger than you would normally wear, and two sizes larger if you are planning on wearing something underneath the jersey.



Lids always wins major bonus points for their 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the jersey you’ve purchased, you can return it for a full refund.

#4 Best For Vintage: Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that offers millions of vintage items, including MLB jerseys. Here, you’ll find some of the most unique-looking jerseys you’ve ever laid eyes on. Heck, you can even find the umpire’s jersey on there!

There are just so many options, and they are constantly changing. That’s why it’s useful that Etsy shows you when an item is already in someone else’s shopping cart, so you can jump on the jersey you have an eye for.

The best part is that a lot of these jerseys are offered at discounted prices, so you can often find a Mitchell & Ness throwback for less than the retail value. Also, if you’re looking for a Blue Jays jersey, you’ll be in luck. There are A LOT of Blue Jay jerseys for sale.



Of course, Etsy being an online marketplace means that you always take some risk when buying from another seller, so be sure to check out the seller’s reviews before purchasing. Also, keep in mind the old adage of “too good to be true”.

#5 Cheapest: DHgate

DHgate mainly offers knock-off MLB jerseys at super cheap prices.

There’s actually an impressive list of vendors who offer a multitude of options in terms of teams and style, but for the most part, the options are limited compared to the licensed distributors found on this list.

Still, you can expect to find jerseys for some of the most popular players in the Majors, and a nice amount of options for throwbacks as well.

Always keep in mind that these jerseys are knock-offs, and therefore could look very different from the jerseys you see on gameday. But at the same time, the prices are so heavily discounted that you might not care.

Either way, DHgate is a good place to go if you’re looking for a jersey of a top player or a top team. You won’t have much luck finding jerseys for small market teams or non-star athletes, though.



If you want the cheapest price possible, make sure to download the app on your phone as prices are further discounted on there.

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What Are The Most Popular Types of MLB Jerseys?

There are seven types of MLB jerseys. The types are listed below.

1. Authentic

Authentic jerseys are designed to be as close to what the players wear on the field, with all of the same features worn by the players.

They feature a durable double-knit polyester material with a sewn-in MLB logo just below the neckline. Additionally, these jerseys feature Cool Base technology to wick moisture away and keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

2. Replica

Replica jerseys are basically the budget version of the Authentic, featuring a mesh fabric instead of polyester, and includes heat-applied graphics. Moreover, these jerseys do not have the sewn-in MLB logo below the neckline.

Overall, these jerseys mimic the look and feel of an authentic MLB jersey pretty well.

3. Throwback

Throwback jerseys are made by Nike and Mitchell & Ness. They look just like jerseys from great past teams. These are mostly of the same quality as the Authentic jerseys, with sewn-on lettering, numbers and a patch to specify the year of the jersey.

4. Custom

Custom jerseys allow fans to personalize their jersey’s nameplate and numbers by printed twill letters and numbers that are heat-pressed. Overall, Custom jerseys look and feel like a Replica jersey but have the added bonus of making it your own.

You can usually find customization options when searching online, and some brick and mortar kiosks offer customization as well.

5. Alternate

Alternate jerseys, also known as the third jerseys, offer a unique or “alternate” look at a team’s playing colors. Usually, these jerseys are distinguished by some unique colorset or logo and style similar to modern-retro. Since these jerseys are usually commemorative or one-off, you may find that some alternate jerseys are harder to find.


Cooperstown jerseys replicate the classic look and feel of Hall of Fame players from historic teams. The great thing about these jerseys is that they’ve actually been modernized with the fabric used. This means you’ll also receive the moisture-wicking and temperature-cooling features of today’s jerseys. Additionally, every Cooperstown jersey comes with a Hall of Fame commemorative patch.

7. Batting Practice

Batting Practice jerseys are just that–jerseys that the players wear during batting practice (and spring training). These jerseys are made with Cool Base technology, which provides enhanced comfort. They also feature tackle-twill team logos and lettering.

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Effective January 2020, Nike is the official manufacturer of MLB jerseys. When searching for jerseys, you might still find some with a Majestic Athletic patch on the sleeve – this doesn’t mean it’s counterfeit or inauthentic. Prior to Nike, Majestic was the official uniform provider of the MLB.

Since the change was so recently, there might be some overlap in product for some retailers. Usually, Majestic sells cheaper, so if you see a jersey that you like that doesn’t have a lot of differences between the Nike and Majestic editions, you might want to be on the lookout for that.

You should expect to pay between $200 to $250 USD for an Authentic MLB jersey. However, several online retailers have regular sales, especially around Father’s Day and Opening Day, so be on the lookout for discounted jerseys at 65% off.

A Cool Base jersey simply signifies that the jersey uses Cool Base technology, which keeps players cool in the summer thanks to its lightweight material and venting under the armpits.

The latest authentic MLB jerseys all have a Cool Base tag sewn into them, which means that Cool Base jerseys are authentic.

In honor of Player’s Weekend, MLB players wear monochromatic uniforms once a year. The purpose of this is to show off brands and accessories that the players want to show off, and so making the uniforms devoid of color helps these custom accessories stand out more.

These Player Weekend jerseys also feature the player’s nickname on the nameplate as opposed to their actual names.

Final Words

There are many kinds of MLB jerseys, all varying in quality and price. Luckily, Fanatics, as the licensed distributor of MLB gear, has you covered with everything you need at prices that won’t break the bank.

Fanatics just has so much to choose from–so many different styles, sizes and editions, that it’s difficult not picking them number one overall.

It’s simple: Fanatics has every team’s jersey to help you show off your favorite team in style on game day.

Check out Fanatics here for more details.


Best Place to buy MLB Jersey

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