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The Best Places to Buy NFL Jerseys (Buyer’s Guide)

There are a lot of places online that claim to sell NFL jerseys at cheap prices. Unfortunately, with many of these knock-off jersey stores, the only thing you save is money. Most of the time, the knock-off jerseys eventually fall apart, have crooked lettering, or worse, will have the wrong color!

That is why I have curated and compiled a list of the best places to buy NFL jerseys – the authentic kind. Sure, you might pay a little more, but the cost of having a jersey from your favorite team that will last you many, many seasons is well worth the price difference.

If you’re in a rush, check out Fanatics as I found it is the overall best place to shop real, authentic NFL jerseys.






NFL Shop





Best Places to Buy NFL Jerseys

#1 Best Overall: Fanatics

Fanatics has all of the NFL gear you could ever ask for! As an official distributor, Fanatics also has the highest quality and most authentic jerseys around.

You can get the best deals on NFL jerseys by browsing their Clearance Section where you’ll find everything from Pro Line jerseys to Replica Jerseys all the way up to Limited Edition Nike Vapor jerseys and even jerseys representing the NFL’s Centennial season. 

The best part is, Fanatics has an equal assortment of options for women and children as well, making it one of the best places to shop for families. 

Moreover, Fanatics regularly has sales that offer as much as 60% off sitewide, which is always a nice bonus. 



Whether you need the jersey for your team’s latest first round draft pick, or a unique throwback to walk into the stadium with, Fanatics has you covered with officially licensed styles.

#2 Highest Quality: NFL Shop

NFL Shop is simply the best place to find the highest quality NFL jerseys, though the price does reflect that.

You’ll find a number of different jerseys with several options in terms of colors and players for every single NFL team. For some teams, there are also some limited edition and vintage jerseys that hardcore fans will love.

You will also find several options in terms of quality. Some higher-priced jerseys feature stitched tackle twill name and numbers, while others have embroidered accents.  Additionally, all have the metallic NFL shield at the collar, indicating that these jerseys are as authentic as they come.

Best of all, the NFL Shop offers an option to customize the number and name plate on your jersey. Therefore, you can always “create” a jersey for your favorite obscure player.



The simplest way to find the jersey you are looking for is to use the search bar at the top of the page. If you don’t have a specific jersey in mind, you can use the filter settings to the left of the page to narrow down your window shopping. There are also a number of options for women, so everyone wins.

Shipping is typically free on orders of $80 or more and newcomers get 10% off their first order.

#3 Also Great: Lids

As the name implies, Lids is perhaps best known for specializing in athletic headwear. However,  Lids also has its own extensive NFL apparel that rivals the inventory of the NFL Shop.

Just like the NFL Shop, there is a convenient search bar to take you directly to the jersey you are looking for, but there is additionally a filterable search where you can specify whether you’re shopping for men, women, kids and even babies!

Most of the jerseys are made of the same quality as those on the NFL shop. A number of jerseys feature chain maille mesh grill, stitched tackle twill name and numbers, satin twill woven jock tags, and of course, the metallic NFL shield at the V-neck collar. This certifies that these jerseys have some of the best quality on the market.



The jerseys on Lids fit true to size, so if you’re hoping for a loose fit, I recommend you order a size larger than you normally wear. If you are planning to wear something underneath the jersey, get two sizes larger.

#4 Best Place to Find Vintage Jerseys: Etsy

Etsy is the perfect online marketplace to find vintage NFL jerseys, especially from the 90’s!

Most of the jerseys on Etsy are second-hand, which reflects their discounted prices. Simply search “NFL jerseys” in Etsy’s database to populate a list of what’s available in the marketplace.

If vintage jerseys are what you’re specifically looking for, search for “throwback NFL jerseys” as this will give you a greater range of results than “vintage NFL jerseys” (we checked).

Like most online stores, you will have to exercise some due diligence when buying second-hand. Always double-check that the vendor is not a first-time seller and check prior reviews to see if other people were satisfied with the vendor.

Etsy has a pretty good fraud system in place, but you’ll still want to keep an eye out for knock-offs and counterfeits. In general, the easiest way to tell if a jersey is authentic or not is to check the NFL shield, which should be multiple shining colors and not just one, mono-chromatic color.



What’s nice about Etsy is that it tells you when the jersey you’re looking for is soon to be out of stock. For example, it will say, “1 left and 1 in someone else’s basket”. If it’s a jersey you’re desperate to get, this would be a good time to buy.

#5 Eastbay

Eastbay is the best because it has real, authentic NFL jerseys for all the top players from every team. You can easily start window shopping with a general search of “NFL jerseys”, and then narrow in on the jersey you’re interested in using the filters on the page.

What makes these jerseys so special is that Eastbay has made special adjustments to the jerseys to better fit fans. For example, the shoulders have been slimmed down because fans don’t wear shoulder pads on game day.

Moreover, the finished seams and neckband offer a clean, authentic look, while side mesh panels promote airflow and release moisture from sweat. All this at reduced prices you will not find anywhere else.

The biggest drawback to using Eastbay is that you’ll have difficulty finding jerseys for some of the league’s non-star players. Also, the options are limited for some teams in terms of finding home and away jerseys.

For example, Eastbay only has the sport-teal home version of Wentz’s football jersey, meaning that Philly fans will have to look elsewhere to find the white away jerseys.

Overall, the jerseys on Eastbay are quality, screen-printed replica jerseys at a relatively cheap price point. They hold frequent sales that can save you as much as 50% on a jersey.



As a bonus, Eastbay offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more, which all of their jerseys usually are.

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What’s the difference between the old Reebok and new Nike NFL Jerseys?

The primary difference between the Reebok and Nike NFL jerseys is the material. Nike jerseys use a fabric that is approximately 20-30% lighter than the Reebok counterparts. Additionally, Nike jerseys contour more to your body to promote some casual fashion points thanks to flywire, as well as a four-way stretch to aid in movement.

What is the difference between Game, Limited, and Elite Nike Jerseys?

The jerseys worn during games by players on the field are the Elite Nike jerseys. They are made to fit well and allow easy movement, with flywire around the collar to prevent stretching. Plus, these jerseys also have water repellent technology in their fabric to keep the players cool as they expel water and moisture during the heat of a game.

Limited NFL jerseys look strikingly similar to the Elite jerseys, but are made entirely of polyester that does not quite stretch or contour in the same way as the Elites. The Limited jerseys are typically $50 to $100 cheaper than the Elites, and are really only made to wear on gameday and not play in.

Game jerseys, meanwhile, are those that you will find most commonly in stores. They are also made of polyester, but unlike the Limited and Elite jerseys, they utilize screen-printed letters and numbers. The Game jerseys look very similar to more expensive equivalents, but the quality is just not there.

What are some other kinds of jerseys?

While shopping, you will find NFL Pro Line jerseys and Throwback jerseys.

Pro Line jerseys are most similar to the Nike Game NFL jerseys, except for one thing: they’re not made by Nike. As a result, you will notice the lack of any Nike trademarks or logos.

However, despite the fact that they are not made by Nike, they are fully licensed by the NFL, and the logos, letters and numbers are screen-printed directly on the jerseys. Typically, Pro Line jerseys cost about $100.

Throwback jerseys, on the other hand, are designed to replace past design of great, retired players. These are typically made by Reebok and Mitchell & Ness, and usually come with some commemorative patches as well.

There are some slight differences between the Reebok and Mitchell & Ness jerseys, such as Reebok uses printed numbers and nylon mesh, while Mitchell & Ness uses polyester and embroidered letters and numbers.

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The official NFL jersey is the Authentic Nike Elite NFL Jersey. This is worn by the players on game day, and is made with performance and quality in mind. You’ll immediately know the difference if you get up close and personal with one.

An Authentic Elite NFL jersey typically costs around $300. The next “rank” under that are the Limited Nike jerseys which are roughly $200 to $250. Under that are the Game jerseys which can retail anywhere from $100 to $150.

The answer is simply: capitalism.

The NFL is one of the most, if not the most, popular league in the world. Therefore, NFL jerseys are high in demand. As a result, the NFL can charge as much as they like for the jerseys. Licensed distributors have to follow the RRP (regular retail price) set out by the NFL, so if you find any jerseys for cheap, that is because they are knock-offs.

Final Words

There are many kinds of NFL jerseys, all varying in quality and price. Luckily, Fanatics has you covered with everything you need at variety that are of equal quality as what you would get on the NFL Shop.

If you’re strictly on a budget and do not mind wearing the jersey of a former player, you can find jerseys for as cheap as half off of what you’ll find on the NFL Shop. For example, Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders jerseys are going for $50 right now

Overall, Fanatics has every team’s jersey to help you show off your favorite team in style on game day. Do check out Fanatics here to support your team during game day!

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