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The Best Rain Gear for Football Games (Buyer’s Guide)

The beautiful thing about football is that if there’s a game at 1:00 on Sunday, a game at 1:00 on Sunday will take place rain or shine (emphasis on the rain). That means that if you have tickets to the game and the weather forecast calls for a rain shower, then you’ll need to be prepared if you want to stay dry and comfortable.

Here are some of our top picks for the best rain gear for football games. The selection below covers the bases when it comes to rain gear, and you will not go wrong with any of them. Rest assured that if the weather is awful, it will not rain on your gameday mood and spirit.

Best Rain Gear For Football Games

#1 Coleman PVC Nylon Rain Suit

Typically marked as “Best Overall” the Coleman PVC Nylon Rain Suit is an all-purpose suit that will keep you dry. Coleman has long been trusted as an outdoor line that combines quality with great value, and the Coleman rain suit is no different.

There are plenty of adjustable components to keep the rain out, and slit pockets exist just to make sure that you do not get soaked reaching into your pocket for your phone or keys. The best part is that the suit is completely 100% waterproof, and heat-welded seams and a covered zipper prevents anything on the outside from getting in on the inside.

#2 Outdoor Research Aspire Jacket

Made of 100% Nylon 50D, the Outdoor Research jacket by Aspire features breathable, fully seam-taped material that is also 100% waterproof AND windproof.

Some of the design features include a fully adjustable hood, YKK AquaGuard Zippers, internat front stormflap and a left-hand pocket that can double as a stuff sack so that you can stuff your pockets with all sorts of things you will need during the course of the football game.

The jacket is also fully seam taped, which means no water will be getting in, and some clever functional details like the pocket placement above the harness means you can easily access your tickets as you head into the stadium.

#3 The NorthWest Company Officially Licensed NFL Deluxe Poncho

This officially licensed poncho is perfect for NFL fans. With a large team logo featured approximately on the front, you can find a poncho no matter which team you support. Moreover, the poncho is made of durable peva weather-proof construction, which means that rain and wind will have no (or little) effect on your enjoyment of the game.

Moreover, the NorthWest poncho features an adjustable drawstring hood and plastic snaps on the side snap to securely keep you dry. It also comes in drawstring mesh with a reusable carrying pouch so you can stuff your umbrella in there once you get inside the stadium.

Never bust out your umbrella during a game unless you’re sitting in the nosebleeds! No one behind you wants to look at your umbrella instead of watching the game over the course of three hours.

#4 SOL Heat Reflective Poncho

Typically found under “best value” and “best unisex” categories, this SOL Heat Reflective poncho is a lifesaver for those brave enough to weather the rain and wind. Weighing just 2.7 ounces, this waterproof, wind-resistant, and of course heat-reflective poncho (it’s in the name!) can be packed up compactly enough to fit in your pocket. Yes, you read that right, your pocket!

This is an ideal poncho for those times where the weather people are unsure what the weather is going to be like on gameday, so be sure to pack one if you suspect an unexpected downpour might occur at some point.

Bonus points go to this poncho for being completely tear-resistant, unlike many plastic or polyester poncho. You can pack this poncho without worrying about it ripping or rustling as you walk to the stadium.

#5 Canada Goose Field Waterproof Poncho

If you have some money to splurge, the Canada Goose Field Poncho is one of the best on the market. Featuring fully sealed seams, a water-resistant zipper and three layers of the best possible fabric to keep you dry, you will barely notice the rain thanks to this poncho’s quality construction.

The best part of this poncho – other than its quality – is that it will last you season after season, meaning that you do get some value in return for your splurge. Moreover, the poncho features an open fit that allows for airflow and does not restrict movement, meaning you can freely jump up and down and celebrate with other fans as your team’s defense picks off another errant pass from Dak Prescott. Well, that’s assuming you’re not in Dallas, of course.

#6 North Face Men’s Resolve 2 Jacket

This breathable rain jacket features an adjustable and stowable hood, a relaxed fit, and a waterproof, seam-sealed DryVent™ 2L shell with mesh liner. You know that if there’s a trademark on the feature, it’s high-end technology that helps keep you drier than polyester pants straight out of the dryer.[1]

In fact, DryVent fabrics are engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof and breathable. The outer face of the textile is treated with a durable water repellent finish that helps repel water from the surface, allowing water vapor to pass through from the inside to the outside.

This jacket also utilizes a polyurethane coating, which some of our readers may be familiar with from our previous helmet reviews. This means that this jacket is on the high-end of durability, permeability and waterproof protection. It’s a jacket that has been lab-tested to ensure the best possible durability and function.

#7 Nike Shield Running Jacket

This lightweight jacket for both men and women is wind and water resistant. It has zip pockets to keep your mobile phone and tickets tucked away safe and dry.

The men’s jacket features a mesh underarm lining to add some breathability and a brimmed hood to keep the top of your head dry. The women’s jacket, meanwhile, features an adjustable hood that packs into a pocket at the collar and some covered back vents for extra breathability.

Overall, this jacket is an affordable, no-fuss option that feels incredibly light, so you can focus less on your jacket and more on the game. 

#8 Rains Ultralight Jacket

This Ultralight Jacket is made of Rains’ patented ultra lightweight and breathable polyurethane fabric. While PU material can sometimes feel rubbery, this jacket has been designed to withstand wet-weather without impeding the wearer’s movement.

Moreover, the Ultralight Jacket features an adjustable hood with drawstrings at the front and the back to create the most optimal fit. Plus, it also features two double welted front pockets with waterproof zippers.

Overall, this is a light and flexible jacket. While it lacks some of the breathability of other jackets, it is still a great everyday jacket that you can wear even when you are not heading to a football game.

#9 The North Face Flight Jacket

This three-layered jacket made of nylon and polyester uses nano spinning technology to create a soft, stretchy, waterproof and exceptionally breathable membrane, while still being relatively light.

The jacket is fully waterproof, and has a durable water repellent coating that helps moisture bead up on the surface. Moreover, the hood is completely adjustable, and the jacket can be stowed away into your back stash pocket, so you can carry it on game day without a second thought.

North Face also devised a soft, thin seam tape to keep water out of the jacket’s vulnerable points, and the jacket is soft and flexible enough to give the wearer a wide range of motion, which is useful when celebrating your team’s go-ahead touchdown late in the 4th quarter.

#10 Columbia Watertight Waterproof Jacket

One of the most waterproof jackets on the market, Columbia’s Watertight Jacket features a shell that is 100% made of Nylon. It also has a lining that is 100% polyester, with zipper closures to prevent water from leaking in.

Moreover, this Columbia jacket features omni-tech waterproof breathable seam-sealed construction for guaranteed protection during rain heavy days. Some of the handy features of this jacket are zippered hand pockets, an abrasion resistant chin guard, a drop tail, and a packable construction for convenience and efficiency.

Overall, this waterproof, breathable and fully seam-sealed jacket will keep you nice and dry, even over the course of a three hour football game in the heaviest of rains.

Rain Pants

#1 Arc’teryx Zela SL Pant

This pair of lightweight pants has plenty to offer. First of all, it has excellent “storm worthiness”. Plus, despite their durability it is still impressively breathable. Its waterproof fabric material is made of Gore-Tex Paclite Plus 2L, which is some of the most water-resistant material on the market today.

Moreover, these pants are light and packable enough to toss in your knapsack without a second thought. And though the Zeta is simple in terms of features, it is still a great all-around performer – balancing exceptional weight, durability, and weather resistance.

Overall, these pants are a no-brainer, as they are good enough to last you three hours in the rain on gameday AND comfortable enough to wear on a week-long backpacking trip.

#2 Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Pant

The Torrentshell 3L takes a straightforward approach to rain protection by using a simplified, three-layer outlet that shelters you from wind and rain, without restricting airflow or range of motion.

Moreover, the pants weigh 12 ounces, and combined with the packable design, allows you to easily stow it away in your pack and be prepared on gameday. Also, its drawstring adjustable waist conforms to your shape to offer a wide range of movement.

A DWR coating finish repels moisture and actually dries up beads of water once the rain stops pouring, and environment-minded people will appreciate the fact that much of the ripstop nylon fabric is recycled.

#3 Marmot PreCip Eco Pant

Marmot made these rugged rain pants with waterproof and environmentally friendly fabric, with a NanoPro membrane that enhances storm worthiness and offers breathable protection.

Moreover, fully sealed seams prevent even a single raindrop from seeping through. Ankle side zippers make these pants easy to put on especially with rain boots, which makes these pants ideal as part of an ensemble outfit.

Lastly, the nylon fabric that makes up the majority of these pants are entirely recycled or repurposed, easing the mind of environment-conscious people.

#4 REI Co-op Talusphere Pant

The REI Co-Op Talusphere pant is a great all-around, all-purpose pants: they’re waterproof, lightweight, easy to put on, warm and breathable, and comes in a number of sizing options.

The Talusphere pants unzip to mid-calf, so that you can get the pants on and off over bulking rain or hiking boots. Moreover, they snap at the bottom of the ankle and cinch at the waist with a basic but functional drawcord.

If the forecast calls for a heavy downpour, the Taluspheres will keep your legs completely dry and warm while wicking away sweat, and these pants are additionally windproof in up to 60 mile per hour winds.

All of the pockets on these pants seal tightly to help keep any vulnerable gear, like cellphones, tickets or a wallet, secure and dry.

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Waterproof Shoes

#1 Timberland Earthkeepers Stormbuck

Timberland’s 100% waterproof Stormbuck men’s boots also feature rubber lug outsoles for slip-resistance and traction on wet surfaces. This is particularly useful when you’re jumping out of your seat on a big play.

Moreover, the upper has been coated with premium burnished waterproof leather, and the seam-sealed construction locks out water.

Overall, the Stormbuck incorporates a variety of advanced waterproofing materials, treatments and processes. They are seam-sealed with an internal waterproof breathable membrane to help your feet stay dry, and the tongues and zippers are treated with durable water resistant coatings to further deter water entry.

#2 Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX features a GORE-TEXT lining for waterproof, breathable performance, with reliable traction that comes from a Traxion® outsole for optimal grip in all directions. Adidas’ patented Continental Rubber offers extraordinary grip even in wet conditions.[2]

You can even use these shoes outside of the football stadium, particularly for hiking or running, since the Terrex has a low-cut, durable upper with speed lacing supporting your feet on uneven ground.

#3 Merrell Moab 2 Mid

With durable leathers and Merell’s patented Vibram tradition, the Merrell Moab 2 Mid seals out water and lets moisture escape so you stay dry over the course of a 60-minute game.

The upper features a combination of suede leather and mesh upper, while the closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out. A protective rubber toe cap keeps your toes safe from someone else stepping on them as everyone jumps for joy to celebrate a big play. Additionally, the mesh lining is highly breathable to keep your feet cool as a cucumber.

The Moab 2 Mid is a good value shoe, as you can also use them for hiking and running, thanks to a molded nylon arch shank and an air cushion in the heel to absorb shock and add stability, with an EVA midsole for additional comfort.

#4 Danner Pronghorn

Although these boots were made for hunting, the Pronghorn boot delivers all-day comfort and stability to make the day’s haul easier on your feet.

Furthermore, the full-grain leather upper, paired with a GORE-TEXT waterproof liner, keeps all of the moisture out and lets your feet breathe. Luckily, this does not affect the amount of space inside the boot for your feet, so you can feel comfortable purchasing these shoes true to size.

With 1200 grams of insulation and partial locking laces, Danner could actually charge more for these boots considering the high-end features, like the dual-texture rubber sole that grips to any surface. In short, these boots are a great value.

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The first tip we have for those planning on attending a game is to wear something that you know will keep you dry and warm for a good three hours of standing or sitting outside.

Bring a towel with you as you will likely have to wipe your seat down to keep your bum dry, and bring a rainsuit with a hood if possible. Also, avoid suede as the rain is likely to ruin any leather that has not been treated with a protectant, and avoid denim and cotton since these fabrics tend to absorb and hold in moisture.

However, the number one tip we have by far is ensure that your feet stay dry. Once your feet are wet, your experience will be miserable.

No, you shouldn’t bring an umbrella inside the stadium! You will obstruct the view of everyone behind you. Besides, if you do bring an umbrella into the game, chances are someone, whether that be a stadium attendant or another fan, will ask you, politely or otherwise, to put it away.

That is not to say that you cannot bring an umbrella into the stadium, just that you should not bring it to your seat.

Wearing a hat will keep your head dry, and you’ll get bonus points if you have a hat that matches the team’s colors, uniforms, or logos.

Moreover, you can use any extra plastic grocery bags that you have lying around to cover your torso and clothes, while you can use a clear plastic sandwich bag to protect your smartphone. In fact, you can actually use your smartphone through the plastic without having to worry about water damage.

Rain is not likely to stop a football game on Sunday, so it is unlikely that you will receive a refund, though it is worth a chance.

However, we urge you to reconsider going to the game, as games in inclement weather can be some of the most special moments a fan can experience.

Everyone is out braving the cold, wet and slew, cheering on the team. And when a big play happens, it makes all the suffering so much more worthwhile. Plus, there are a number of special moments that can ONLY happen during inclement weather, like LeSean McCoy sliding in the snow against the Detroit Lions in a game with playoff implications a few years back.

For the fantasy enthusiasts out there, rain and snow will make the playing surface more slippery and the ball slicker, while traction on the ground is likely to be non-existent overall.

What this means is that ball carriers and receivers will have a particularly difficult time making cuts or running routes, so expect the worst if you have a player on your roster playing in an inclement weather game.

Final Words

There you have it! All the best rain gear you can use for exciting football games. Now you don’t have to cancel your plans to catch the game even when there’s a forecast of rain. You can easily become comfortable in your seat (or on your feet) at the stadium during a downpour. The items listed above will surely keep your belongings and yourself dry!

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