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Best Throwback NBA Jerseys

The NBA has had a long and distinguished legacy of producing some of the best jerseys ever made – of any sport!

In fact, there have been so many good NBA jerseys throughout the years, that it’s very difficult making a Best Throwback NBA Jerseys list. But that doesn’t stop us from trying!

In this article you’ll find the top 15 best throwback NBA jerseys. If you disagree with anything on our list, which you probably will, feel free to leave a comment down below.

At the top, we start with the Chicago Bulls Red Cursive jersey, which were the jerseys that ushered in the Michael Jordan era in Chicago.

Best Throwback NBA Jerseys

#1 Chicago Bulls Road Red Cursive Jersey

These cool-red jerseys just ooze class and style. The color just pops out on the court, and the white drop shadow behind the cursive Chicago looks retro but modern.

Even though the Bulls never won a championship in these jerseys, they will always be iconic for how unique they are.

The Bulls would do well to bring these jerseys back into rotation.

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#2 Utah Jazz Purple Mountains

The purple mountains on these jerseys are so unique and visually appealing that you almost forget about the classic Jazz logo in the centre.

This jersey is bright, bold and beautiful, but not so much that you’d get bored of looking at it after the novelty has worn off.

If you’re looking to buy these Utah Jazz jerseys, I’d recommend grabbing the Mitchell & Ness editions, as the versions Nike produced in 2019 sized those glorious purple mountains down, which I’m personally not a fan of.

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#3 Phoenix Suns 90’s Home/Away Jerseys

These jerseys might go down as some of the greatest jerseys of all time.

You just can’t go wrong with the Suns color scheme, and the sunlit cartoon basketball just looks great streaking across the jersey.

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#4 Los Angeles Lakers Royal Blue

These jerseys scream hardwood basketball.

The fact that they’re so different from the classic Lakers Gold adds to these jerseys’ coolness.

These were the jerseys of the Jerry West era, which as we know was one of the most influential era’s in basketball.

The font used for “Los Angeles” is what sells the jersey for me. It’s cool without being goofy, and classic without being boring.

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#5 Atlanta Hawks Throwback

These jerseys just hit different!

You won’t find another jersey like this in the NBA. Bright and colorful with a white cut-out that just stands out on the court.

I especially love the accents on this jersey, like the yellow numbers with the white outline. They’re what make this jersey pop.

#6 Toronto Raptors Dino Threads

These used to be ridiculed in the NBA, but now they’ve made their return and everyone loves them.

I’m not as big a fan of the purple throwbacks as I am the white. The white jerseys stand out and make the raptor on the crest as well as the pinstripes more apparent.

The real kudos go to whoever came up with the font of the name and numbers. These jerseys would look cool even on a night out.

#7 Washington Bullets

The Bullets had a winning color scheme and a winning style with the horizontal stripes.

These jerseys look equally great whether you’re looking at the Home or the Away editions. I especially like the white drop shadow on the numbers because it gives that “old-school” kind of feel to the jersey.

#8 Philadelphia 76ers Phila Jerseys

Two-tone jerseys are not often replicated in the NBA, and that’s mainly because they often don’t work (see Mavs’ City Edition jerseys).

But these Phila jerseys do work, mainly because great players like Wilt Chamberlain played in these threads.

These jerseys also started the tradition of great Phila-style jerseys.

#9 Orlando Magic Road Black Pinstripes

No team can pull off the pinstripes like the Magic can.

These jerseys ooze class and big-club feel, and the current day Magic should bring these back in rotation to muster some of that Shaq energy from back when he played in these threads.


#10 Portland Trailblazers Championship Red

The Trailblazers have a history steeped in amazing jerseys, and these championship red jerseys are a big reason for that.

These are the only jerseys that the Trailblazers have won a championship in. It probably gave the players a big psychological boost playing in jerseys that looked this cool.


#11 Los Angeles Lakers Sunday White

Since the Lakers haven’t used these white jerseys since 2017, these are technically throwbacks now!

In fact, these were the jerseys Kobe scored 81 points in. For that reason and that reason alone, these jerseys will always be iconic.

#12 Miami Heat Red

These modern-retro jerseys have some sizzle!

You can already guess that I’m a big fan of the white drop shadow, and it’s paired so well with the bright red to give the entire jersey a “heat” aesthetic.

#13 Utah Jazz Purple Note

Purple and gold will always look good on the court, but it’s really the design on the chest that steals the show on these jerseys.

It also helps that along with the classic look and feel of this jersey that some of the greatest Jazz players like Karl Malone and John Stockton have donned these threads.

#14 Denver Nuggets Rainbow Skyline

These jerseys are nothing if not colorful!

We feel like these jerseys might get old with frequent use, but used once in a while, they add color and vivacity to any game.

The funny thing is that when the Nuggets introduced these jerseys in the 80s, they became the fastest-playing team in the association. Maybe something about having a rainbow skyline on your jersey makes you more aerodynamic?

#15 New Jersey Nets Stars and Stripes

Before the Nets packed up to Brooklyn and started wearing the black & white jerseys they wear today, the Nets played in New Jersey and donned some of the most colorful threads ever worn.

From 1972 to 1981, the Nets wore these stars and stripes jerseys, with a red, white and blue color scheme that stands the test of time.

It helps that Dr. J made these jerseys famous, as he won three MVP awards and two championships while wearing these jerseys.

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