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The Best Youth Football Cleat to Get for Your Game (Buyer’s Guide)

Nike Kids’ Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleats
Under Armour Kids’ UA Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat
Adidas Kids’ Adizero 5 Star 7.0 Football Cleat

The best cleats serve as the ultimate protection for a young player’s feet while they are on the field. Without a good pair, you might not be able to lock in the final touchdown no matter how good your basic moves are while you are in the field.

With the cleats, youth football players receive the right level of comfort, traction, and support they need for playing. 

In this informative piece, you will enjoy a detailed review of the best youth football cleats. Reviewed below are ten of the top youth football cleats on the market to help you make the right decision. Let’s get started! 

Best Youth Football Cleat

1. Nike Kids’ Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleats

The first cleat on the list is the Nike Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleat. An impressive feature of this cleat from Nike is that it’s designed to handle the toughness, rigors, and challenges associated with football.

The cleat’s synthetic leather upper part is designed to provide a lightweight fit. It also guarantees more comfort and superior cushioning thanks to its full-length Phylon midsole. With such features, any young footballer will stay comfortable using this cleat the entire game.

The Nike Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleat features a fast-flex technology used in its rubber outsole. With this technology, the cleat will always deliver a great performance, speed, and traction on the football field. It also boasts of a high-traction configuration and a full-length design for its sole. This promotes cushioning in your feet even when the game becomes too fast-paced and serious.

Another amazing feature of the cleat is that it has a nice look with its numerous choices of color and design. With that, it’s easy to get a pair based on your preference. 



Lastly, the Nike Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleat offers support and protection for your feet, especially during high-impact games. The breathable fabric ensures that your feet will stay comfortable and cool throughout the game.

2. Under Armour Kids’ UA Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat

The second cleat on the list is the Under Armour Kids UA Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat. The cleat offers great performance when used on the field. One of its strongest feature is the comfort it offers to players. This is mainly because it is made of lightweight material capable molding your young player’s feet contours.

The fact that this pair of football cleats can contour your child’s feet means that their muscles and joints are well-supported. Aside from the extra support it offers, it promotes a better fit. Another great feature of the Under Armour Kids UA Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat is its superior flexibility. It’s also easy to wear, thanks to its eye-row cutout.

An additional feature of this cleat is its ability to function well without losing stability and comfort. This is made possible with the die-cut EVA material used in its overall construction. You will be impressed with the cleat’s ability to provide good traction on various surfaces.



The Under Armour Kids UA Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat has a robust rubber molded outsole. With such an outsole, it promotes extra lightness and comfort. It also molds your young footballer’s ankles, thanks to the combination of its heel cup, 3D-molded tongue, and 4D foot-bed foam. This combination offers a young football player the comfort, speed and support needed in a cleat.

3. Adidas Kids’ Adizero 5 Star 7.0 Football Cleat

Adidas impressed a lot of football players with its Adizero 5 Star 7.0 Football Cleat. This cleat will aid your kid to run at their highest speed. It makes it possible for your young footballer to run smoothly and quickly because of its lightweight synthetic leather construction.

The cleat has rubber spikes designed to improve stability and excellent traction on the football field. Another strong feature of the cleat is that it can resist abrasion and harsh weather conditions. This is mainly because of the leather material used for its outer shell.



The Adidas Adizero 5 Star 7.0 Football Cleat comes in several colorway to seamlessly match all jersey colors. Plus, with the quality materials used for this cleat, it is safe to say that this pair will last longer than others.

4. Under Armour Kids’ C1N MC Junior Football Cleat

Coming in fourth on the list of the best youth football cleat is the Under Armour C1N MC Junior Football Cleat. Under Armour is back doing a great job on this cleat. The cleat is a good option for youth players searching for a fully functional and reliable football cleat. 

An impressive feature of this cleat is that it guarantees a secure, precise, and lightweight fit. This is mainly because of its molded synthetic upper, which closely wraps around the area surrounding your child’s feet. It guarantees a comfortable and customizable fit. This is made possible by the foot-forming foot-bed used in this cleat. The foot-bed is guaranteed to mold the feet’s contours. 



The Under Armour C1N MC Junior Football cleat has an attractive and sleek design. Not only that, it offers good traction when used on synthetic and other types of surfaces. It also offers better ventilation because of its open-hole mesh construction and a superior high-ankle protection, which works well for young linemen

5. Nike Kids’ Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleat

The fifth cleat on the list is the Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats offered by Nike. One of its strongest feature is the sturdy support brought on by its synthetic upper. It is also effective in delivering the kind of traction that most football players need because of its rubber tread.

With this traction, a young footballer can use this cleat in accelerating and making quick changes in direction and cuts. The extensive traction provided by this football cleat is made possible with the help of its outsole studs that provides just the right grip.

Another amazing benefits of this pair of cleats is its lightweight cushioning brought by its Phylon midsole. Thus, making it possible for your football player to play and perform comfortably on the field because it enables the feet to move naturally. Such natural movements can be expected because of the fast flex technology used by the brand.



The Nike Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleats has wide fit to ensure that side-to-side stability. Furthermore, it has a distinctive shark teeth design, which also takes pride in its metallic finish. This makes it one of the most stylish cleats available on the market.

6. Under Armour Kids’ Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat

The Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat offered by Under Armour is arguably one of the best football cleats for youth players. It offers a lightweight build that provides rigid support with the aid of its synthetic top and textile collar.

The Highlight RM Junior Football cleat is stable as it features a TPU ankle cage on its exteriors. This cleat is also well-ventilated made possible by its open-hole mesh tongue.



Another “wow” feature of the Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat is its high comfort level courtesy of its die-cut EVA sock liner. This pair of cleats offers a more aggressive grip and traction on a wide range of surfaces. Thus, your young football player can enjoy a comfortable and lightweight feel during gameplay.

7. Under Armour Hammer Mid RM Junior Football Cleat

At number seven is the Under Armour Hammer Mid RM Junior Football Cleat which is a good and ideal choice for youth football players. This cleat might be the ultimate solution for youth players that want to improve their performance during games and practices.

With the aid of its engineered synthetic upper, this cleat is effective in providing stability and support needed by each player. The ensures it promotes an adjustable and secure fit, thanks to its traditional lace-up front.

Another benefit of this cleat is that it guarantees that football players can easily wear and take it off without hassle. This is due to its features such as the pull-on tab, which can be found at the rear of the cleat. Additionally, it offers full comfort due to its padded collar and tongue.



The Under Armour Hammer Mid RM Junior Football Cleat is also durable because of its die-cut EVA footbed that offers dependable traction on the field. Moreover, we are sure that you will be pleased with its supportive and lightweight feel, allowing your child to run and play confidently.

8. Adidas Originals Kids’ Freak Mid MD Junior Football Cleat

Next on the list is the Adidas Original Kids’ Freak Mid MD Junior Football Cleat. It has a synthetic upper, which provides a locked-in and lightweight fit as well as durability.

With combined lightness and sturdiness, the cleat effectively gives players the kind of protection they need. It also provides the best cushioning possible, thanks to its molded EVA insole.    

Another impressive benefit of the Adidas Original Kids’ Freak Mid MD Junior Football Cleat is it promotes maximum traction with the help of its molded outsole. Such outsole promotes an aggressive layout for the cleat, which is not only a big help in delivering traction, but also in promoting acceleration on various playing surfaces.



The Adidas Original Kids’ Freak Mid MD Junior Football Cleat is very comfortable because of its anatomically molded capability. Furthermore, it is designed to resist abrasion in a superior manner, giving your footballer the protection and security they need. It fits nicely and tightly on the player’s ankles.              

9. Nike Kids’ Alpha Shark Football Cleat

At number nine is another pair that leaves a good impression on every player who uses it – the Alpha Shark Football Cleat. This cleat’s highly dynamic fit system offers utmost satisfaction, which is effective in improving a player’s performance. This cleat also offers a more incredible lock-down on the field.

The snug and highly supportive fit provided by this cleat are also helpful in boosting your young footballer’s performance and speed on the field. It also provides comfortability thanks to its exceptional padding.

The fast flex technology used on the Alpha Shark Football Cleat also works in maximizing support, acceleration, and traction. It is, therefore, a major help in improving your young football player’s performance on the field.



It is difficult to find a flaw with the superior traction provided by the 12-cleat configuration used in its cleat’s outsole. Lastly, the Alpha Shark Football Cleat offers good ankle support, especially when it comes to lateral cuts.

10. ALEADER Boy’s Athletic Football Cleats

The last impressive cleat on the list is the ALEADER Boy’s Athletic Football Cleat. This cleat offers superior comfort, thanks to the ultra-soft leather material used in its manufacturing. Its updated fabric knit offers a reliable performance on the field. Plus, the cleat’s dynamic and high-top collar guarantees a well-supported and secure fit.

Another impressive benefit of the ALEADER Boy’s Athletic Football Cleat is that it consistently offers better ball control whether your child is using it on a dry or wet surface. This is because of the superior and high-quality materials used in its overall buildup.



With its well-molded design and great cushioning, the ALEADER Boy’s Athletic Football Cleat offer players utmost satisfaction in fit and comfort. Its secure grip and locked-in feat courtesy of its heel lining is impressive.




Nike Kids’ Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleats


Under Armour Kids’ UA Highlight RM Junior Football Cleat


Adidas Kids’ Adizero 5 Star 7.0 Football Cleat


Under Armour Kids’ C1N MC Junior Football Cleat


Nike Kids’ Alpha Menace Shark Football Cleat

Buyer’s Guide: Top Factors to Consider When Shopping for Youth Football Cleat

Now you have seen some of the best youth football cleat in the market, it’s time to checkout some of the important factors you must thoughtfully consider when buying a football cleat for your youth football player. 


The materials used in creating the cleats play a crucial role in how the cleats will perform on the field. You should carefully checkout for the material before buying a cleat. The common material that is used in the manufacturing of cleat is the TPU. It refers to a water-resistant and lightweight material, which is effective in withstanding harsh and extreme temperatures and weather. This material is quite durable, making it capable of withstanding even the highest impact.[1]

Look for the most reliable cleat manufacturers that value the use of high-quality solid materials would recommend. Also carry out your own research before making a final decision.

If you decide to purchase a hard molded cleat, ensure it is made of high quality, hardened synthetic. A youth football cleat should not be too hard or soft. It should be in between that line so it will be able to provide utmost protection and deliver the expected performance.


This is another important factor to consider when getting a football cleat. Both the size and fit are crucial when it comes to selecting the most appropriate football cleats for youth. You should not get a cleat that is too large as it might increase your child’s risk of getting injured while playing.

Proper fit is important. The fit should not be too tight nor too big because either of this will surely affect you child’s performance negatively. Improper fit can also lead to injuries. The right cleat sizes are similar to regular and standard sizes of other youth footwear.

As with football cleats, you also want to make sure that all other protective football gears for kids are the right size and fit. Here are more youth related content that might help:

However, the fit varies from one manufacturer and brand to another. One way to make sure that you are getting the right fit is to try several pairs before making a final buying decision. You could try wearing your friend’s cleat and feel its fit on your feet.


Thoughtfully consider the level of your young footballer’s skill and playing style before buying a cleat. Always go for a cleat that will help them improve their level of play and offer them the best in terms of protection, traction, comfort, and durability. Also consider the position they are playing. As simple as they may seem, these are important points to note. 

As a youth player aspiring to play at the highest level of NFL games, you will always want your kid to improve and perform at their best every time they set foot on the field, whether it’s during training or real games. Get a cleat that will boosts their performance at all times during the game.


As a player, your child will always have to stand on their feet mostly during the game. If the cleat offers good stability, then it will be easier for them to beat the defenders, score touchdowns confidently, and perform sharp cuts.

Ensure you get a cleat that will offer your young footballer the level of stability they require. Football is a game that requires strength and rigid support at all times. Their cleats must be able to offer the level of protection and stability they need to perform at their best and produce a positive result.


A reliable traction is also necessary. This is essential when sprinting to the end zone or making sharp cuts. With this, your youth football player will feel more confident about their cleats, which is beneficial in boosting their performance in the football field.

Different cleats offer different types of traction depending on the playing field. The preferred cleat must be able to offer the necessary traction needed, irrespective of the kind of field you young footballer is playing on or the weather condition of the area the field is situated.


Remember that football is a fun but challenging sport. You have to make sure that your kid receives the right support, especially on their feet during each practice and game. Their cleats must be able to offer the support you needed when jumping and contesting for the ball.

Get your youth football player a cleat that can provide them with not only strong ankle support but also utmost breathability and comfort. For added ankle support, see our review on the best ankle brace for football. . For added ankle support, see our review on the best ankle brace for football. . It should make them feel confident while navigating the football field easily. 


You also need to make a buying decision based on the actual field your child will be playing football. In most cases, the playing field is either a synthetic field or fresh grass. You need to know that the football pitch has a huge impact on their playing performance, so you need to consider it when figuring out which cleat is appropriate for your youth football player. 

If they are planning to play football on fresh grass then remember that this often has more cushions. The challenge is, natural or fresh grass also has a surface, which tends to change based on the weather. For example, during sunny weather, the grass will easily grip to the football cleat, thereby providing good traction. On a rainy day, the cleat will most likely slide around often, so there is a great chance that they will have problems gripping on the ground when running on a wet field, so you need to get a cleat for your football player that will allow them to play the game comfortably well irrespective of the weather condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Youth football cleats are actually made of synthetic or leather material. However, it is up to you to find out which one can provide them with the most benefits. Basically, the upper portion of the cleat is made using either a synthetic or leather material.

A football cleat that has leather uppers is usually more durable and quite pricey compared to the others. Also, it is more breathable and capable of keeping the feet more comfortable. Many youth players also prefer a cleat with an upper leather construction because it promotes flexibility while boosting its comfort level and functionality.

Yes, in most cases, football cleats are unisex. You can easily tell whether a cleat is unisex based on its color and style. Reputable brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas all make unisex cleats. 

The most common color for unisex cleats is black and white. In addition, there are other football cleats that are available in vibrant color schemes that suit young boys and girls who love playing football. Just get your child a pair that will satisfy their needs and make them play their best.

The cleat cut that’s good for your young football player is the cut that matches their playing position. It is safe to say that the cut of a football cleat plays a major role in your final buying decision. If you choose the high top cut, then you should know that it provides a really supportive and snug fit as it laces up to their ankle. However, it also has an added bulk, which makes it a bit heavy and affects your mobility. High cut cleat only works well for football players that operate close to the scrimmage’s line. These include centers, guards, and linebackers.[2]

The low top cut, on the other hand, is popular because of its lightweight design. Such lightness makes it suitable for those who need to practice better agility. It is also appropriate for players who are in charge of good navigation, such as when shaking tackles and running. This is the main reason why the low top works ideally for positions that require quick coverage on the football field, such wide receivers. A low cut cleat is ideal if they play a role that requires much running so that you can move freely.

To choose the right size of youth football cleats, check for the size and the fit that suits your young football player. When it comes to buying youth football cleats, you need to look for a size, which perfectly fits their feet right now. [3]

To choose the right size, you have to measure both your feet while standing up. This is to let you know your exact size, and do not measure it yourself, have a friend do it for you. This will save you the trouble of having a wrong measurement. 

Wearing a friend’s cleat can also help you to get their exact size. When trying them on, make sure to wear high-performance socks, particularly those that they will wear on the field. You will also know that you are getting the right size if the cleat is tight enough when you lace it on them. It should be tight in the sense that it does not slip off your kid’s feet. It should not also be too tight that they may feel uncomfortable. 

To clean youth football cleats, you need are warm and soapy water, a couple of clean cloths, scrubbing brush, and hydrogen peroxide. The first step in cleaning it up is to shake off loose grass, mud, or dirt from the cleat.

Wipe the surface dirt found on the cleat’s uppers with a clean cloth. The buildup of dirt at its bottom should also be wiped clean. Dip another clean cloth in water then wring it. Use it to wipe the outer part of the clean. Do this step repeatedly until the cleat’s exteriors are completely clean.

Get another new and dry cloth, then pour some hydrogen peroxide over it. Use this cloth with hydrogen peroxide to wipe the cleats’ exterior. This is essential in disinfecting it. It can also freshen the foot-bed while preventing the growth of bacteria. Allow it to dry completely prior to your next use.

Nike Kids’ Vapor Shark 2 BG Football Cleats

Our #1 Best Youth Football Cleat

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