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The Best Youth Football Glove to Get for Your Game (Buyer’s Guide)

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Youth Football Gloves Youth
Under Armour Boys F5 Football Gloves
Cutters Rev Pro Youth Football Gloves

The little league may not be the NFL but the risk for football-related injuries is all the same no matter the age group. Despite being the most popular sport in the US, it is also considered to be one of the most dangerous youth sports in the nation.

 According to the data gathered by NerdWallet, there were about 240,509 youth athletes that were admitted to the ER in the year 2012.[1] This makes football the number one reason why kids visit the ER that year! 

But despite all that, football still remains a celebrated sport all over the world. In fact, a study states that there are about 2.8 million youth football players within the ages between 7 to 14 years old in the United States alone. [2]

Sure, football may not have the best reputation in terms of keeping the player’s safety. But many also find that football can teach young kids plenty of important life lessons like teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship, and confidence just to name a few. Besides, in a world where most kids tend to stay at home to play video games, adding a bit of physical activity into their schedule helps in keeping them active and healthy. 

Football is a lot of fun for kids since the sport also provides a challenging environment. But let’s not forget that safety precautions are required before participating in any sport. When it comes to football, protection gear and equipment are perhaps the most important investment a footballer must make. [3]

This article covers the importance of football gloves for youth players. You will also find a list of our favorite gloves so you have an idea of what kind of gloves you need to get for your future football star athlete.

Best Youth Football Gloves

1. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Youth Football Gloves Youth

At first glance, it’s not apparent why the Seibertron Pro 3.0 is our top choice for youth football gloves. That’s because it’s winning qualities can be found from within the gloves. The Seibertron Pro 3.0 may look like ordinary gloves, however, the difference will show as your young players wear them. That said, we think that these gloves have the best fit among all the others and this is the number one reason why you should consider getting them for a young athlete. 

We know that it’s tough to get the right size of gloves for younger players. As they continue to grow, their gloves may start to become too small or too tight. As much as we’d like to get a longer-lasting pair, any kind of football gloves just won’t cut it. 

The Seibertron Pro 3.0 wins when it comes to fit. It’s snug but not too tight. Its high-quality materials allow the gloves to be flexible, allowing the player to move their hands freely. And if you’re worried about protection, these gloves are actually one of the most durable pairs in the market today. The fact that they work well under any weather condition and are machine-washable makes it our top choice in terms of function and maintenance. 



We suggest these gloves to young players who are looking for something sturdy yet comfortable at the same time. And for the parents who wash their kids’ gloves, the Seibertron Pro 3.0 may also be the one of the most convenient pair to clean and maintain. 

2. Under Armour Boys F5 Football Gloves

The Under Armour brand has always been one of our top favorites when it comes to football gloves so it’s not a surprise that we would recommend them to younger players as well. These gloves meet the NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE standards which guarantees their reliability and durability. But for us, they actually go beyond these standards and provide unparalleled comfort to its users. We may sound a bit biased but allow us to explain why we think these gloves are worth it. 

First, the Under Armour Youth Football Gloves are made with high-quality HeatGear fabric. This type of material promises to keep the player’s hands cool and dry. It is also made of lightweight materials that provide flexibility, plenty of ventilation, and moisture-wicking qualities. In our opinion, these gloves are the very definition of comfort for all seasons. 

If you aren’t impressed yet, perhaps its super-sticky Armour GrabTack technology will convince you. If your future football star plays as a wide receiver or any other ball-handling position, then tack is a very important factor to consider when choosing gloves. Under Armour is known to have one of the best quality tacks in the market so it it’s a good idea to add these gloves to your list. 



Overall, it’s hard to find fault with the Under Armour Youth Football Gloves. We highly recommend these gloves to serious players who aren’t just looking to come prepared to the game but those who are also determined to win. 

3. Cutters Rev Pro Youth Football Gloves

The Cutters Rev Pro is one of our favorite gloves for adults and we are so glad that Cutters decided to make these gloves available for youth players as well. These gloves are the ones to get if your priorities revolve around comfort and fit. 

The Cutters Rev Pro is made with a super-lightweight material for the back of its hand and high-quality durable materials for the rest. It also features the brand’s signature C-TACK Performance Grip material for its palm which promises excellent grip and added ventilation. Who says you need to have thicker gloves to have the best quality tack? 

But what we love most about these gloves is its ability to provide the perfect fit for users. First, it has strategically placed panels that add support to the hands and wrists. We also love that the Cutters Rev Pro has finger-lock gussets that are supposed to reduce slippage around the fingers. The neoprene cuff makes a great addition to the overall support on the wrists as well. 



In short, these are the gloves to get if your little athlete handles the ball in the game. The impressive grip and comfortable fit will allow them to improve their catchability. Check out this full Cutters Rev Pro review.

4. EliteTek E-17 Youth Football Gloves

Here’s another pair of gloves that are perfect for young wide receivers – the EliteTeck E-17. These football gloves are a crowd favorite mainly because of its legendary tack. They are NOCSAE-certified and are said to have the most advanced tack and stickiness, thanks to their brand exclusive GripTech Palm Technology. These gloves work under any weather and surface conditions which also makes this pair one of the most durable football gloves today. 

But that’s not all there is to love about these gloves. The EliteTeck E-17 is best for players who love tight-fitting gloves. In our opinion, these football gloves are the most comfortable when it comes to fit. They feel as if the pair is your second skin which gives players a more natural feel of their hands. 



Players who would choose to play with bare hands need to try these out before dismissing the thought of wearing football gloves. 

5. Grip Boost Youth Football Gloves

The Grip Boost Football Gloves are also a favorite among adults and now youth players can also take advantage of these professional-level gloves. There’s a lot to love about these gloves which is why we also think that these are one of the best options to get if a youth player is preparing for a competitive game. If you ask us which football gloves could truly withstand the rigors of football, one of our first answers would have to be the Grip Boost. 

These football gloves are perfect for players who are in charge of the ball. True to its name, these gloves provide the extra boost needed to obtain an improved grip. The Grip Boost Football glove provides just the right amount of tacky grip to enhance the performance of the player. Interestingly, it’s made with the brand’s proprietary formula grip boost that is made from crab shell! 

If that isn’t impressive enough, wait until we tell you about the glove’s grip gel. Yes, you’ve read that right – the Grip Boost Football Glove comes with a special formula that helps regain the stickiness of the gloves. While some gloves begin to lose their tack after a few games, this one just keeps getting better and better. 



If you think that tack is all these gloves can offer, think again. The Grip Boost also deserves an award for its comfortability and fit. These gloves provide plenty of ventilation which keeps the player’s hands dry even in humid seasons. And speaking of weather conditions, did we mention that these gloves also performs effectively under rain? To top it all off, these gloves are also comfortably snug – they do not suffocate or restrict the hands from movement at all. What more can you ask for from a pair of youth football gloves? 

6. Pure Athlete Youth Football Receiver Gloves

The Pure Athlete Youth Football Receiver Gloves are also available in adult sizes. It’s a good thing that the brand made them available for youth players as well so young wide receivers can benefit from its many features. When talking about Pure Athlete gloves, its tack and stickiness is perhaps the most talked-about feature and the number one reason why players choose to purchase these gloves. 

These gloves feature the brand’s elite-stick silicone gripping technology which aims to improve a player’s catchability – say goodbye to dropped passes! And to complement the tack on these gloves, the Pure Athlete is also flexible and lightweight, thanks to its 2-way stretch fabric. The added flexibility allows the hands and wrists to move freely. It is important to note, however, that these gloves are more tight-fitting than most; they provide a second-skin fit which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Still, it provides ample ventilation.



The Pure Athlete Youth Football Gloves is the king when it comes to providing users a more natural “glove-less” feel. Plus, the fact that they can also be used in any weather makes these gloves one of our top choices for competitive youth players as well. 

7. Franklin Sports Youth Football Receiver Gloves

The Franklin Sports Youth Football Receiver Gloves is for those who are in search of a budget-friendly football glove. These gloves cover all the basic needs of a receiver; it has a good quality tack, thanks to the one-piece tacky silicone palm and the thumb and forefinger coverage. The material on its back of the hand is made with stretchable polyester. Apart from providing flexibility, they are also breathable and lightweight. 

In terms of fit, the Franklin Sports Youth Glove may not have the same caliber as the other higher-end gloves, but the contoured wrap-around closure adds to their support and security to the hands. 



Overall, the Franklin Sports Youth Football Gloves are great for those who are looking for something casual or those who are in search for a pair of practice gloves. 

8. Battle Double Threat Youth Football Gloves

The Battle Double Threat Youth Football Gloves is on our list primarily because of its impressive backhand and wrist closure. We can’t stress enough how important the fit of the gloves are for a footballer. If we could give you an example of what a perfect fit looks like, these are the gloves we’d probably present you. We love how the Battle Double Threat has a backhand that’s both breathable and stretchable, making it one of the most snug yet comfortable pairs of football gloves available today. 

The contoured wrap-around wrist closure is another thing we kept an eye on. Most users tend to take glove closures for granted but once they switch over to better-quality closures, the difference is very noticeable. The added wrist support keeps the gloves secure and in place which is always a great thing during a heated game. 



When it comes to tack, the Battle Double Threat definitely does not fall behind the others. While its stickiness may not be as long-lasting, the one-piece tacky silicone palm added with the thumb and forefinger coverage gives the player a much-needed boost in their grip. We think that these gloves are a great option for those looking for a football glove that fits them just right. 

9. Cutters Gamer Padded Receiver Youth Football Gloves

Here’s another glove from the Cutters brand that has won our hearts. When it comes to grip and tack, the Cutters Gamer is one of the best pairs in the market today. 

Like all the other options in the Cutters catalog, the Cutters Gamer Padded Youth Football Gloves features the brand’s signature C-TACK grip palm technology. They are known to many as one of the stickiest materials on a football glove, making them a viable option for young receivers who are in need of a pro-level glove. But what sets the Cutters Gamer from all the other gloves from Cutters is its next-level durability and protective qualities. 



While the mesh-lined back of hand adds to the breathability of the gloves, its padding supports the glove’s flexibility and protective qualities. Impact-dampening paddings are usually reserved for lineman football gloves, yet the Cutters Gamer allows its users to benefit from its defensive features. The added neoprene cuff adds more support and protection on the wrists giving the user a close-to-natural feel when catching or handling the ball. 

10. Adidas Filthy Quick Youth Football Gloves

Our last pick for this rundown is the Adidas Filthy Quick Youth Football Glove. We believe that these gloves deserve a place on our list because of its impressive style and comfortability. Most of the gloves we’ve mentioned so far made it to our top 10 list because of their function and reliability. But we have to admit that these gloves from Adidas are here partly because of its looks. The heavy-duty synthetic leather on the Adidas Filthy Quick taught us that style does not always have to be sacrificed in exchange for practicality and function.  

However, don’t get us wrong because these gloves aren’t all about the looks. We also love the other materials and components that make these gloves one of the best options for young players today. 

First, the back of the hand is a notable feature on these gloves. Thanks to the performance-grade lycra material, these gloves provide a balance of comfort, fit, and function all at the same time. It fits just right, feels snug and comfortable, but also flexible enough for wrist and hand movements. The neoprene wrist band also adds to the overall comfortability of the gloves, as well as support. 



Additionally, the tack on these gloves are also remarkable as it features the Adidas-exclusive Grip Tack technology. We think these gloves will work amazingly with young wide receivers who are preparing for a big game. 




Seibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Youth Football Gloves Youth


Under Armour Boys F5 Football Gloves


Cutters Rev Pro Youth Football Gloves


EliteTek E-17 Youth Football Gloves


Grip Boost Youth Football Gloves

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look Out For When Buying Youth Football Gloves

Studies show that the injury rate of football can reach up to 30% per season. [4] It’s hard to imagine the numbers as you are reading this article and it may not even seem like such an alarming percentage. But as parents or adults facilitating the game, we’d hate for our young kids to undergo any form of pain or injury while doing something that they love. 

One way to significantly reduce the risk of injury is to choose the right type of protective equipment. Nowadays, youth football gloves aren’t used just to protect the hands and wrists – they can also improve the performance of a youth athlete. Talent, skill, and hard work are all important to the success of a player, but a little boost from a football glove can make a huge difference to the game.



The very first thing you should do before purchasing a pair of gloves is to identify your young footballer’s role in the game. As we have mentioned earlier, football gloves aren’t just valued for their protective qualities. They now have specialized features that aim to improve the performance of the player. Just as there are varying roles on the field, the best football gloves also come with a variety of features that aim to support each particular role. 

Wide receivers, for example, may need a better quality tack in comparison to other football players on the field. Linemen and other positions that take part in the scrimmage need more support in dampening the impact. They also need to be more heavy-duty and durable to withstand the rigors of football.

That said, there is no perfect one-size-fits-all type of glove out there. You can definitely find a multi-purpose glove but even with the latest technology today, it cannot provide the best of both worlds. This is why it is important to determine your future star’s football position first so you know what qualities to prioritize. 


Apart from identifying your football position, it is also very important to confirm the purpose of the gloves you’re planning to buy. Is your young footballer in need of a glove for beginner’s training or practice? Or are they preparing for an important football game? Maybe perhaps they are just looking for something to use during a casual game with friends? 

Let’s be honest, a good quality pair of gloves do not usually come in cheap. 

You’d want to make an important investment for occasions that require top-level performance and perhaps save the pocket-friendly options for more casual games. But make no mistake – affordable definitely does not mean that you have to skimp on quality. 

The key is to find out the use of the gloves so that your young football player can reach their goals more effectively. 


The next step is to measure the size of the hand of your young football player. Getting the right fit and size is crucial when purchasing youth football gloves. Using the wrong size of gloves would be uncomfortable and exposes the player to potential injuries even more than playing with bare hands. Without getting the perfect fit and size, the gloves end up becoming a hindrance instead of a tool to the performance of the player. 

To avoid this, all you have to do is to get the measurement of the player’s hands. Just as how adults would measure theirs for their pair of gloves, youth players would need to do the same process. Using a measuring tape, start from the base of the palm all the way to the tip of the middle finger. This measurement will serve as a basis for the glove’s size.

 For more information, follow the instructions on this video:


Some football players like their gloves tight, almost like a second skin. But others may find this extremely suffocating and therefore uncomfortable to wear during a game. Football gloves of any type will always be advertised as the best option for all football players. But what may work for others may not always work for your footballer. 

All gloves have their advantages and disadvantages; the key to finding the best youth football gloves is to find what makes you feel secure and confident. If ventilation is one of your top priorities, make sure that the glove you are searching for has such qualities. 

Most people are influenced by the opinion of other players, or worse, by the ads promoted by brands. But at the end of the day, the player’s needs are the most important factor when choosing the best youth football gloves. After all, they are the ones using the gloves so they should make the decision on what fits them best. 

Also read out guide on how to make sure you get the most comfortable football cleats for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, youth players cannot use adult football gloves. However it’s not unusual for an older youth athlete to use an adult-sized glove – it all depends on the size of their hands. Adult-sized gloves start from 7 inches, anything below that is a youth football glove size. If your teenager has bigger hands than most kids, feel free to move them up to the adult sizes. Otherwise, it is best for your player to stick to youth sizes. [5]

As mentioned earlier, getting the right size and fit is mandatory when choosing youth football gloves. Football gloves must have a comfortable snug fit and it should not have any loose or extra spaces. Getting a secure and reliable closure will not only provide support but it also keeps the glove in its place during the game. 

Ideally, the best youth football glove is one that delivers all the needs of the user according to the position of the football player. As we know there is no such thing as a perfect glove. However, there are those that can come pretty close, especially if it nails all of your priorities down. 

To find the best youth football glove, we recommend forming a list of your priorities. Of course, getting the right fit and size, and choosing a glove that is appropriate for your future star’s position are all important steps. But in the end, it’s all about personalizing the gloves. Perhaps they want gloves that are breathable yet tight-fitting. This may not be someone else’s idea of a perfect football glove but that doesn’t mean that your young footballer shouldn’t try it. In the end, it is all about the player’s needs and wants. 

Just like adult-sized gloves, youth football gloves should never be too tight. Although they must be snug, they should still be comfortable and breathable. The gloves should not restrict the movement of the hands and they should also be flexible enough for tackling and throwing and catching the ball.

Find out how you can make sure that your football helmet fits perfectly.

There are some multi-purpose gloves available in the market today. Using them is not a problem but it may not be the best option if your young football player is going to participate in a competitive game. 

Multi-purpose gloves try to offer the needs of every player but they aren’t as efficient as specialized gloves. This is not to say that they offer lower value to players; they get the job done when a player needs it. But when the game becomes more challenging and competitive, it may not be able to support the player as other gloves can. 

In our opinion, multi-purpose gloves are best for practice or training. Footballers who like switching positions can also benefit from the convenience of owning a versatile pair. But when it comes to competitive games, we think that football players need a more robust tool to focus on what they do best instead of a jack-of-all-trades type of glove. 

Customized football gloves are cool; they take personalization to a whole new level but they may not always be welcome to a game. It all depends on the rules of the league. Some see it as an opportunity to cheat while others may not think much of it. Of course, players are free to use them when participating in a casual game with friends. But before making any drastic changes to a football glove meant for competitions, it is best to consult the rule book first. 

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Twelve Constellations Youth Football Gloves

Our #1 Best Youth Football Gloves

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