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S452 Rev Pro 3.0 & S451 Rev Pro 2.0 Cutter Gloves Review

Most ball-handling NFL players have found great use for reliable gloves. According to the NFL rule book, players are allowed to wear tackified gloves as long as the sticky substance does not cause handling problems for players nor adheres to the football. 

In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at the Cutter S452 Rev Pro 3.0 and S451 Rev Pro 2.0 gloves. These Cutter gloves promote high-performance specifically for players who play at positions that require good ball-grip and who have the ball in their hands on a regular basis.

If you’re a wide receiver, running back, quarterback, or a ball-hawking defensive back, keep reading this Cutters football gloves review to see if they are the perfect gloves for you.

Overview of the S452 Rev Pro 3.0 and S451 Rev Pro 2.0

There’s no question about it, the S452 and S451 Rev Pro are receiver gloves through and through. With C-TACK Extreme Grip, you’re less likely to fumble the ball and drop the ball. Instead, you’ll be more likely to make incredible catches, so long as you can get your hand on the ball.

Moreover, these gloves are incredibly durable, which is rare for receiver gloves. Receiver gloves are typically made of extremely thin material which breaks down rather quickly.

Don’t get us wrong, the S452 Rev Pro 3.0 and S451 Rev Pro 2.0 are lightweight and highly breathable, but they have an added sturdiness that as long as you maintain your gloves, will last for a long time.

S452 Rev Pro 3.0

Cutters 3.0

S451 Rev Pro 2.0

Cutters Gloves Rev Pro 2.0 R



What To Consider Before Buying Gloves

When researching gloves, you should consider the position you’re playing and your role on the team. Gloves are typically position-specific. If you’re a receiver or a primary ball-handler, you will want gloves that optimize your grip and feel for the ball.

On the other hand, a lineman will want an impact-resistant glove that protects the wrists with excess padding. If you are playing the linemen position, better head over to out list of top football gloves for linemen.

So make sure you fully understand your position and role. This will help narrow down the list of options, and streamline your way to finding the perfect glove.

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Pro-tip: Research what gloves the pro players you want to emulate wear. This is one of the best ways to narrow down your search. If those gloves are outside of your budget, feel free to find a version earlier in the line.

What Are the Features and Benefits of the S452 Rev Pro 3.0?

If you’re a wide receiver that needs a little extra bit of help holding onto the ball, or a running back that always seems to fumble at the most inopportune times, then you’re in luck. The S451 Rev Pro 3.0 gloves are designed specifically with holding onto the ball in mind.

But that’s just one of the many features and benefits of the S452 Rev Pro 3.0. Let’s take a deeper look at the other benefits.

#1 Longevity

Receiver gloves are typically useful for one season – if that – before they succumb to wear and tear and are no longer useful to you.

But the S452 Rev Pro 3.0 changes all that, with C-Tack performance material that is combined with cabretta leather to offer an extended life period like no other. Cabretta leather is created from sheep fur, which is naturally tough and resilient.

Moreover, Rev Tack Recharge technology means that you can restore the grip of the glove by wiping it with a damp cloth or through machine washing. That is because the grip of the glove is built into the material itself, so you will not damage the grip unless you quite literally rip a hole in the material.

This ensures that the S452 Rev Pro 3.0 gloves will meet your ball-gripping needs for as long as you take care of them.

#2 Comfort

The S452 Rev Pro 3.0 Cutter gloves are some of the most comfortable gloves on the market, with a perforated Air C-TACK Extreme Grip that offers better breathability and cooling performance.

Furthermore, true fit C-TACK locks down the thumb and provides added grip surface. While the intelligent panel additions and a secure and flexible back-of-hand offer even more support and durability.

A power band built inside the S452 Rev Pro 3.0 provides a secure, locked-in feel, and a neoprene cuff adds comfort for the wrist.  

#3 Grip

The grip on the S452 Pro 3.0 is unheralded. As we’ve previously mentioned, there are a number of C-TACK hotspots that not only add comfort but also improve the grip of the gloves. This grip improvement can be felt particularly in the palm and fingers, with an expanded grip surface in the thumbs thanks to the C-TACK thumb locks.[1]

The synthetic material has been embossed not only to provide a better feel on the ball, but to additionally allow for machine washing and drying without damaging the grip whatsoever.

That is no joke! The fact that these gloves are capable of withstanding sweat, rain, and mud without losing their sticky power is an impressive feature, as we all know football games continue rain or shine. 

If you are ever in the middle of a game when it starts to rain, just grab a towel and dry your gloves off. Then, you’ll have a major advantage over everyone else in the catching and gripping the football department. 

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What Are the Features and Benefits of the S451 Rev Pro 2.0?

The S451 Rev Pro 2.0 has a number of features and benefits. What we’ll look at today is the fit, grip, ball feel, ventilation and durability of these gloves.

#1 Fit

The S451 Rev Pro 2.0s are made with a mesh back-of-hand around the fingers, with synthetic leather around the knuckles going down the rest of the glove.

That means that the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 fits well, but does not offer that nice, compressive fit that an entirely mesh glove offers. In effect, the synthetic leather prevents the glove from gripping or cuddling the hand completely, though the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 does fit relatively well nonetheless.

If you are interested in purchasing this glove online, keep in mind that the glove fits true to size. Therefore, if you wear an XL glove, you will most likely be purchasing an XL S451 Rev Pro 2.0.

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#2 Grip

The S451 Rev Pro 2.0 still utilizes the original Cutters grip. For those not in the know, what makes the original Cutters grip so exceptional is that you can wash and dry the gloves, as the grip is actually in the material of the glove and will therefore not wear out nearly as quickly as any other glove on the market.

On the palm side, there is a triple contour of C-Tack Material that ensures the most possible traction – you’ll feel the football glued to your hands as you receive it.

The only disadvantage to these gloves in terms of grip is that if the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 gets wet or dirty, which can occur naturally over the course of the game, it can ruin the grip of the glove.

So, make sure you keep the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 as clean as you possibly can to ensure longevity and that the gloves will last for a long time.

This means you will probably have to start playing with a towel to wipe off any dirt or slew, sometimes even between plays and not just between possessions.

#3 Ball Feel

The feel of the ball is not sacrificed at all in the S451 Rev Pro 2.0. The glove bends rather easily to catch the ball despite the synthetic leather on the back-of-hand.[2]

This is thanks to the thin material on the fingers, which enables you to bend your fingers without feeling constricted or like something is preventing or restricting your fingers from forming around the ball.

Overall, these gloves are excellent in terms of ball feel. This is probably one of the best and most underrated features of the S451 Rev Pro 2.0.

#4 Ventilation

Ventilation in the fingers of the glove helps you keep cool during the heat of the game. However, the synthetic leather on the back-of-hand provides more durability than it does ventilation.

In short, there is not much ventilation on the S451 Rev Pro 2.0, and this is easily one of the worst features of this glove. Many of the gloves on the market today have made a point to have super well-ventilated gloves, so the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 falling short on this category is a huge drawback.

#5 Durability

The S451 Rev Pro 2.0 is an overall thicker glove, and when you try them on for the first time, you’ll immediately notice just how much more durable and sturdy these gloves are.

That’s because where these Cutter gloves really excel is in durability. The grip of the glove is actually built into the material, so the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 is not going to wear out until you literally wear a hole in the palm of the glove.

Moreover, as we previously mentioned, the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 can be washed and dried even in the laundry, without compromising the grip.

With other gloves, washing and drying them would peel the grip off the gloves, but so long as you maintain the S451 Rev Pro 2.0, you should be able to use them over the course of multiple seasons.

What Are They Saying About The S452 Rev Pro 3.0 and S451 Rev Pro 2.0?

The reviews for these cutter gloves are overwhelmingly positive. Check out some of the reviews we found online.

Overall, we found these gloves take a bit of getting used to, as the added sturdiness is quite unique in a receive glove. You might feel like these gloves “weigh you down”, especially in comparison to other excellent receive gloves like the Nike Untouchable. However, once you get used to them, you’ll immediately notice an increase in your catching ability, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself to be your quarterback’s favorite receiver.

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No, cutter gloves are not banned from the NFL. The league’s uniform code states that any “adhesive or slippery substances on the body, equipment, or uniform of any player” is prohibited, but tackified gloves are allowed so long as they are not overwhelmingly sticky and do not adhere to the football or otherwise cause handling problems for players.[3]

Many football gloves actually do not work well in the rain. That is because many receiver gloves have the grip set on top of the material of the glove. So when it rains or when your gloves get dirty, the extra lubrication blocks the grip, making the ball more slippery than usual.

However, the cutter gloves have a grip-boost that is built into the material of the glove itself, so you should have no problems playing in the rain, so long as you wipe your gloves off between plays.

Yes, wide receivers can wear gloves. In fact, it’s quite rare that a professional player does not wear gloves, as beyond the added grip, gloves offer protection for the fingers, which can be quite vulnerable, especially if you’re catching strikes from Brett Favre or Matt Ryan. 

To make sure you stay comfortable and protected. We have put together all the protective football gears that every player should have for adult and youth. 

Final Words

These Cutter gloves are some of the best pass-catching gloves on the market. If you’re a player that suffers from fumbling the ball or struggles with dropped catches (*cough* Nelson Agholor *cough*), you may want to spend some extra time with these gloves at the jug machine.

If you’re looking for something lighter that enables you to explode off the line of scrimmage, you might have better luck with the lightweight Nike Untouchable Pro, which we’ve reviewed in a previous review.

Overall, at their price point, the S452 and S451 cutter gloves are not to be beat, and will last you over the course of multiple seasons so you can take the time to “grow” into these gloves. Check out our highly recommended youth football gloves.

For more information, check out the S452 Rev Pro 3.0 here and the S451 Rev Pro 2.0 here; or read our review on the best football gloves.

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