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DFS Army Review – Will it Take You to the Next Level?

If you wanted a simple lineup optimizer, something you could check once a week and make a fortune, you’ve come to the wrong place. If, instead, you’re out to maximize your DFS knowledge and learn all that you can, then you might just want to enlist in the DFS Army.

Keep reading this comprehensive DFS Army review to learn why!

An Overview of DFS Army

DFS Army is run by Kevin Alan aka The Football Geek. It offers a unique take on playing DFS. 

When you subscribe, they pair you with a DFS coach of your choice that matches up best with your style. You can chat with them on Slack forums where you’ll get direct responses to your questions.

The whole motto of DFS Army is to deliver more than you expect. You’ll find extensive videos on Bankroll Management, tutorials for basic play, and deep-diving strategies all at your fingertips.

At DFS Army, you will find an atmosphere of positive and communal dedication to improve your game. Keep reading this DFS Army review for more details.


Membership is free for players registering for new DraftKings, FanDuel or DraftPot accounts.
You receive tons of guides, strategies and ebooks.
Access to The Geek’s weekly player picks.
 Coaches and private forums are very responsive and helpful.


Website design is slightly archaic.

Who Is DFS Army for?

Unlike other services, DFS army doesn’t try to sucker you in by selling lineups or weekly player picks. Instead, the focus is on teaching the strategies and techniques you need to become a profitable DFS player.

Their goal is to teach you the fundamentals of lineup construction and provide the tools for long term profitability.

The great benefit of using DFS Army is that it has different tiers of membership, so players who are only looking for certain features can do so without subscribing to an entire package. For example, the DFS Army Lite plan is good for players seeking only a lineup tool, while the VIP plan is more appropriate for serious DFS players.

DFS Army is especially useful for those that manage several teams, as all of their features are designed to work across a number of teams and even DFS sites.

Veterans will enjoy learning about The Geek’s rigorous and strict DFS system, and new players will appreciate the referrals and books that The Geek sends you to give you the best tools for success.

Features and Benefits of DFS Army

Membership plans

Before we dig into the features, let’s start with the membership plans available to you.

Everyone starts off with a free first month. This free month will give you access to domination station optimizer, research station, custom DFS army projections, premium cheat sheets and articles and podcasts. We’ll talk about all of these in more detail below.

When your first free month is over, you’ll have the option of choosing DFS Army Lite or DFS Army VIP. The Lite membership features everything from your first free month, but with the option of competing in DFS contests for any sport. This typically sells at $35 USD per month and you can cancel at any time. [1]

The VIP subscription includes everything from DFS Army Lite plus access to industry best team forums, coaching and slate breakdowns, late breaking news alerts, and the opportunity to ask questions and chat with pros. This usually retails at S49.99 USD per month.

#1 Domination Station Optimizer

Billed as the most badass optimization tool, DFS’s lineup optimizer features a “Tournament Mode” where you can set exposure values for certain players. This means that you will not get the same players across the same lineup, giving you more variety in your DFS lineups.

This ensures players are evenly distributed – which is a remarkably typical issue in DFS optimizers when exposure settings are set. In other optimizers, setting max exposures did not spread players out properly, resulting in some high-quality players not showing up in lineups when “optimized”.

Moreover, with the Domination Station Optimizer, you can generate anywhere from one to 150 Lineups in seconds. Seconds!

#2 Projection and Spreadsheets

DFS Army has all of the important stats for every player on every NFL team, right at your fingertips.

You can even create your own custom projections and simulate thousands of games to provide the most accurate data possible.

#3 Research Station

DFS Army’s Research Station has all the tools you need to be successful in Fantasy Football.

In fact, DFS Army has even tailored their tools to fit specific DFS hosts like DraftKings and FanDuel.

This means that all of your projections, analysis, and spreadsheets will be optimized to your league’s scoring system. Plus, the optimizer will populate players based specifically on your host.

This host-specific feature is great because as we know, DFS has varying player salaries and contest types. That means that one player that might be good for DraftKings might not be right for FanDuel.

Moreover, the Research Station provides detailed and customizable spreadsheets with insightful metrics that are packaged in a consumer-friendly way. You’ll find all sorts of suggestions and advice on things like how to stack and what positions provide the most value.

#4 Support for DFS Players

The best thing about DFS Army by far is its supportive forum, where a number of fantasy football vets are more than happy to give you feedback on your DFS Lineups.

For VIP subscribers, DFS Army offers a Slack channel that gives players direct access to some of the best minds behind the DFS Army.

In Slack, you will also find additional channels for news and discussion, and some channels for individual DFS Army coaches.

Everyone is super helpful and willing to help, so even new or casual players will make good use of this feature.

#5 VIP Forums

The DFS Army is a group of hardcore DFS players who all work together to help one another get better.

The forums are meant to teach you the fundamentals of bankroll management, player selection and lineup construction in order to help you apply your fantasy football knowledge in a way that will have you doing more to win than just relying on the lineup optimizer.

#6 VIP Perks

Not only will you get access to The Geek’s DFS strategy guide, where you can learn some basic concepts like fading, stacking, and matchup evaluation, but also DFS army will send you a 200 page book on DFS strategies that the pros use.[3]

You will also get two DFS ebooks with over 400 pages of advanced lineup construction and bankroll management strategy backed by charts and stats, as well as access to The Geek’s weekly FanDuel and DraftKings player’s picks.

All of the picks are broken down into different categories for different scoring systems. The Geek has a 62% win percentage on over 10,000+ cash game entries, so his list is not something you will want to miss.

But wait, that’s not all! As a premium member, you will also receive a weekly email with 3 cash optimized lineups for FanDuel and DraftKings contests. Plus, invites to exclusive FREEROLLS from FanDuel and DraftKings.

These FREEROLLS allow you to compete for free and are very easy to cash in. On top of that, they are often semi-private, so the pool of competitors is smaller.

What Users are Saying About DFS Army

DFS has a ton of people who won big with DFS Army’s help..

 Below are some images showing some of the wins:

Alternatives to DFS Army

1. FantasyPros

FantasyPros is simply one of the best fantasy football advice sites out there. It organizes all of the fantasy football advice from the top experts around the world of football, and ranks them using an algorithm that factors in past success.

FantasyPros also has an abundant amount of information, spreadsheets, cheat sheets and analytics, all in an easy-to-read and digestible format that anyone from a casual to hardcore player will appreciate.

On top of that, they will constantly be feeding you real-time recommendations from experts, and you can even pick which experts you’d like to hear from the most.

The only downside to FantasyPros vis-à-vis DFS Army is that it is much more expensive.

2. Draft Dashboard

Draft Dashboard is the place to go if you’re looking for the best lineup optimizer. By far, DD has the most user-friendly interface and the lineup-creation experience is one of the most efficient as well as one of the most accurate.

Seriously, the lineup optimizer is so much more than just an optimizer, as it includes features like the Position Optimizer tool, the Perfect Lineups interface, and Top Players widget which will help you achieve the best possible fantasy lineup.

You won’t know what to do with the spare time you save with Draft Dashboard’s lineup optimizer. I guess you could also check out their amazing Daily Fantasy Tools that highlight players with the best value, most optimal stats and best defensive matchups.

You’ll immediately notice a skyrocket in the number of your wins when using the DFS lineup optimizer on sites like DraftKings and FanDuels.

3. Fantasy Football Nerd

Fantasy Football Nerd is a great budget alternative and is perfect for new players and returning veterans alike.

It features an excellent Line-up Assistant tool that finds players that give you the most bang for your buck – high value players with low DFS salaries.

On top of that, their suite of tools, while on the lighter side relative to the market, are some of the easiest and most accessible to use. Much of their awesome software is in fact free to use!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Words

Pulling from the “give a man a fish” proverb, DFS Army seeks to educate as well as advise DFS players. The Geek is a top expert with years of success in the DFS world, and when you purchase a membership, he’s there to give you all the resources and info you need to be successful.

The best aspect of DFS Army are the coaches who give you direct advice. Normally, paying for a mentor would cost you hundreds, if not thousands, in other industries. DFS Army gives you the opportunity to learn from some of the best for $50 a month.

When it comes to fantasy football, much of the work is on you to develop strategies and techniques to be successful. DFS Army cuts through that with a focus on education and teaching of the basic fundamentals, as well as more complex concepts.

STAR Rating: 4 out of 5.


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