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Dhgate Jersey Review

DHgate is a wholesale marketplace website that facilitates the sale of manufactured goods between buyers and sellers.

You’ll be able to shop directly from sellers, where you’ll find hundreds of suppliers selling authentic and replica NFL and NBA jerseys at discounted prices.

Prices for NFL and NBA jerseys range between $17 and $35, though this of course depends on the sellers and the market.

Still, considering most NFL jerseys cost roughly $200 and NBA jerseys cost $120, you’ll always be enjoying lower-than-retail prices if you shop at DHgate.

What’s more, many NFL and NBA jerseys are actually cheaper if you buy through the DHgate app, which is available on Android and Apple.

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Questions You May Have

Are DHgate jerseys legit?

DHgate is one of the most consumer-friendly and most scam-proof websites to purchase cheap NFL jerseys, with millions of members trading NFL fan gear since 2004.

The platform handles the transaction so that the money is not exchanged until the buyer is satisfied, and there are plenty of people selling perfectly legitimate NFL jerseys at discounted prices.

When going into the buying process, have some healthy skepticism about the product you’re about to purchase and you should be able to weed out the real from the fake.

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Is buying on DHgate safe?

DHgate is safe and ideal for avoiding scams.

This is because your payment is only released to the seller after you’ve received your NFL or NBA jersey and are satisfied with its condition.

How long does it take to get a jersey from DHgate?

Most sellers usually ship out within 3 to 4 business days.

However, as much of the stock is in China, you may have to wait upwards of 30 days to receive your NFL or NBA jersey – so be careful buying a jersey on DHgate if you were planning on wearing it to the game soon.

Does DHgate sell fake stuff?

Yes, some of the jerseys on DHgate are blatantly fake.

For NBA jerseys, take a close look at the Nike Swoosh logo on the jersey. A lot of the time, the Nike logo will also be too thin compared to the original.

NFL jerseys don’t have as easy of a visual tell from just looking at pictures. But most of the time, the fake NFL jerseys won’t have the NFL shield on the collar.

If you can also manage a glimpse of the tag, check to see if the jersey is made in either Honduras or Guatemala.

No matter how convincing a jersey looks, if it’s made anywhere other than in those two countries, you’ve spotted a fake NFL jersey.

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Who is the best seller for jerseys on DHgate?

All_star_jerseys are the best sellers of NFL jerseys. They currently have 4. Stars on 2485 customer reviews.

Gymclothes are the best sellers of NBA jerseys, with 4.7 stars on 140 customer reviews.  

What makes them the best is that they offer above average product quality, customer service and delivery.

Customers are pleased with their purchases which is why they also have high repurchase rates.

They also offer favorable return policies. You can receive a partial refund and keep the jersey if it is not as described or has quality issues, for example.

All you have to do is message the seller through the DHgate website or app within 30 days of when the jersey was received and your return request will be honored.

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How Do I Find The Best Sellers on DHgate?

One thing you want to look for is the number of transactions. This will be listed at the top of the screen on the product detail page.

A vendor with many transactions means that they’ve made a lot of sales, which is a good thing for obvious reasons.

Then, look at the positive feedback metric right next to the transaction number. Only go with a vendor with 95% or more in this column.

Make sure to check out the customer reviews. Click on “see all reviews” and you’ll see the reviews with pictures listed at the top.

You can use this to gauge the quality of the product.

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Step-by-Step Guide To Purchasing An NBA Or NFL Jersey on DHgate

#1 Use the search bar

The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to use the search bar.

For NFL jerseys, you can simply type the name of the player or team whose jersey you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find the exact NBA jersey you are looking for, as searching for any player name and team will yield no results.

Instead, you have to search for “NBA jerseys” and look through the list of vendors.

#2 Find Your Jersey

If you’re looking for NBA jerseys, most of the jerseys you’ll find on there will look like Swingman edition jerseys.

You can also expect to find jerseys for some of the most popular players in the League currently, as well as many obvious knock-offs of Kobe Bryant’s Laker jersey and Michael Jordan’s Bulls jersey.

What you’re most likely to find are jerseys all marketed together. Once you click on a set of jerseys, this will take you to the product page.

From there, you must select the jersey you want under the “Color” options.

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#3 Hit ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Add To Cart’

At the bottom of the product details, you can click ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Add To Cart’ if you still want to keep shopping.

Once you’re ready to buy, go to the checkout where you will need to put your billing and shipping details.

Then, all you have to do is confirm your payment and your jersey will be sent to you.

Keep in mind that shipping speeds may vary.

All of the stock is in China, so it is not unusual for jerseys to take up to 30 days.

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