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Can You Do ESPN Fantasy Football Draft on iPhone and How?

You’ve done all your pre-draft preparation. 

This is the year you finally issue a beatdown to that bragging punk you can’t stand to be around but whom you tolerate because all your other friends think he’s cool.

Unfortunately, a last-minute emergency prevents you from being in front of your computer at draft time.

No Worries.

Drafting your ESPN fantasy football team from your iPhone could not be simpler.

Honestly, the interface is so smooth that I prefer drafting on my iPhone.

Furthermore, you can set all your draft preferences on your home computer, and everything will transfer to your iPhone’s app.

I’m Tracy, a former collegiate edge rusher and a student of the game for more than twenty years.

In addition, I’ve been playing fantasy football for years and placed first in the $1.2 million Super Bowl Showdown Contest on DraftKings.

I am also firmly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem and use my iPhone for almost everything.

In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know to draft your ESPN fantasy football team on your iPhone. I’ll address the interface in detail and explain how to navigate your draft process: from logging into the proper app to making your final selection.

Without further ado, let’s get smarter!

Key Takeaways

  • Drafting your ESPN fantasy football team from your iPhone could not be simpler.
  • The ESPN fantasy football app interface may seem daunting initially. Still, this article covers everything you would ever need to know.
  • There are five main sections to the ESPN fantasy football draft interface on the iPhone. I cover each separately in straightforward language: draft order, players, pick queue, your picks, and making your selection.

Log Into The Proper App

This may seem silly to you, but the first step in drafting your fantasy football team on iPhone is to use the appropriate app. [1]

If you are like me, you have at least two ESPN apps and possibly many others.

When it’s time to draft your fantasy football team, you must enter the ESPN Fantasy app shown below and not the main ESPN app.

Join Your Draft

So you have logged into your ESPN Fantasy App.

You click on the ‘Football’ icon circled in red below.

You then scroll the middle portion of the app until you see the ‘Join Your Draft’ message that is boxed in blue below.

Click on the ‘Join Your Draft’ message to enter the draft room.    

Navigating the Draft Interface:


Once you have entered the draft room before your draft, you will see the complicated screen above. [2]

You are looking at a list of players ranked in their default order.

This is because the ‘Players’ icon at the bottom left of your screen and inside the blue circle is selected, as indicated by its green color.

There are five main sections to the ESPN fantasy football draft interface on the iPhone. 

I will cover each separately: draft order, players, pick queue, your picks, and making your selection.

Draft Order

The top of the interface shows you the draft order and the time remaining until the following selection must be made. 

The amount of time, before the draft begins, is in the upper left-hand corner and surrounded by the black rectangle.

Once the draft begins, the timer will indicate the time remaining before the following selection must be made.

The team on the left will draft first, and the red rectangle surrounds that team.

Once the draft begins, the red rectangle surrounds the left-most team and the team that drafts next.

The teams will cycle through as each pick is made, so whoever is drafting next will be shown on the top left, and the team on deck will be to the right of that team. [3]


The current screen shows the players ranked in order, regardless of position.

If the screen were not showing the players, you would click on the ‘Players’ icon located at the bottom of the screen and surrounded by the blue circle. 

Suppose you want to see the players in ranked order at a particular position. 

In that case, you click on the ‘All Pos’ icon inside the blue rectangle and select the position you desire.

Suppose you want to locate a specific player without wasting your time scrolling down the entire list of players.

You click on the magnifying glass icon inside the black circle and type in the name of the player you are searching for. [4]

Pick Queue

From the interface shown, click ‘Queue’ on any player you want to add to your queue.

Once you add players to your queue, you may access your queue by clicking on ‘Queue’ at the bottom of the interface inside the green circle.

Once in the queue, you can drag players up and down to order them as you choose. 

Go ahead and put some players you want into your queue. This is a safety net if your clock runs out or you get bumped offline. [5]

During the draft, if the timer runs out before you have made a selection — because you took too much time thinking or had a computer glitch — the system selects the top player in your queue for you. 

Furthermore, placing players you want to draft in your queue helps you remember to draft them. [6]

Your Picks

As your draft progresses, you can see the picks that you have made by clicking the ‘Your Picks’ icon at the bottom of the screen that is surrounded by the red circle.

You will see the positions for which you have drafted.

You will also see what positions remain undrafted and need to be addressed.

Making Your Selection

If you’re not drafting first, it may seem like an eternity for your opportunity to make your selection.

When it is your turn to draft, the clock at the top left will start ticking toward zero. [7]

In addition, in the player’s interface above, all the ‘Queue’ buttons will turn green, and the word ‘Queue’ is replaced by ‘Draft.’

You click ‘Draft’ on the player you want to select.

Stay focused, don’t let others distract you, and don’t panic when you are on the clock. Use the entire clock if you need to. [8]

After selecting a player, he is added to the interface’s ‘Your Picks’ section. 

Once again, he is accessed by clicking the ‘Your Picks’ icon at the bottom of the screen, surrounded by the red circle.

BEWARE: If the clock strikes 0:00 and you have yet to make a pick, the top player in your queue or (if there is no one in your queue) the top-ranked player available will be selected for you. 

I encourage you to check out the video below for a complete overview of the process:

Closing Thoughts

Now, be honest.

Initially, you found the ESPN fantasy football interface on iPhone too complicated, right?

But after reading this post and experimenting, you prefer the smooth interface.

I know.

I was once in your shoes.

This is only one of many fantasy football articles I will write.

Stay tuned and hurry back now, you hear! 


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