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Fanatics Breakaway Jersey

What is a Breakaway player jersey?

A Breakaway player jersey is an NHL jersey designed by Fanatics. The aim of Breakaway jerseys is to offer fans an NHL sweater that fits and feels comfortable to wear on a night out or to the game.

They’re made of “fantex” material which gives these jerseys a comfortable, flexible feel that is very different from the traditional bulk of a hockey jersey.

It also features a more tailored cut, with mid-weight performance material to ensure that you can do whatever you like in your jersey, whether that’s playing road hockey or looking fashionable as streetwear.

How do Fanatics Breakaway jerseys fit?

Most hockey jerseys are designed to be baggy, as this allows the wearer to layer a hoodie or sweater underneath their jersey.

That means that Breakaway jerseys will fit somewhat boxy, but unlike Authentic jerseys, they’re designed to contour the upper torso a little more.

So if you plan on wearing layers under your jersey, I’d recommend you select your usual size (i.e. if you’re a medium, but a medium breakaway jersey.)

However, if you want to wear your Breakaway jersey as a main layer, you’ll want to size down so that it fits you better and looks more fashionable.

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What is the difference between Fanatics Breakaway jerseys vs. Adidas AdiZero Authentic NHL jerseys?

Off the bat, the biggest difference between Breakaway and Authentic jerseys is the price.

The Adidas AdiZero Authentic jerseys retail anywhere around $180 to $249 on the NHL Shop, while the Fanatics Breakaway jerseys retail at $120.

The Adidas Authentic jerseys are as close to that the players wear on the ice, with all of the premium decal finishes you’ll see when watching Hockey Night in Canada.

These have that looser, baggier look to them with plenty of length at the bottom, so if you prefer a tighter fit, you’ll need to size down at least one size.

The Fanatics Breakaway editions are hockey jerseys without the premium finishes, but they still look great and retail at a more affordable price point in comparison to the Adidas ones.

The Breakaways fit a tad smaller than the Adidas jerseys, so you may need to adjust your sizing depending on where you fit.

As well, Fanatics jerseys use a standard small-medium-sizing system, whereas Adidas hockey jerseys use numerical sizing systems. This makes the Adidas jerseys slightly more accurate in terms of sizing.

Fanatics Breakaway Jersey sizing tips

Tip #1 Consider How You Plan To Wear Your Fanatics Breakaway Jersey

Breakaway jerseys, while contoured, run large. Most often, they’ll fit approximately 1 to 2 sizes larger than your regular clothing.

That is because Breakaway jerseys are meant to be worn over other clothing, like sweaters and/or T-shirt.

What this means is that you’ll have to consider how you want to wear your Breakaway jersey.

If you’re planning on playing some hockey in your Breakaway jersey, you might want to size up to allow for room for the heavy and bulky padding that hockey players wear – shoulder pads, chest pads, elbow pads, etc.

If you’re only planning on wearing sweaters or hoodies underneath your hockey jersey, you might prefer the look of a true to size jersey – that is, the size that you normally wear.

Since Breakaway jerseys are baggy by default, a true to size fit will look good with any layers underneath.

On the other hand, if you want to wear your Breakaway jersey without anything underneath, I would recommend sizing down potentially, as this will make your Breakaway jersey fit you better, particularly around the arms and chest.

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Tip #2 Do Measure Yourself Beforehand

It’s not enough to simply know your size in regular clothing.

Breakaway jerseys are unique, and that’s why you’ll have to measure yourself before you decide to purchase.

Luckily, this is simple. All you need to do is run a tape measure around the fullest part of your chest for the total chest circumference, and then match these numbers to the charts we’ve included below.

If you fall between two sizes, go back to tip #1 to consider whether you should size up or size down.


Tip #3 Consider The Team You’re Shopping For

In a strange but not-so-strange way, some Fanatics Breakaway player jerseys cost more than others.

There’s literally nothing different between the jerseys from team-to-team, except the team of course.

For example, Leaf and Ranger fans will be remiss to see that their teams’ jerseys cost $30 more than other NHL teams.

Why? Probably because these are some of the most popular teams in the league.

Additionally, some colorways cost more than others. For example, the Habs’ white jersey cost $30 more than their red jersey.

So make sure to keep this in mind when purchasing. You don’t want to make any budgeting errors and accidentally spend more than you intended!

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