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Fantasy Alarm Review: Is Fantasy Alarm a Good DFS Research Tool? (Player’s Guide)

Fantasy Alarm launched in 2010 and is the flagship digital property of the multi-layered media company FA Media, LLC.

Wondering if Fantasy Alarm is the right DFS and season-long fantasy research tool for you? This Fantasy Alarm review takes a deep dive into the software and discusses its strengths, weaknesses, and what you need to think about before investing your hard-earned money.

An Overview of  Fantasy Alarm

Key specifications:

  • Price plan: options to be discussed later.
  • Game coverage: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MMA, and PGA.
  • Tools Suite: DFS Playbook Pro, ownership predictions, lineup generator, LeagueSync, NFL Matchups, season-long and DFS projections, and draft support.

Fantasy Alarm is a fantasy research suite designed for both season-long and DFS competitions.

Their commitment to quality has won them many industry awards including Best Mobile App, Best Daily Fantasy Sports Tool & Content, Most Innovative Fantasy Product & Best Radio Show.[1]

Accessing any of their tools requires a subscription, for which there are many options. $19.97/month earns you access to all tools for all sports. There are also sport-specific packages for NFL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA, and MMA that will run you between $20 and $50 for an entire season.[2]


Inexpensive access to useful tools and information.
Support for both season-long leagues and DFS.
Multiple subscription options.
DFS Playbook Pro is great for beginners as it emphasizes the process for identifying good plays.
Supports NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, PGA, and MMA.


Website appears very outdated, disorganized, and there is significant lag.
No trial available.

Who Should be Buying a DFS Research Suite?

All DFS players of all skill levels who want access to more data and to create improved lineups in less time would benefit from a DFS research suite. Any DFS player who wants to become more profitable should consider Fantasy Alarm or other comparable products.

The ideal customer for this website is someone who seeks quality content and information and takes part in both DFS and season-long fantasy leagues.

While you get a lot of bang for your buck, if an outdated, disorganized, and slow website is not your thing, perhaps Fantasy Alarm is not for you.

Features and Benefits


The Fantasy Alarm Pro membership options are incredibly flexible.

All Sports Pro Package

Access to all tools for all sports is available for $19.97/month or $120/year.

Single Sports Pro Package

Access to all tools for MMA, NASCAR, and PGA is available for $19.97/season. The MLB Pro and the NFL Pro packages will cost you $49.97/season.

Comprehensive draft support for season-long leagues and LeagueSync, a feature that I will discuss later, elevate the costs of the MLB and NFL packages.

Draft Guide and Cheat Sheet

The NFL and MLB Draft Guides deliver unsurpassed preparation for your season-long fantasy football or baseball drafts at the cost of $19.97 each. These are included in the NFL Pro and MLB Pro single sports packages.

DFS Playbook Pro

The DFS Playbook Pro is included in all subscription packages that include the NFL. It  provides a detailed analysis of the upcoming Sunday slates.[3]

Each week begins with the NFL DFS Playbook Watch List of top plays, chalk plays, and bargain plays. The Watch List updates throughout the week, and its updated version becomes the final Playbook that is released Sunday morning.

The Fantasy Alarm Playbook is intended to serve as a teaching tool, not a list of players to incorporate into your lineups. The objective is to teach you to become a better DFS player by spotlighting the player selection process.

The watch list (above) and the Playbook both include explanations of why a particular player should be targeted this week. These explanations are provided in the “Breakdown” section above. Eventually, as your thinking process evolves, you can identify the best plays without any assistance.

DFS success is all about the process, and this product is best suited for beginning players who are still learning to fly.

Lineup Optimizer

The Lineup Optimizer is built into the lineup generator and is remarkably simple to use. You select the DFS site upon which you are playing, and whether these entries will compete in cash contests or GPP contests.

After locking in a couple of players, the lineup generator produces the highest-scoring projected lineups by selecting the optimal players to fill in the remaining positions.

After saving the lineups that you would like to enter, you can download them as a .CSV file and import them into DraftKings or FanDuel.


At 11 am on Sunday mornings, the projected ownership for the main slates of DraftKings and FanDuel are available. These projections can be sorted by position and assist in the building of both cash and GPP lineups.

NFL Matchups Breakdown

The matchups tool describes each game on the schedule. It indicates how every player performed the previous week and then forecasts their performances for this upcoming week. 

Weekly Projections

This feature works equally well for DFS or season-long leagues. Projections do contain significant margins of error, as they are median projections. I find that they are best used to guide lineup construction.


The LeagueSync feature for the NFL and MLB is fantastic! Suppose that you manage 11 different season-long fantasy teams across five websites.

What if you could manage all your teams from one single location? With LeagueSync, this is reality!

LeagueSync imports all your teams from the various sites and allows you to follow their progress, update their rosters, and alter their starting lineups from an individual location!

LeagueSync will even evaluate your draft and project your place of finish before a single contest occurs! It may be the most useful feature ever created for those who manage multiple teams across multiple sites!

Draft Assistance

Since Fantasy Alarm supports season-long fantasy leagues, they provide extensive assistance with the most critical component of the process: the draft.

This support includes:

  • Expert Rankings by Position and Tiers.
  • Top 20 Sleepers, Rookies & Busts.
  • In-depth Player Profiles with Statistics & Analysis.
  • Mock Drafts & ADPs from All Public League Sites.
  • Detailed Positional Breakdowns & Analysis.
  • Easy-to-use Round-by-round Ultimate Cheat Sheet.

It is included in any NFL Pro season package or can be purchased separately for $19.97.

What are People Saying About Fantasy Alarm?

I scoured the internet and found some reviews that seemed somewhat positive about the product.[4] 

Two of the three reviews praise their content; however, they may be lacking in the customer service department. While I have no experience with their customer service, I can only affirm that their content is top-notch.

Fantasy Alarm Alternatives

Let’s see how three similar alternatives compare to Fantasy Alarm: FantasyPros, Daily Fantasy Nerd, and Draft Dashboard.

#1 FantasyPros

While FantasyPros supplies some excellent tools, most of them are for season-long fantasy players.

They supply minimal DFS support; however, their season-long tools are phenomenal.  

If you are strictly a season-long fantasy player, then I would recommend FantasyPros over Fantasy Alarm.   

#2 Daily Fantasy Nerd

Daily Fantasy Nerd has the DFS user in mind. They have three levels of membership after a 7-day free trial.

Daily Fantasy Nerd supplies free instructional videos on YouTube to acclimate inexperienced users to their robust collection of DFS tools and their enormous quantities of statistical information. In contrast with Fantasy Alarm, Daily Fantasy Nerd provides an aesthetically pleasing website that is intuitive to navigate, while not suffering from a very noticeable lag.

If you only take part in DFS contests, Daily Fantasy Nerd trumps Fantasy Alarm, and I encourage you to visit the website or find out more about them in this review.

#3 Draft Dashboard

Draft Dashboard is a multi-sport DFS research suite that I recently reviewed. Please check out my review to learn more about this impressive site.

The cost of the first month’s subscription is $1, with each additional month, billed at $39.95.

The data and tools are substantial, and the visuals are very pleasing. Draft Dashboard provides a significant quantity of information, enabling the user to create profitable DFS lineups with minimal time investment.

As a DFS site, it lacks the draft preparation tools and support for season-long fantasy leagues provided by Fantasy Alarm.

If you only engage in DFS contests and avoid season-long fantasy leagues, there are few products better than Draft Dashboard. I strongly encourage you to give them a try.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Some websites provide support for season-long fantasy competitions while others cater to DFS contests. If you enjoy both types of fantasy competitions, what are your options?

Fantasy Alarm provides robust support for both types of fantasy enjoyment. Their DFS Playbook Pro supplies a level of DFS preparation that is second to none.

Season fantasy players with multiple teams on multiple sites will love Fantasy Alarm’s LeagueSync feature, as it enables management of all teams from a single location. Furthermore, their draft preparation tools are immaculately prepared and will significantly assist in the drafting of winning teams.

For more expert advice on how to draft like a pro, check out our article on 5 best fantasy sites.

If you take part in both season-long fantasy leagues as well as DFS, there is no better solution than Fantasy Alarm, and I implore you to check them out.

Fantasy Alarm provides the best content and tools to facilitate success in both types of fantasy competitions. Still, I only recommend them for those who need a one-stop solution for a two-part question.

While tempted to assign Fantasy Alarm a perfect rating, due to their amazing content and tools, I cannot ignore the significant problems with their website.

The site interface is woefully outdated, nearly impossible to navigate, and experiences significant slowdowns. While the content and tools earn a 5/5, I must subtract one point for site presentation and navigation. Therefore, Fantasy Alarm earns a rating of 4/5.  

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