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150 Beer-Inspired Fantasy Football Names for Your NFL 2023 Season

Welcome to the thrilling intersection of football and beer, where you can let your creativity shine as you craft the ultimate fantasy football team name! 

Embrace your passion for both the sport and your favorite brews by exploring a variety of themes, such as brewery brands, beer styles, puns, legends, and drinking games. 

Dive into the fascinating stories, flavors, and personalities behind these themes to create a memorable and engaging team name that reflects your love for football and beer. 

So, gather your fellow beer and football enthusiasts, and let the inspiration flow as you unleash your creativity and showcase your team’s unique spirit!

Brewery Brands

Dive into the fascinating world of local and international breweries, and use their unique names, branding elements, or iconic beers as inspiration for your fantasy football team name. 

Blend football terms, player names, or cheeky puns with your favorite brewery to showcase your team’s character.

Let your creativity run wild as you immerse yourself in the stories and flavors behind the breweries you love, and create a team name that will leave a lasting impression.

  1. Heineken Hail Marys
  2. Sierra Sideline Sackers
  3. Blue Moon Blitzers
  4. Sam Adams Scramblers
  5. Guinness Goal Liners
  6. Lagunitas Linebackers
  7. Budweiser Ballers
  8. Stone Scoring Stealers
  9. Dogfish Head Defenders
  10. Anchor Steam Avengers
  11. Coors Crushers
  12. New Belgium Ninjas
  13. Stella Sidesteps
  14. Deschutes Deflectors
  15. Founders Field Goal Fanatics
  16. Pabst Pass Protectors
  17. Allagash All-Stars
  18. Bell’s Brewery Ballhawks
  19. Brewdog Brawlers
  20. Flying Dog Fumblers
  21. Goose Island Gridiron Gladiators
  22. Left Hand Leapfrogs
  23. Modelo Mavericks
  24. Rogue Running Rebels
  25. Ballast Point Blockers
  26. Firestone First Downs
  27. Fat Tire Frenzy
  28. Oskar Blues Offense
  29. Elysian Endzone Enforcers
  30. Brooklyn Brewery Blitz

Beer Styles

Eager to showcase your beer and football enthusiasm? Beer styles offer an exciting playground for your fantasy football team name! 

Discover the rich variety of beer styles, from IPAs and lagers to stouts and pilsners, and find the perfect one to represent your team’s spirit. 

Unleash your creativity by mixing beer styles with football jargon, positions, or clever wordplay, crafting a name that highlights your appreciation for both the sport and the art of brewing. 

Let the distinctive characteristics and flavors of your chosen beer style inspire a fun and engaging team name.

  1. Imperial IPA Invaders
  2. Lager Linebackers
  3. Pilsner Punters
  4. Saison Scramblers
  5. Stout Strong Safeties
  6. Kolsch Kickers
  7. Amber Ale Avengers
  8. Dubbel Down Defenders
  9. Tripel Touchdowns
  10. Quadruple Quarterbacks
  11. Barleywine Ballers
  12. Pale Ale Pass Rushers
  13. Porter Powerhouses
  14. Wheat Beer Warriors
  15. Gose Goal Line Guards
  16. Bock Breakaways
  17. Belgian Bruisers
  18. Dunkel Daredevils
  19. Witbier Wide Receivers
  20. Farmhouse Ale Field Generals
  21. Rye Beer Running Backs
  22. Fruit Beer Fumblers
  23. Blonde Ale Blitzers
  24. Sour Beer Strongholds
  25. Session Ale Scorchers
  26. Märzen Maulers
  27. Brown Ale Bulldogs
  28. Cream Ale Crushers
  29. Doppelbock Dominators
  30. Eisbock Enforcers

Beer Puns

Inject humor and wit into your fantasy football team name with beer puns! Play around with beer-related terms like “hops,” “malt,” or “draft” and pair them with football references or playful wordplay to craft a hilarious and memorable team name. 

  1. Ale Mary Pass
  2. The Draught Picks
  3. Brewski Blitz
  4. Hops ‘n’ Gridiron
  5. Fermentation Formation
  6. Pitcher Perfect Passers
  7. Keg Stand Kings
  8. Six Pack Sackers
  9. Barrel-Aged Ballers
  10. Growler Ground Gainers
  11. Bottle Cap Blitzers
  12. Malt Mavens
  13. Yeast Beast Squad
  14. Bock and Tackle
  15. Pint-Sized Punters
  16. Suds and Studs
  17. IPA Interceptors
  18. Foam Finger Frenzy
  19. Beer Goggle Gridiron
  20. Lager Lateral Leapers
  21. Pilsner Pigskin Pros
  22. Wort Warriors
  23. Barrel-Aged Backfield
  24. Brew Crew Bruisers
  25. Draft Day Drunkards
  26. Fermented Fighters
  27. Touchdown Tasters
  28. Hoppy Huddle Hitters
  29. Keg Kickers
  30. Cheers and Jeers

Beer and Football Legends

Celebrate your favorite brews and sports heroes by combining beer and football legends into your team name! Dive into the world of iconic beer mascots, historical brewers, and legendary football players or coaches to craft a one-of-a-kind team name that captures your passion for both football history and the beer world. 

  1. Budweiser Bradys
  2. Miller’s Montana Mash
  3. Lombardi Lagers
  4. Payton’s Pale A
  5. Marino’s Märzens
  6. Emmitt’s Imperial Ales
  7. Favre’s Fermented Fighters
  8. Elway’s Eisbocks
  9. Walter’s Wheat Winners
  10. Rice’s Rye Runners
  11. Namath’s Nut Brown Ales
  12. Shula’s Stouts
  13. Manning’s Märzen Maulers
  14. Brees’ Belgian Brews
  15. Urlacher’s Ultimate IPAs
  16. Sanders’ Session Ales
  17. Taylor’s Touchdown Tripels
  18. Ditka’s Dubbels
  19. Gronkowski’s Goses
  20. Polamalu’s Porters
  21. Tomlinson’s Tripel Threat
  22. Campbell’s Cream Ales
  23. Aikman’s Amber Ales
  24. Riggins’ Red Ales
  25. Sayers’ Saisons
  26. Bradshaw’s Barleywines
  27. Landry’s Lagers
  28. Smith’s Sour Squad
  29. Csonka’s Craft Crew
  30. Moss’s Märzen Monsters

Drinking Games

Bring on the fun and camaraderie by drawing inspiration from popular drinking games or beer-related activities for your fantasy football team name! 

Think about the drinking games you love, such as beer pong, flip cup, or keg stands, and combine them with football lingo or positions to create a dynamic and spirited team name. 

  1. Flip Cup Frenzy
  2. Beer Pong Blitzers
  3. Keg Stand Quarterbacks
  4. Chug and Run Champions
  5. Shotgun Formation Shooters
  6. Power Hour Players
  7. Quarters Quarterbacks
  8. Beer Die Defenders
  9. Keg Toss Touchdowns
  10. Boozy Bowl Ballers
  11. Dizzy Bat Deflectors
  12. Drink and Draft Dominators
  13. Thirsty Third Downers
  14. Guzzle and Goal Line
  15. Bottoms Up Blitz
  16. Yard Glass Yardage Gainers
  17. Drink Relay Receivers
  18. Inebriated Interceptors
  19. Chugging Champions
  20. Beer Mile Marathoners
  21. Tipsy Tacklers
  22. Sip and Score Squad
  23. Sudsy Scrimmage
  24. Draft Beer Drafters
  25. Sloshed Sideline Stealers
  26. Pint Punters
  27. Booze Cruise Ballhawks
  28. Steins and Spikes
  29. Tipsy Tailgate Team
  30. Tapped Out Touchdowns


Blending football and beer themes to create a fantasy football team name has been an exhilarating journey. I hope these ideas have sparked your imagination and captured your team’s essence. 

Now, it’s your turn! Share your own beer-inspired team names in the comments below and let’s celebrate the union of our favorite brews and beloved sport!

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