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76 Clever Cooper Kupp Fantasy Football Names: 2023 Edition

Looking for an unforgettable name for your fantasy football team that celebrates Cooper Kupp’s talent and charisma? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 76 clever and creative Cooper Kupp-inspired names to elevate your league experience. 

With options like “Kupp-a-Roos” and “Kupptown Funk,” you’re sure to find a name that combines humor and imagination, while making your team stand out from the rest. So whether you’re a fan of puns, alliteration, or catchy phrases, this list has something for everyone. 

Choose a name like “Cooper’s Crusade” or “Kupp-a-Knockout” to showcase your love for Cooper Kupp and dominate the 2023 fantasy football season. 

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our list and discover your perfect Cooper Kupp-inspired team name!

Cooper Kupp-Inspired Fantasy Football Names

  1. Kupp-a-Roos
  2. Cooper’s Cardinals
  3. Kupptown Funk
  4. Cooper’s Chargers
  5. Kupp-a-Kick
  6. Cooper’s Counterattackers
  7. Kupp-a-Ketchup
  8. Cooper’s Conquest
  9. Kupp-a-Cadence
  10. Cooper’s Countdown
  11. Kupp-a-Karma
  12. Cooper’s Connection
  13. Kupp-a-Kaboodle 2.0
  14. Cooper’s Crossover
  15. Kupp-a-Kool-Aid
  16. Cooper’s Crusade
  17. Kupp-a-Krushers
  18. Cooper’s Cutback Crew
  19. Kupp-a-Kamikaze
  20. Cooper’s Cannonballs
  21. Kupp-a-Knockout
  22. Cooper’s Crossing Route
  23. Kupp-a-Kinetix
  24. Cooper’s Cutting Edge
  25. Kupp-a-Killer
  26. Cooper’s Cornerstone
  27. Kupp-a-Komet
  28. Cooper’s Cerebral Attack
  29. Kupp-a-Kool
  30. Cooper’s Culmination
  31. Kupp-a-Killjoy
  32. Cooper’s Combination
  33. Kupp-a-Klutz
  34. Cooper’s Cohort
  35. Kupp-a-Karnival 4.0
  36. Cooper’s Chaotic Attack
  37. Kupp-a-Karnage
  38. Cooper’s Catalysts
  39. Kupp-a-Kamikaze 2.0
  40. Cooper’s Comets
  41. Kupp-a-Karnival 5.0
  42. Cooper’s Crosshairs
  43. Kupp-a-Kamikaze 3.0
  44. Cooper’s Circuit Breakers
  45. Kupp-a-Krazies
  46. Cooper’s Crossfire
  47. Kupp-a-Kickstart
  48. Cooper’s Calm Crusade
  49. Kupp-a-Khaos
  50. Cooper’s Collaborators
  51. Kupp-a-Kite
  52. Cooper’s Crunchtime
  53. Kupp-a-Kickoff
  54. Cooper’s Courageous Crusade
  55. Kupp-a-Konundrum
  56. Cooper’s Counterpunch
  57. Kupp-a-Killer Instinct
  58. Cooper’s Calvary
  59. Kupp-a-Kommando
  60. Cooper’s Counterbalance
  61. Kupp-a-Kruisers
  62. Cooper’s Collaborative Crusade
  63. Kupp-a-Knight
  64. Cooper’s Crossbone Crushers
  65. Kupp-a-Kosmos
  66. Cooper’s Calm Crusaders
  67. Kupp-a-Kapital
  68. Cooper’s Conqueror’s Coalition
  69. Kupp-a-Kahuna
  70. Cooper’s Counter Charge
  71. Kupp-a-Kabal
  72. Cooper’s Combatants
  73. Kupp-a-King
  74. Cooper’s Captivating Crusade
  75. Kupp-a-Kryptonite
  76. Cooper’s Competitive Crew


We hope these 76 clever Cooper Kupp-inspired fantasy football names have sparked your creativity and helped you choose the perfect name for your team. By selecting a name like “Kupptown Funk” or “Cooper’s Counterattackers”, you’re sure to make a lasting impression on your league and showcase your admiration for Cooper Kupp.

Did you find a favorite name on our list or come up with a unique twist of your own? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below and discuss your ideas on how to make this season your best one yet.

Wishing you a successful and thrilling season with your Cooper Kupp-themed team!

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