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76 DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Football Names: 2023’s Best Picks

With the 2023 fantasy football season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your team name. 

A clever and unique name sets the tone for the entire season, and if you’re a DeAndre Hopkins admirer, you’ll want a name that captures his talent and charisma. 

Our list of 76 inventive DeAndre Hopkins-inspired fantasy football names, featuring gems like “Nuk Town” and “Nuklear Winter,” offers the perfect blend of wit and creativity to make your team stand out. Browse through these options, and let your DeAndre Hopkins fandom shine this season!

DeAndre Hopkins-Inspired Fantasy Football Names

  1. Nuk Town
  2. Hopkins’ Hounds
  3. DeAndre’s Dynasty
  4. Hopkins’ Hustlers
  5. Nuklear Winter
  6. Hopkins’ Heroes
  7. DeAndre the Giant
  8. Hopkins’ High Flyers
  9. Nuking Futs
  10. Hopkins’ Hitmen
  11. DeAndre’s Dominators
  12. Hopkins’ Hail Marys
  13. Nuked Opponents
  14. Hopkins’ Houdinis
  15. DeAndre’s Dream Team
  16. Hopkins’ Hellraisers
  17. Nuking It
  18. Hopkins’ Hype House
  19. DeAndre’s Destroyers
  20. Hopkins’ Heavyweights
  21. Nuking Defenses
  22. Hopkins’ Hurricanes
  23. DeAndre’s Daredevils
  24. Hopkins’ Hailstorm
  25. Nuk’s Nukes
  26. Hopkins’ Hammerheads
  27. DeAndre’s Demons
  28. Hopkins’ Hard Hitters
  29. Nuking the Competition
  30. Hopkins’ Highlight Reel
  31. DeAndre’s Daredevils 2.0
  32. Hopkins’ Hustle
  33. Nukin’ Around
  34. Hopkins’ Hornets
  35. DeAndre’s Determinators
  36. Hopkins’ Hard Chargers
  37. Nuking All Day
  38. Hopkins’ Hysteria
  39. DeAndre’s Dazzlers
  40. Hopkins’ Huddle
  41. Nuklear Option
  42. Hopkins’ Hail Mary Heroes
  43. DeAndre’s Destroyer Squad
  44. Hopkins’ Heartbreakers
  45. Nuking the Field
  46. Hopkins’ Hybrid Heroes
  47. DeAndre’s Desperados
  48. Hopkins’ Heavy Hitters
  49. Nuking It All
  50. Hopkins’ Head Honchos
  51. DeAndre’s Death Squad
  52. Hopkins’ Hail Mary Makers
  53. Nuk’s Nucleus
  54. Hopkins’ Highlight Machines
  55. DeAndre’s Disciples
  56. Hopkins’ Hammer Time
  57. Nukin’ Fools
  58. Hopkins’ Hard-Working Heroes
  59. DeAndre’s Destruction Crew
  60. Hopkins’ Hellfire
  61. Nuking the Scoreboard
  62. Hopkins’ Hurdling Hounds
  63. DeAndre’s Daring Dominators
  64. Hopkins’ Hurricane Hitters
  65. Nuking the End Zone
  66. Hopkins’ Hail Mary Masters
  67. DeAndre’s Defenders
  68. Hopkins’ High Octane Heroes
  69. Nuklear Fallout
  70. Hopkins’ Hammer and Nail
  71. DeAndre’s Dream Crushers
  72. Hopkins’ Heavy Duty Hitters
  73. Nuking the Opponent
  74. Hopkins’ Heroic Haulers
  75. DeAndre’s Death Blow
  76. Hopkins’ Hard-Hitting Hounds


With these 76 incredible DeAndre Hopkins-inspired fantasy football names now at your fingertips, your 2023 team is destined to leave a lasting impression. 

We hope you’ve found the perfect name that highlights your enthusiasm for DeAndre Hopkins and adds a touch of humor and creativity to your league. 

We’d love to know which name caught your eye or if you’ve crafted an original spin of your own. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let’s continue to celebrate our love for fantasy football. 

Wishing you an amazing season with your DeAndre Hopkins-themed team!

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