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150 Funny Fantasy Football Name to Keep Your League in High Spirits

Are you ready to take your fantasy football experience to the next level with a truly memorable team name? 

Look no further! 

We’ve gathered an extensive collection of witty, creative, and downright hilarious team names across various categories to help you find the perfect moniker for your squad. 

From puns and wordplay to player-based names, and from TV and movie references to pop culture and miscellaneous inspirations, there’s something here for everyone. Dive in and discover the team name that will have your league members talking all season long!

Puns & Wordplay

Get ready for some hilarious wordplay with this collection of pun-filled fantasy football team names! 

These witty monikers are perfect for those who enjoy clever humor and appreciate a good play on words. 

From pop culture references to cheeky twists on player names, these pun-based team names are sure to make your league members chuckle and admire your ingenuity.

  1. AbraVandrewdalta
  2. My Ball Zach Ertz
  3. Dak to the Future
  4. 50 Shades of Golladay
  5. Deshaun of the Dead
  6. Game of Throws
  7. No Punt Intended
  8. Turn Your Head and Goff
  9. Murray Up and Wait
  10. Dalvin & Hobbes
  11. Can You Diggs It?
  12. It Hertz When Eifert
  13. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
  14. The Gurley Gates
  15. 2 Gurleys, 1 Kupp
  16. Hyde & Zeke
  17. The Brady Bunch
  18. Baby Got Dak
  19. Juju on That Beat
  20. Lamar the Merrier
  21. Baker’s Dozen
  22. Lockett Down
  23. Mixon It Up
  24. Sony Side Up
  25. Wentz, Twice, Three Times a Brady
  26. Run CMC
  27. Mahomes Alone
  28. Kittle Me This
  29. Flacco Seagulls
  30. Goffensive MVP


Celebrate your favorite NFL players with this selection of player-based fantasy football team names! 

These names pay tribute to football stars, past and present, by incorporating their names into creative and amusing team monikers. 

Show your support and admiration for your favorite players while adding some humor and fun to your league.

  1. Russell’n Some Feathers
  2. Tua Legit to Quit
  3. The Kamara Sutra
  4. All You Snead is Love
  5. DJ Chark doo doo doo
  6. OBJYN
  7. Le’Veon Las Vegas
  8. Kamara Shy
  9. Thielen Like a Villain
  10. Saquon for the Team
  11. Kelce Lately
  12. Gronkey Punch
  13. Breesy Like Sunday Morning
  14. I Gotta Thielen
  15. Adams Family Values
  16. Fournetteflix and Chill
  17. Diggs in a Blanket
  18. Kupp of Joe
  19. Waller Waller Chicken Dinner
  20. Chubblicious
  21. Watt Are You Waiting For?
  22. Dalvin’s Cookin’
  23. Fuller House
  24. Agholorious Basterds
  25. The Sony Side of Life
  26. The Keenan and Kel Show
  27. Amari 2600
  28. I Pitta the Fool
  29. O-Dell No!
  30. The Ridley House

TV & Movie References

Combine your love for TV and movies with your passion for fantasy football with this list of team names inspired by popular TV shows and films. 

These clever and entertaining team names will make your league members reminisce about their favorite on-screen moments while adding a touch of pop culture flair to your fantasy football experience.

  1. Breaking Bradford
  2. Parks and Wreck
  3. The Walking Dez
  4. Orange is the New Dak
  5. The Boldin the Beautiful
  6. Guardians of the Gridiron
  7. The Big Gronkowski
  8. Stranger Thielen
  9. Game of End Zones
  10. Rick and Morty’s Running Backs
  11. When Harry Met Thielen
  12. D-Jax and the Beanstalk
  13. Friends with Bell-efits
  14. Jurassic Parker
  15. Mahomes Alone 2
  16. Finding Deebo
  17. Silence of the Lamb
  18. Goffbusters
  19. Lord of the Ringers
  20. Forrest Chubb
  21. Hill Street Blues
  22. The Blair Walsh Project
  23. Tyreek’s Peak
  24. Seinfeld and Kelce
  25. Star Wars: The Last Gurley
  26. Westworld Welkers
  27. The Fast and the Eifert
  28. The Truman Show
  29. The Adams Family
  30. The Golden Tate Warriors

Pop Culture

Embrace the world of celebrities, music, and internet sensations with this collection of pop culture-inspired fantasy football team names. 

These names bring together the excitement of the entertainment world with the thrill of the gridiron, creating a perfect mix for those who want a team name that’s trendy, current, and filled with star power.

  1. Tik-Tok-Tua
  2. Drake’s New Favorite Team
  3. Kanye’s Kicker Crew
  4. Captain Kirk Cousins
  5. Cardi T’s Touchdowns
  6. Taylor Swift’s Offense
  7. Game of Jones
  8. Avengers: Gridiron Wars
  9. Frozen Tundras
  10. The Real Slim Brady
  11. Belichick’s Hoodie Club
  12. The Kardashi-athletes
  13. The Ellen DeGeneres Showboats
  14. Harry Potter and the Order of the Endzone
  15. Fortnite Hail Marys
  16. Touchdowns and Tiaras
  17. Yeezy’s Football Empire
  18. Ariana’s Grande Team
  19. The Swiftie Squad
  20. Marvel’s Mightiest Players
  21. The Office Linebackers
  22. Bieber’s Ballers
  23. The Oprah Win-for-ees
  24. Touchdowns & Tacos
  25. Memes and Football Dreams
  26. Lil Wayne’s World
  27. Dancing with the Star Receivers
  28. The Fresh Prince of Helaire
  29. Kardashian’s Fantasy Factory
  30. The Endzone Influencers


For those seeking a little bit of everything, this miscellaneous category of fantasy football team names has got you covered! 

From witty phrases to creative mashups, these team names offer a wide variety of options to fit your unique style and sense of humor. 

Stand out from the crowd and make your mark on the league with these inventive and amusing team monikers.

  1. Show Me Your TDs
  2. Multiple Goregasms
  3. Smokin’ Jay Cutler
  4. The Devonta’s Advocate
  5. Everyday I’m Russell’n
  6. No Romo
  7. Stafford Infection
  8. The Immaculate Receptionists
  9. A Team Has No Name
  10. Inglorious Bradfords
  11. The Big Ben Theory
  12. Dez Dispensers
  13. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
  14. Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers
  15. Back That Pass Up
  16. Third Down for Watt?
  17. The Real Running Mates
  18. The Unsullied Soldiers
  19. The Touchdown Factory
  20. Pigskin Pirates
  21. Cleats and Cleavage
  22. Gridiron Gangsters
  23. The Endzone Enforcers
  24. The Hail Mary Heroes
  25. The Tackle Titans
  26. The Helmet Hair Heroes
  27. The Turf Terminators
  28. The Fumble Bumble Bees
  29. The Cleat Street Boys
  30. Endzone Ents

Your Turn

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this diverse selection of funny fantasy football team names and that you’ve found the perfect name for your squad! Now it’s your turn to share your creativity with us. 

If you have any other humorous or inventive team name ideas, we’d love to hear them! Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below and let’s keep the laughs and good times rolling throughout the fantasy football season.

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