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150 Game of Thrones-Inspired Fantasy Football Names for 2023 NFL Season

Step into the thrilling world of fantasy football, where the excitement of the game meets the captivating realm of “Game of Thrones.”

Combining these two universes enables you to establish a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable team persona that appeals to fans of both football and the popular show.

Taking cues from themes such as power and politics, family and loyalty, morality and ethics, identity and self-discovery, and destiny and prophecy, you can create a team name that embodies Westeros’ spirit and reflects the grit, cunning, and tenacity needed to excel in fantasy football.

Unleash your inner tactician and guide your team to victory with a name that mirrors the epic clashes and memorable characters of GoT.

Inspired by Power and Politics

Using the power struggles and political schemes in GoT as a source of inspiration can result in fantasy football team names that exude the cunning, determination, and relentlessness of the characters.

Incorporate key landmarks, groups, and disputes from the series, such as the Iron Throne, King’s Landing, or the War of the Five Kings.

By choosing a team name that mirrors Westeros’ power and politics, you will create an image of a team that will stop at nothing to attain victory on the fantasy football field.

  1. Iron Throne Titans
  2. Valyrian Steel Slayers
  3. Wildfire Warlords
  4. King’s Landing Crushers
  5. Westeros Wreckers
  6. Dragonstone Destroyers
  7. Throne Seekers
  8. Storm’s End Strikers
  9. Castle Black Captains
  10. Master of Coin Miners
  11. Highgarden Heroes
  12. Casterly Rock Crushers
  13. Citadel Scholars
  14. Red Keep Rascals
  15. Night’s Watch Navigators
  16. Battle of Blackwater Buccaneers
  17. Lyseni Linebackers
  18. Qarth Quicksilvers
  19. Slaver’s Bay Scorchers
  20. Sothoryos Spartans
  21. Essos Eagles
  22. Dothraki Diplomats
  23. Unsullied Unstoppables
  24. Blackfyre Brigade
  25. Targaryen Takeovers
  26. Tarly Touchdowns
  27. Martell Marauders
  28. Bolton Breakers
  29. Frey Frenzy
  30. Golden Company Gamblers

Family and Loyalty

Family dynamics and loyalty are central to GoT’s storyline, providing a robust foundation for your fantasy football team name. 

Choose a name that represents one of Westeros’ prominent houses, like Stark, Lannister, or Targaryen, to convey a sense of unity and allegiance to your team.

By emphasizing family bonds and loyalty, your team name will evoke the determination and commitment crucial for success in the world of fantasy football.

  1. Stark Stunners
  2. Lannister Legends
  3. Targaryen Tornadoes
  4. Greyjoy Guardians
  5. Baratheon Ballers
  6. Tyrell Tacklers
  7. Mormont Maulers
  8. Arryn Avengers
  9. Tully Terminators
  10. Clegane Crushers
  11. Reed’s Ravagers
  12. Karstark Krakens
  13. Umber Unleashed
  14. Tarth Titans
  15. Blackwood Blitzers
  16. Bracken Brawlers
  17. Hightower Hitters
  18. Dayne Destroyers
  19. Florent Flankers
  20. Fossoway Free-For-Alls
  21. Glover Gladiators
  22. Hornwood Hurricanes
  23. Marbrand Monarchs
  24. Manderly Maulers
  25. Norrey Ninjas
  26. Oakheart Ogres
  27. Plumm Punishers
  28. Royce’s Rumble
  29. Swyft Scorchers
  30. Westerling Warriors

Morality and Ethics:

GoT is famous for its morally complex characters and ethical challenges, offering a unique and engaging inspiration source for your fantasy football team name. 

Incorporate the names or actions of characters facing moral dilemmas, such as the Kingslayer, the Night’s Watch, or the Faceless Men. 

By drawing from these themes, you’ll create a team name that showcases the series’ nuanced and multifaceted nature while encouraging your team to consider their decisions’ consequences in the fantasy football realm.

  1. Oathkeeper Offense
  2. Night’s Watch No-Fly-Zone
  3. Red Wedding Rivals
  4. Kingslayer Kickoffs
  5. Littlefinger’s Longshots
  6. Faceless Fumblers
  7. Varys’ Visionaries
  8. Brotherhood Busters
  9. Maester’s Maneuvers
  10. Wildling Wonders
  11. White Cloak Wizards
  12. Septon’s Saints
  13. Dragon Whisperers
  14. Craster’s Commanders
  15. Pyromancer’s Playmakers
  16. Qyburn’s Quarters
  17. Night King’s Nightmare
  18. Grey Worm’s Warriors
  19. Beric’s Bandits
  20. Lady Stoneheart’s Shockers
  21. Theon’s Turnaround
  22. The Hound’s Hail Marys
  23. Olenna’s Offense
  24. Sand Snakes Scourge
  25. Bronn’s Battalion
  26. Ser Davos’ Seaworthy Squad
  27. Gendry’s Gladiators
  28. Margaery’s Masterminds
  29. High Sparrow’s Hawks
  30. Jaqen’s Juggernauts
  31. Identity and Self-Discovery:
  32. Three-Eyed Rookies
  33. Arya’s Avengers

Identity and Self-Discovery

Characters in the series often undergo significant personal growth and transformation. Using these themes can result in a fantasy football team name that reflects resilience, adaptability, and personal evolution. 

Choose a name highlighting a particular character’s journey, such as Arya Stark, Jon Snow, or Theon Greyjoy. 

By emphasizing identity and self-discovery, your team name will inspire players to embrace change and improvement, both on and off the field.

  1. Hound’s Heroes
  2. Reborn Reeks
  3. Brienne’s Breakers
  4. Dothraki Drafters
  5. Jon Snow’s Slayers
  6. Podrick’s Powerhouses
  7. Missandei’s Magic
  8. Euron’s Enforcers
  9. Ser Jorah’s Juggernauts
  10. Yara’s Yellers
  11. Samwell’s Scrimmage
  12. Tyrion’s Titans
  13. Bran’s Brawlers
  14. Varys’ Victors
  15. Oberyn’s Offense
  16. Shireen’s Shields
  17. Stannis’ Stallions
  18. Grey Worm’s Guardians
  19. Daario’s Daredevils
  20. Melisandre’s Miracles
  21. Tormund’s Tacklers
  22. Ygritte’s Yowlers
  23. Loras’ Linebackers
  24. Mace’s Movers
  25. Qhorin’s Quarterbacks
  26. Gilly’s Gridiron Gang
  27. Ramsay’s Renegades
  28. Hodor’s Holders

Fate and Prophecy

The world of GoT is filled with prophecies, omens, and supernatural elements that shape the characters’ destinies.

Drawing inspiration from these themes can lead to a fantasy football team name that embodies mystery, destiny, and the power of knowledge. Select a name that references a key prophecy or supernatural figure, such as Azor Ahai, R’hllor, or the White Walkers.

By incorporating elements of fate and prophecy, your team name will convey a sense of inevitability and destiny, as if your team is destined to conquer the fantasy football world.

  1. Azor Ahai All-Stars
  2. R’hllor’s Renegades
  3. White Walker Wonders
  4. Winterfell Warriors
  5. Lightbringer Linebackers
  6. Prophecy Players
  7. Dragon Dreams
  8. Quaithe’s Quest
  9. Ghost of High Heart’s Huddle
  10. House of the Undying
  11. Ice and Fire Fighters
  12. Moon Door Maulers
  13. Warg’s Wisdom
  14. Children of the Forest’s Charge
  15. Glass Candle Gang
  16. The Prince That Was Promised
  17. Last Hero Hail Marys
  18. Stallion That Mounts the World
  19. The Great Other’s Gridiron
  20. Harrenhal Hauntings
  21. The Valonqar Vindicators
  22. Night’s Queen’s Nightmare
  23. Summerhall Scorers
  24. Tower of Joy Tacklers
  25. Bloodraven’s Blitz
  26. Direwolf Drafters
  27. R’hllor’s Red Zone
  28. Maegi’s Mystics
  29. Shadowbinders’ Score
  30. Stone Men Surge

Your turn 

Blending the exhilarating world of fantasy football with the enthralling realm of Game of Thrones presents a unique and engaging approach to forging a memorable team identity.

By employing the themes from the series, you can develop a team name that embodies the spirit and core of Westeros, motivating your players to pursue excellence.

As you commence your fantasy football adventure, be sure to integrate the values and lessons from the series to navigate the constantly shifting terrain of the sport. We’re keen to learn about your opinions on the team names influenced by Game of Thrones, as well as any other suggestions you might possess.

Kindly share your favorite team names and experiences in the comments section, and let us carry on the dialogue regarding the intriguing convergence of fantasy football and the world of Westeros.

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