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150 Spooktacular Halloween Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Get ready for a frightfully fun 2023 Halloween fantasy football season with these 150 spooktacular team names! 

Inspired by popular Halloween themes like haunted houses, classic monsters, witches and wizards, Day of the Dead, and the zombie apocalypse, these names will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents and make your team the talk of the league. 

Whether you’re looking for something creepy, magical, or downright terrifying, we’ve got you covered with a chilling collection of hair-raising names that will have you dominating the field in spine-chilling style.

Haunted House Theme

This theme takes inspiration from the eerie and spine-chilling aspects of haunted houses. Names under this theme include ghostly, spooky, and supernatural elements that are commonly found in haunted settings. The names evoke fear and trepidation, which can be an intimidating factor for opponents.

  1. Screaming Specters
  2. Ghostly Goalkeepers
  3. Phantom Players
  4. Haunted Hattricks
  5. Spooky Strikers
  6. Grim Gravediggers
  7. Eerie Enforcers
  8. Crypt Kickers
  9. Ghoulish Gladiators
  10. Cobweb Crushers
  11. Banshee Blitzers
  12. Poltergeist Punishers
  13. Graveyard Gang
  14. Sinister Scorers
  15. Shadow Stoppers
  16. Apparition Attackers
  17. Nightmare Ninjas
  18. Zombie Zone Defenders
  19. Cauldron Captains
  20. Mummy Maulers
  21. Ominous Offsiders
  22. Creepy Cornerbacks
  23. Terror Tacklers
  24. Haunting Headers
  25. Possessed Passers
  26. Ghostly Guardians
  27. Frightening Forwards
  28. Darkside Defenders
  29. Spine-Chilling Strikers
  30. Cursed Champions

Classic Monsters Theme

Inspired by iconic monsters from classic horror stories and films, this theme includes team names that pay homage to well-known creatures like Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and werewolves. 

These monstrous names give a sense of power and ferocity, making the team appear more fearsome on the field.

  1. Dracula’s Dribblers
  2. Frankenstein’s Forwards
  3. Mummy’s Maulers
  4. Werewolf Warriors
  5. Creature Crushers
  6. Phantom’s Players
  7. Invisible Invaders
  8. Vampire Vanguards
  9. Gargoyle Goalies
  10. Monster Mashers
  11. Ghoul Squad
  12. Horror Hitters
  13. Frightful Forwards
  14. Beastly Ballers
  15. Nightmare Ninjas
  16. Slasher Scorers
  17. Spooky Stoppers
  18. Goblin Guardians
  19. Zombie Zone Defenders
  20. Hellhound Hattricks
  21. Scary Strikers
  22. Demonic Defenders
  23. Terror Tacklers
  24. Ghostly Goalkeepers
  25. Crypt Kickers
  26. Haunted Headers
  27. Possessed Passers
  28. Eerie Enforcers
  29. Bloodsucker Ballers
  30. Jekyll’s Juggernauts

Witches and Wizards Theme:

Drawing from the magical world of witches and wizards, this theme incorporates team names that suggest enchantment, spell-casting, and mysticism. 

These names capture the fantastical and supernatural aspects of the theme, while also hinting at the team’s ability to wield their skills like a magical force.

  1. Spellbinding Scorers
  2. Sorcerer’s Strikers
  3. Warlock Warriors
  4. Enchanted Enforcers
  5. Magical Maulers
  6. Wizard Wonders
  7. Witchcraft Wanderers
  8. Broomstick Ballers
  9. Alchemist Attackers
  10. Hexed Headers
  11. Potion Passers
  12. Crystal Ball Crushers
  13. Cauldron Captains
  14. Bewitching Blitzers
  15. Spellcaster Stoppers
  16. Mystical Magicians
  17. Fantastical Forwards
  18. Arcane Avengers
  19. Illusionist Invaders
  20. Talisman Tacklers
  21. Enigma Enforcers
  22. Charm Chasers
  23. Wand Wielders
  24. Supernatural Strikers
  25. Mythical Magicians
  26. Rune Raiders
  27. Elemental Eagles
  28. Guardian Golems
  29. Celestial Centaurs
  30. Dragon Defenders

Day of the Dead Theme

The Day of the Dead theme celebrates the Mexican holiday of Día de Muertos, honoring the deceased and their spiritual journey. 

Team names under this theme feature elements of the holiday’s rich cultural traditions, such as sugar skulls, marigolds, and papel picado. 

These names evoke a sense of unity between the living and the departed, signifying the team’s connection to their ancestors and the spirit world.

  1. Calavera Crushers
  2. Skull Strikers
  3. Marigold Maulers
  4. Sugar Skull Scorers
  5. Festive Forwards
  6. Papel Picado Punishers
  7. Ofrenda Offsiders
  8. Spirit Stoppers
  9. Catrina’s Champions
  10. Cempasuchil Crushers
  11. Muertos Magicians
  12. La Llorona’s Legion
  13. Aztec Avengers
  14. Bone Brigade 
  15. Skeleton Squad
  16. Graveyard Gladiators
  17. Fiesta Footballers
  18. Painted Passers
  19. Ghostly Guardians
  20. Sombrero Strikers
  21. Candlelight Crushers
  22. Underworld United
  23. Folklore Forwards
  24. Ancestor Attackers
  25. Day of the Dead Defenders
  26. Spectral Spirits
  27. Phantom Players
  28. Spirit World Warriors
  29. Soulful Scorers
  30. Heavenly Hattricks

Zombie Apocalypse Theme

Inspired by the popular genre of zombie apocalypse stories, this theme includes team names that evoke a sense of survival, resilience, and danger in the face of an undead threat. 

Names under this theme focus on the fight against zombies, the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world, and the strength needed to persevere in such dire circumstances.

  1. Zombie Zone Crushers
  2. Undead United
  3. Apocalypse Avengers
  4. Walking Dead Warriors
  5. Infected Invaders
  6. Post-Apocalyptic Punishers
  7. Survivor Strikers
  8. Zombified Zealots
  9. Brain-Eating Ballers
  10. Ghoul Gang
  11. Mutant Maulers
  12. Rotten Raiders
  13. Decomposing Defenders
  14. Pandemic Players
  15. Outbreak Offsiders
  16. Quarantine Crushers
  17. Virus Vanguards
  18. Contagion Champions
  19. Biohazard Brigade
  20. Infection Inflictors
  21. Plague Pioneers
  22. Reanimated Rampagers
  23. Deadman’s Drifters
  24. Wasteland Wanderers
  25. Flesh-Eating Forwards
  26. Carnage Crew
  27. Necrotic Nomads
  28. Apocalypse Aces
  29. Doomsday Defenders
  30. Hallowed Horde

Your Turn

As the 2023 Halloween fantasy football season comes to a spine-tingling conclusion, we hope these 150 spooktacular team names added an extra layer of fun and fear to your league. 

No matter your team’s performance, having a memorable and chilling name is sure to have left a haunting impression on your opponents. 

So, as the season ends and the ghosts, ghouls, and zombies fade away, remember the thrilling experience of playing under a wickedly creative team name. 

Until next year, keep the spirit of Halloween alive, and may your love for fantasy football continue to cast its spell on you!

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