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143 Harry Potter-Inspired Fantasy Football Names for 2023

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter franchise and seeking a unique way to express your affection for it in your fantasy football league, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these Harry Potter-inspired team names!

For those who prioritize the potency of love, there are options such as the Love Potion Passers or the Unbreakable Vows.

If you value camaraderie and loyalty, give the Granger Gang or Dumbledore’s Army a try. Those who prioritize bravery and courage can consider the Lionheart Legends or the Valiant Vanguards. And if you’re a proponent of inclusion and harmony, perhaps the Unity Unicorns or the Blood Status Breakers could be the ideal names for you.

Whichever team name you decide on, let it be a testament to the enchantment of Harry Potter and the strength of collaboration in fantasy football.


If you’re seeking to infuse some charm into your fantasy football team, the Love Potion Passers is a moniker that could put a hex on the competition. The Enchanted Endzone is another excellent choice for a team that desires to add some enchantment to their gameplay. If you’re an admirer of the mystical veela, then Veela Victors might be the name for you. For those who place their faith in the might of love and its capacity to overcome all, the Unbreakable Vows would be a fitting option. Regardless of which name you pick, let it serve as a tribute to the supremacy of love and its ability to unite people.

  1. Love Potion Passers
  2. Amortentia All-Stars
  3. Heartstring Hail Marys
  4. Enchanted Endzone
  5. Veela Victors
  6. Romance Receivers
  7. Lovegood Linebackers
  8. Snitch Sweethearts
  9. Patronus Passions
  10. Cupid’s Quaffles
  11. Spellbound Scorers
  12. Magical Matchmakers
  13. Hogsmeade Heartthrobs
  14. Dumbledore’s Darlings
  15. Fleur’s Fanatics
  16. Prewett’s Protectors
  17. Tonks’ Tacklers
  18. Wizarding Winks
  19. Wistful Wronskis
  20. Azkaban Admirers
  21. Beater’s Bliss
  22. Celestina’s Serenades
  23. Lovebird Legends
  24. Hogwarts Honeys
  25. Weasley Wedlocks
  26. Devotion Defenders
  27. Unbreakable Vows
  28. Romance Ravens
  29. Diagon Dates
  30. Heartfelt Hattricks

Friendship and Loyalty

In fantasy football, the principles of camaraderie and faithfulness are greatly treasured, and the Granger Gang is a superb team name for those who value the bond among friends. The Trusty Trio is another exceptional option for those who recognize the power of friendship.

If you’re a supporter of the sagacious Dumbledore and his army, then Dumbledore’s Army might be the name that resonates with you. For those who trust in standing by their friends through thick and thin, the Loyal Legends would be a befitting title.

No matter which name you settle on, let it be a tribute to the robustness of your friendships and the allegiance you share with your teammates.

  1. Potter Pals
  2. Granger Gang
  3. Weasley Wonders
  4. Loyalty Lions
  5. Marauder’s Mates
  6. Order United
  7. Hufflepuff Heroes
  8. Friendship Firebolts
  9. Dumbledore’s Army
  10. Sidekick Scorers
  11. House United
  12. Patronus Pals
  13. Hogwarts Homies
  14. Trusty Trio
  15. Brave Buddies
  16. Magical Mates
  17. Gryffindor Guardians
  18. Golden Trio Tacklers
  19. BFF Bludgers
  20. Unbreakable Bonds
  21. Loyal Legends
  22. Wand-Wielding Warriors
  23. Luna’s Loyalists
  24. Hogwarts Harmony
  25. Dobby’s Defenders
  26. Quidditch Quorum
  27. Hogwarts Huddle
  28. Wizarding Wingmen
  29. Neville’s Nobles
  30. House Elf Heroes

Bravery and Courage

In fantasy football, perseverance and courage are qualities that can propel a team to triumph. The Sword of Gryffindor is a remarkable team name for those who value bravery and chivalry.

The Lionheart Legends is another superb choice for those who uphold the potency of courage. If you’re a fan of the mystical phoenix and its ability to rise from the ashes, then the Phoenix Force might be the name that catches your attention.

For those who have faith in standing up for righteousness, the Valiant Vanguards would be a fitting title. Regardless of which name you decide on, let it be a tribute to the dauntlessness and bravery of your team.

  1. Gryffindor Gladiators
  2. Sword of Gryffindor
  3. Potter’s Protectors
  4. Courageous Chasers
  5. Fearless Firebolts
  6. Brave Beaters
  7. Lionheart Legends
  8. Patronus Power
  9. Dumbledore’s Daredevils
  10. Longbottom’s Legacy
  11. Courageous Keepers
  12. Phoenix Force
  13. Marauder’s Might
  14. Chamber Champions
  15. Stouthearted Seekers
  16. Bravery Brooms
  17. Daring Duelists
  18. Fearless Flankers
  19. Courageous Cauldrons
  20. Lion’s Roar Rookies
  21. Hogwarts Heroes
  22. Fawkes’ Fighters
  23. Valiant Vanguards
  24. Spellbound Soldiers
  25. Wizarding Warriors
  26. Bravest Blitz
  27. Fearless Falcons
  28. Stalwart Snitches
  29. Dauntless Dementors
  30. Courageous Centaurs

The Power of Choice

In the realm of fantasy football, the skill to make prudent decisions can be a game-changer, and the Chosen Champions is an impressive team name for those who appreciate the importance of making the right choices.

The Ambition Avengers is another excellent option for those who believe in the force of determination. If you’re a fan of divination and the ability to predict the future, then the Seers’ Selections might be the name that captures your interest.

For those who have confidence in taking control of their own destiny, the Destiny Defenders would be a fitting title. Regardless of which name you select, let it be a tribute to the supremacy of choice and the ability to shape your own fate.

  1. Destiny’s Defiers
  2. Free Will Falcons
  3. Sorting Hat Strategists
  4. Chosen Champions
  5. Fateful Forwards
  6. Determined Duelists
  7. Willpower Wizards
  8. Ambition AvengerDestiny’s Drafters
  9. Prophecy Players
  10. Divination Dodgers
  11. Wise Wand
  12. Phoenix Choices
  1. Horcrux Heralds
  2. Dumbledore’s Decisions
  3. Granger’s Gamblers
  4. Weasley’s Will
  5. Magical Mavericks
  6. Self-Determined Snitches
  7. Destiny Defenders
  8. Pathfinding Players
  9. Seers’ Selections
  10. Hallows Holders
  11. Destiny’s Diverters
  12. Enchanted Electors
  13. Skeeter’s Scoops
  14. Time-Turning Titans
  15. Sorting Saboteurs
  16. Quibbler Quirkies
  17. Volition Victors

Prejudice and Acceptance

In the world of fantasy football, unity and solidarity can be influential agents that aid in bonding a team. The Unity Unicorns is an excellent team name for those who acknowledge the significance of uniting as one.

The Diverse Dementors is another remarkable choice for those who uphold the potency of inclusivity. If you’re a proponent of smashing boundaries and defying norms, then the Blood Status Breakers might be the name that speaks to you.

For those who place their faith in embracing diversity and looking past surface-level attributes, the Inclusive Inquisitors would be a fitting moniker. Regardless of which name you opt for, let it be a tribute to the dominance of acceptance and harmony.

  1. House Elf Helpers
  2. Muggleborn Masters
  3. Unity Unicorns
  4. Werewolf Warriors
  5. Magical Misfits
  6. Half-Blood Heroes
  7. Pureblood Pioneers
  8. Blood Status Breakers
  1. Hogwarts Healers
  2. Squib Savants
  3. Tolerance Titans
  4. Diverse Dementors
  5. Gringotts Guardians
  6. Enchanted Equalizers
  7. Magical Melding
  8. Fantastic Beasts United
  9. Centaur Champions
  10. Goblin Gamers
  11. Veela Vanguard
  12. Hagrid’s Heroes
  13. Patronus Peacemakers
  14. Merpeople Magicians
  15. Tolerance Tacklers
  16. Equality Enchanters
  17. Bridge-Building Broomsticks
  18. Inclusive Inquisitors
  19. House Harmony
  20. Wizarding World Unity
  21. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang United
  22. Magical Melting Pot


Whether you’re a veteran or a novice in the realm of fantasy football, a unique team name can help distinguish you from the rest of the pack.

By infusing aspects of Harry Potter into your team name, you can not only exhibit your affection for the franchise but also motivate your team to collaborate and excel on the playing field.

From love to camaraderie, courage to inclusivity, there’s a Harry Potter-inspired team name out there for every kind of player. So pick your favorite and prepare to put a hex on the competition!

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