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Jalen Hurts-Inspired Fantasy Football Names 2023: 76 Creative Options

It’s almost time for the 2023 fantasy football season, and selecting a unique team name is key to making your mark in your league. If you’re a Jalen Hurts fan, you’ll want a name that showcases your support for the talented QB. 

To help you out, we’ve curated a list of 76 inventive Jalen Hurts-inspired fantasy football names, including standouts like “Hurts Donut” and “Hurts So Good.” 

Explore our selection and let your love for Jalen Hurts drive your team to victory this season!

Jalen Hurts-Inspired Fantasy Football Names

  1. Hurts Donut
  2. Jalen’s Giants
  3. Hurts So Good
  4. Jalen’s Juggernauts
  5. Hurts House
  6. Jalen’s Jet Setters
  7. Hurts Locker
  8. Jalen’s Juggernauts 2.0
  9. Hurts Like Heaven
  10. Jalen’s Jesters
  11. Hurts’ Hounds
  12. Jalen’s Jaunty Jesters
  13. Hurts’ Huddle
  14. Jalen’s Jumping Jacks
  15. Hurts’ Hammers
  16. Jalen’s Jousting Jesters
  17. Hurts’ Heroes
  18. Jalen’s Jammin’ Jokers
  19. Hurts’ Hustlers
  20. Jalen’s Jubilant Jesters
  21. Hurts’ Hornets
  22. Jalen’s Joyful Jesters
  23. Hurts’ Hurricanes
  24. Jalen’s Jazzy Jumpers
  25. Hurts’ Hooligans
  26. Jalen’s Jovial Jesters
  27. Hurts’ Hammerheads
  28. Jalen’s Jittery Jets
  29. Hurts’ Hounds of Hell
  30. Jalen’s Juggling Jesters
  31. Hurts’ Howlers
  32. Jalen’s Juke Joint
  33. Hurts’ Hammering Herd
  34. Jalen’s Jingle Jesters
  35. Hurts’ Hammered Hammers
  36. Jalen’s Jovial Jumpers
  37. Hurts’ Hooligan Huddle
  38. Jalen’s Jazzy Juggernauts
  39. Hurts’ Hitmen
  40. Jalen’s Jester Jam
  41. Hurts’ Hydras
  42. Jalen’s Jester Jeopardy
  43. Hurts’ Hurricanes 2.0
  44. Jalen’s Jumpy Jesters
  45. Hurts’ Hammer Time
  46. Jalen’s Jester Jive
  47. Hurts’ Hurdles
  48. Jalen’s Jester Joyride
  49. Hurts’ Hyperdrive
  50. Jalen’s Jolly Jumpers
  51. Hurts’ Hammerin’ Hogs
  52. Jalen’s Jester Jamboree
  53. Hurts’ Hailstorm
  54. Jalen’s Jolly Jokers
  55. Hurts’ Holy Rollers
  56. Jalen’s Jester Jaunt
  57. Hurts’ Hired Guns
  58. Jalen’s Jumpin’ Jokers
  59. Hurts’ Hurricane Hunters
  60. Jalen’s Jester Jamming
  61. Hurts’ Hard Hitters
  62. Jalen’s Jester Jolt
  63. Hurts’ Haze
  64. Jalen’s Jester Jambalaya
  65. Hurts’ High Rollers
  66. Jalen’s Jester Jive Talkin’
  67. Hurts’ Hail Marys
  68. Jalen’s Jester Jukebox
  69. Hurts’ Hard Charging Herd
  70. Jalen’s Jester Joltin’
  71. Hurts’ Hit Squad
  72. Jalen’s Jester Juxtaposition
  73. Hurts’ Hard Hitting Hammers
  74. Jalen’s Jester Jumps
  75. Hurts’ Hype House
  76. Jalen’s Jester Jokes


You’ve now seen our collection of 76 inventive Jalen Hurts fantasy football names for 2023. Whether you go for a name that’s clever, witty, or just plain fun, your choice will make your team stand out and add a dash of excitement to your league. 

Best of luck in the upcoming fantasy football season, and remember to have fun while supporting your favorite QB!

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