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89 Whimsical Josh Allen Fantasy Football Names 

As the 2023 season approaches, it’s time to find the perfect name for your Josh Allen-led fantasy squad. We’ve got you covered with our list of 89 Josh Allen fantasy team names. 

These names are designed to bring a touch of fun and lightheartedness to your league, while still showing your support for one of the NFL’s brightest stars. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these amusing, quirky, and downright enjoyable fantasy team names!

Josh Allen Fantasy Team Football Names

  1. Allen’s Army
  2. Josh’s Juggernauts
  3. Allen’s Avengers
  4. Josh’s Jaegers
  5. Allen’s Aces
  6. Josh’s Jugglers
  7. Allen’s Assassins
  8. Josh’s Jets
  9. Allen’s All-Stars
  10. Josh’s Jokers
  11. Allen’s Air Force
  12. Josh’s Jolters
  13. Allen’s Artillery
  14. Josh’s Juggernaut
  15. Allen’s Amigos
  16. Josh’s Jamboree
  17. Allen’s Attack Dogs
  18. Josh’s Jocks
  19. Allen’s Armada
  20. Josh’s Jamokes
  21. Allen’s Arsenal
  22. Josh’s Jitterbugs
  23. Allen’s Astronauts
  24. Josh’s Jesters
  25. Allen’s Avengers of the Air
  26. Josh’s Journeymen
  27. Allen’s A-Team
  28. Josh’s Jinxes
  29. Allen’s Antelopes
  30. Josh’s Jive Turkeys
  31. Allen’s Autobots
  32. Josh’s Jabronis
  33. Allen’s Apache Warriors
  34. Josh’s Jovial Giants
  35. Allen’s Anchors
  36. Josh’s Jaded Jockeys
  37. Allen’s Alpha Dogs
  38. Josh’s Jungle Cats
  39. Allen’s Adrenaline Rush
  40. Josh’s Jumping Jacks
  41. Allen’s Angry Ants
  42. Josh’s Juggernautz
  43. Allen’s Armored Division
  44. Josh’s Jazz Hands
  45. Allen’s Aztecs
  46. Josh’s Jovial Jokers
  47. Allen’s Argonauts
  48. Josh’s Joyful Jesters
  49. Allen’s Attack Squadron
  50. Josh’s Just for Kicks
  51. Allen’s Archers
  52. Josh’s Jittery Jets
  53. Allen’s Alpha Squad
  54. Josh’s Jumbo Shrimp
  55. Allen’s Aviators
  56. Josh’s Jubilant Jockeys
  57. Allen’s Apocalypse Now
  58. Josh’s Joltin’ Jags
  59. Allen’s Amusing Anteaters
  60. Josh’s Jingle Bell Rockers
  61. Allen’s Alpha Team
  62. Josh’s Janky Jesters
  63. Allen’s Angry Avocets
  64. Josh’s Juke Joint Jivers
  65. Allen’s Armed and Dangerous
  66. Josh’s Jester’s Court
  67. Allen’s Airborne Angels
  68. Josh’s Jittery Jaguars
  69. Allen’s Amazing Armadillos
  70. Josh’s Jambalaya Jocks
  71. Allen’s Action Jacksons
  72. Josh’s Jive Bombers
  73. Allen’s Army of One
  74. Josh’s Jocular Jesters
  75. Allen’s Anteaters
  76. Josh’s Jukebox Heroes
  77. Allen’s Air Supremacy
  78. Josh’s Jovial Jaunters
  79. Allen’s Angry Alligators
  80. Josh’s Jitterbugging Jags
  81. Allen’s Arsenal of Attitude
  82. Josh’s Jazzy Jamboree
  83. Allen’s Armada of Awesomeness
  84. Josh’s Joking Jaguars
  85. Allen’s Assorted All-Stars
  86. Josh’s Jamboree Jesters
  87. Allen’s All-Out Attack
  88. Josh’s Jitterbuggin’ Jesters
  89. Allen’s Ample Armory


We hope you found a name that resonates with you and brings some extra fun to your league. 

Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts and ideas. Did any of these names catch your eye? Are you inspired to create your own Josh Allen-themed team name? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your suggestions and see which names are your favorites. 

Remember, the most important part of fantasy football is to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie with your fellow league members. So, choose a team name that brings joy to your heart, and may your fantasy season be filled with laughter and unforgettable moments!

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