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72 Exciting Juju Smith Schuster Fantasy Football Names for 2023

If you’re looking to dominate your fantasy league with some electrifying plays, then JuJu Smith-Schuster is your man. With his explosive speed, quick footwork, and uncanny ability to find the endzone, he’s a fantasy football owner’s dream. To celebrate this dynamic player, we’ve put together a list of 72 exciting team names that are sure to make your opponents tremble. Let’s discover all the options!

Juju Smith Schuster Fantasy Football Names

  1. JuJu’s Juggernauts
  2. Smith-Schuster’s Superstars
  3. JuJu’s Jumpstart
  4. Smith-Schuster’s Savants
  5. JuJu’s Jungle Cats
  6. Smith-Schuster’s Strikers
  7. JuJu’s Joyriders
  8. Smith-Schuster’s Skywalkers
  9. JuJu’s Jamboree
  10. Smith-Schuster’s Squadron
  11. JuJu’s Jukebox Heroes
  12. Smith-Schuster’s Supernovas
  13. JuJu’s Jackrabbits
  14. Smith-Schuster’s Silverbacks
  15. JuJu’s Jaguars
  16. Smith-Schuster’s Sultans
  17. JuJu’s Jetsetters
  18. Smith-Schuster’s Spartans
  19. JuJu’s Jolly Jokers
  20. Smith-Schuster’s Sharks
  21. JuJu’s Jousting Jesters
  22. Smith-Schuster’s Stormchasers
  23. JuJu’s Jazz Hands
  24. Smith-Schuster’s Scorpions
  25. JuJu’s Jolly Ranchers
  26. Smith-Schuster’s Sorcerers
  27. JuJu’s Jugglers
  28. Smith-Schuster’s Showstoppers
  29. JuJu’s Jedi Masters
  30. Smith-Schuster’s Stealth
  31. JuJu’s Jingle Bell Rockers
  32. Smith-Schuster’s Spectacle
  33. JuJu’s Jalapeno Poppers
  34. Smith-Schuster’s Stargazers
  35. JuJu’s Jovial Jetsetters
  36. Smith-Schuster’s Sunbeams
  37. JuJu’s Jazzy Jukebox
  38. Smith-Schuster’s Speedsters
  39. JuJu’s Jumpin’ Jacks
  40. Smith-Schuster’s Samurai
  41. JuJu’s Jitterbug Jamboree
  42. Smith-Schuster’s Shadow Squad
  43. JuJu’s Juggernaut Jetsetters
  44. Smith-Schuster’s Symbiosis
  45. JuJu’s Jurassic Jockstraps
  46. Smith-Schuster’s Shapeshifters
  47. JuJu’s Jetpack Jockeys
  48. Smith-Schuster’s Snow Leopards
  49. JuJu’s Jovial Jokers
  50. Smith-Schuster’s Sonic Boom
  51. JuJu’s Jambalaya Juke Joint
  52. Smith-Schuster’s Super Snipers
  53. JuJu’s Jukebox Jamboree
  54. Smith-Schuster’s Seraphim
  55. JuJu’s Jet-Propelled Justice
  56. Smith-Schuster’s Sharpshooters
  57. JuJu’s Jester Jetsetters
  58. Smith-Schuster’s Swashbucklers
  59. JuJu’s Jumbo Juggernauts
  60. Smith-Schuster’s Skyforce
  61. JuJu’s Jukebox Jugglers
  62. Smith-Schuster’s Sirens
  63. JuJu’s Jumping Jalapenos
  64. Smith-Schuster’s Sleek Sailors
  65. JuJu’s Jolly Jetsetters
  66. Smith-Schuster’s Skydivers
  67. JuJu’s Jovian Jetpacks
  68. Smith-Schuster’s Sandstorm
  69. JuJu’s Jumbo Jet Jumpers
  70. Smith-Schuster’s Saboteurs
  71. JuJu’s Jazzy Juke Joint
  72. Smith-Schuster’s Synthesis


With these Juju Smith Schuster fantasy names, you’re sure to bring a touch of excitement to your league. But we know we’re not the only creative ones out there! We want to hear from you too! Do you have any other clever team names for Juju Smith-Schuster? Share them with us in the comments below!

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