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87 Inspiring Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Names 

Are you a Justin Herbert fan looking to express your admiration for the superstar quarterback in your fantasy football team name? 

Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 87 creative and fun Justin Herbert-inspired fantasy names for the 2023 season. From Herbert’s Hammers to the Herbert Hype House Heroes, there’s something here for everyone. 

Show your support for the talented QB and add some flair to your fantasy roster with these unique team names. So, get ready to draft your winning squad and dominate the league with a one-of-a-kind Justin Herbert-themed team name!

Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Names

  1. Herbert’s Heroes
  2. The Justinators
  3. Herbert’s Hammers
  4. The Herbert Hype Train
  5. Justin’s Juggernauts
  6. The Herbert Hammers
  7. Justin’s Jets
  8. The Herbert Show
  9. Herbert’s Hail Marys
  10. Justin’s Jackhammers
  11. The Herbert Express
  12. Herbert’s Hailstorm
  13. Justin’s Javelins
  14. The Herbert Hail Marys
  15. Herbert’s Hype Machine
  16. Justin’s Jesters
  17. The Herbert Era
  18. Herbert’s Hype Squad
  19. Justin’s Jaguars
  20. The Herbert Heaters
  21. Herbert’s Hailers
  22. Justin’s Jukes
  23. The Herbert Hype Squad
  24. Herbert’s Hail Mary Heroes
  25. Justin’s Jukes and Jives
  26. The Herbert Hurricanes
  27. Herbert’s Hail to the King
  28. Justin’s Jukebox Heroes
  29. The Herbert Heat
  30. Herbert’s Hail Mary Magic
  31. Justin’s Jet Setters
  32. The Herbert Hail Mary Heroes
  33. Herbert’s Hail to the Chief
  34. Justin’s Jumpman
  35. The Herbert Hailstorm Heroes
  36. Herbert’s Hail Mary Masters
  37. Justin’s Jumping Jacks
  38. The Herbert Hurricanes
  39. Herbert’s Hail Mary Men
  40. Justin’s Jet Fuel
  41. The Herbert Hail Mary Machine
  42. Herbert’s Hail Mary Mavericks
  43. Justin’s Jive Turkeys
  44. The Herbert Hype Machine Heroes
  45. Herbert’s Hail Mary Madness
  46. Justin’s Juke Joint
  47. The Herbert Hail Mary Marauders
  48. Herbert’s Hail Mary Makers
  49. Justin’s Jukebox
  50. The Herbert Hail Mary Kings
  51. Herbert’s Hail Mary Kingsmen
  52. Justin’s Jive Talkin’
  53. The Herbert Hype Heroes
  54. Herbert’s Hail Mary Knights
  55. Justin’s Jumpin’ Jive
  56. The Herbert Hail Mary Knights
  57. Herbert’s Hail Mary Killers
  58. Justin’s Jive Bombers
  59. The Herbert Hype House
  60. Herbert’s Hail Mary Heroes 2.0
  61. Justin’s Juke Squad
  62. The Herbert Hail Mary Hitmen
  63. Herbert’s Hail Mary Hotshots
  64. Justin’s Jet Lag
  65. The Herbert Hail Mary Hitters
  66. Herbert’s Hail Mary Hustlers
  67. Justin’s Jumping Jags
  68. The Herbert Hail Mary Generals
  69. Herbert’s Hail Mary Gods
  70. Justin’s Jive Turkey Trot
  71. The Herbert Hype High Rollers
  72. Herbert’s Hail Mary Golden Boys
  73. Justin’s Jukebox Heroes 2.0
  74. The Herbert Hail Mary Giants
  75. Herbert’s Hail Mary Gamers
  76. Justin’s Jet Skis
  77. The Herbert Hype Train 2.0
  78. Herbert’s Hail Mary Gunslingers
  79. Justin’s Juke and Jive
  80. The Herbert Hail Mary Godsquad
  81. Herbert’s Hail Mary Game Changers
  82. Justin’s Jumping Beans
  83. The Herbert Hype House Heroes
  84. Herbert’s Hail Mary Guns
  85. Justin’s Jukebox Giants
  86. The Herbert Hail Mary Gang
  87. Herbert’s Hail Mary Gurus

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn! We’d love to hear which Justin Herbert fantasy name you chose or if you’ve come up with an even better one.

Leave a comment below with your favorite team name or share any creative suggestions you might have. Your input will not only inspire others but also help us keep the list fresh and up-to-date. 

Let’s keep the conversation going and continue celebrating the incredible talent of Justin Herbert together!

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