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90 Playful Options for Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Team Names

Kirk Cousins has become a household name in the NFL, and if you’re a fan, you’ll want to represent him on your fantasy football team. But finding the perfect team name can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and come up with 90 playful options that capture the essence of the Vikings quarterback. So, whether you’re looking for alliteration or puns, there’s a name on this list for you. And if you have a favorite that we didn’t include, share it with us in the comments below!

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Captain Kirk’s Crew
  2. Kirk’s Kings
  3. Cousins Connection
  4. Kirk’s Knights
  5. Cousin’s Conquerors
  6. Kirk’s Commandos
  7. Cousins Clan
  8. Kirk’s Krew
  9. Cousins Crushers
  10. Kirk’s Kool-Aid
  11. Cousins’ Clan of Conquest
  12. Kirk’s Kingdom
  13. Cousins’ Cavalry
  14. Kirk’s Krushers
  15. Cousins’ Champions
  16. Kirk’s Kounterpart
  17. Cousins’ Coalition
  18. Kirk’s Kickers
  19. Cousins’ Crusaders
  20. Kirk’s Kicking Corps
  21. Cousins’ Commanders
  22. Kirk’s Kommandos
  23. Cousins’ Corps
  24. Kirk’s Kameos
  25. Cousins’ Combatants
  26. Kirk’s Kicking Kingdom
  27. Cousins’ Conquest
  28. Kirk’s Korps
  29. Cousins’ Clan of Champions
  30. Kirk’s Kreative Khaos
  31. Cousins’ Cavalry of Chaos
  32. Kirk’s Kool Kats
  33. Cousins’ Crusade
  34. Kirk’s Krew of Kickers
  35. Cousins’ Conquering Crew
  36. Kirk’s Khaotic Kicks
  37. Cousins’ Championship Charge
  38. Kirk’s Krazy Kicks
  39. Cousins’ Company
  40. Kirk’s Killer Krew
  41. Cousins’ Co-Captains
  42. Kirk’s Kicking Kommandos
  43. Cousins’ Conquering Coalition
  44. Kirk’s Kool Kickerz
  45. Cousins’ Charge
  46. Kirk’s Kicking Crusade
  47. Cousins’ Combat Crew
  48. Kirk’s Konquerors
  49. Cousins’ Commanding Crew
  50. Kirk’s Khaotic Knights
  51. Cousins’ Conquering Corps
  52. Kirk’s Kicking Konquerors
  53. Cousins’ Clan of Kickers
  54. Kirk’s Khaotic Kounterpart
  55. Cousins’ Courageous Crew
  56. Kirk’s Kicking Kings
  57. Cousins’ Clan of Conquest
  58. Kirk’s Khaotic Krew
  59. Cousins’ Courageous Cavalry
  60. Kirk’s Krazy Kickers
  61. Cousins’ Conquering Krew
  62. Kirk’s Kicking Korps
  63. Cousins’ Courageous Crusaders
  64. Kirk’s Khaotic Kickers
  65. Cousins’ Commanding Cavalry
  66. Kirk’s Kicking Clan
  67. Cousins’ Conquest Corps
  68. Kirk’s Khaos Krew
  69. Cousins’ Courageous Commanders
  70. Kirk’s Kicking Khaos
  71. Cousins’ Coalition of Conquest
  72. Kirk’s Kool Kicking Korps
  73. Cousins’ Courageous Conquerors
  74. Kirk’s Khaotic Kickoff
  75. Cousins’ Conquering Cavalry
  76. Kirk’s Kicking Kombat
  77. Cousins’ Courageous Clan
  78. Kirk’s Khaotic Kickoff Krew
  79. Cousins’ Championship Clan
  80. Kirk’s Kicking Khaotic Kounterpart
  81. Cousins’ Courageous Coalition
  82. Kirk’s Khaotic Kicking Kommandos
  83. Cousins’ Championship Crusade
  84. Kirk’s Kicking Khaotic Knights
  85. Cousins’ Courageous Combatants
  86. Kirk’s Kicking Khaos Korps
  87. Cousins’ Championship Charge Corps
  88. Kirk’s Khaotic Kicking Kings
  89. Cousins’ Courageous Commanding Krew
  90. Kirk’s Kicking Khaos K


Kirk Cousins is a force to be reckoned with on the field, and your fantasy football team can be too. Our list of 90 playful Kirk Cousins fantasy football team names is the perfect way to show off your love for the quarterback while intimidating your opponents. Do you have a favorite team name on the list? Or do you have one that you think should be added? Let us know in the comments below!

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