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77 Fascinating Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names 

Kyler Murray is a rising star in the NFL, and if you’re a fan of his, you want your fantasy team name to be just as exciting. We’ve put together a list of 77 fascinating Kyler Murray fantasy team names for the 2023 season that are sure to catch the attention of your league mates. 

From “Kyler’s Kings” to “The Murray Mavericks of Mayhem,” these team names are bold, creative, and guaranteed to stand out.

Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names 

  1. Murray’s Mavericks
  2. Kyler’s Kommandos
  3. The Kyler Kylers
  4. Murray’s Marvels
  5. Kyler’s Khaos
  6. The Murray Motivators
  7. Kyler’s Kings
  8. Murray’s Magicians
  9. Kyler’s Konquerors
  10. The Murray Mashers
  11. Kyler’s Knights
  12. The Murray Missile Launchers
  13. Kyler’s Krimson Tide
  14. Murray’s Mavericks of the Gridiron
  15. Kyler’s Kocky Krew
  16. Murray’s Mercenaries
  17. Kyler’s Kool Kats
  18. The Murray Monsters
  19. Kyler’s Krazy Kats
  20. The Murray Maniacs
  21. Kyler’s Kung Fu Fighters
  22. The Murray Magic
  23. Kyler’s Khaotic Krew
  24. The Murray Mavericks of Mayhem
  25. Kyler’s Konsistency Krew
  26. The Murray Madmen
  27. Kyler’s Kool Kids Klub
  28. The Murray Miracle Workers
  29. Kyler’s Krazed Kreatures
  30. The Murray Maulers
  31. Kyler’s Krazy Kittens
  32. The Murray Mavericks of Mayhem and Madness
  33. Kyler’s Killer Kommandos
  34. The Murray Manatees
  35. Kyler’s Khaos Klowns
  36. The Murray Mavens
  37. Kyler’s Kool Kooks
  38. The Murray Machine
  39. Kyler’s Khaotic Kingdom
  40. The Murray Mercs
  41. Kyler’s Krazy Komrades
  42. The Murray Mavericks of Magic
  43. Kyler’s Kings of Khaos
  44. The Murray Mad Scientists
  45. Kyler’s Kool Krew
  46. The Murray Megaminds
  47. Kyler’s Khaotic Knights
  48. The Murray Mountain Men
  49. Kyler’s Krazy Krew
  50. The Murray Magic Men
  51. Kyler’s Krazy Konquerors
  52. The Murray Mavericks of Mayhem and Madness
  53. Kyler’s Kool Kats of Khaos
  54. The Murray Mavericks of Magnificence
  55. Kyler’s Khaotic Kicks
  56. The Murray Miracle Makers
  57. Kyler’s Krazy Kickers
  58. The Murray Mavens of Mayhem
  59. Kyler’s Khaos Krazies
  60. The Murray Mavericks of Mayhem and Magnificence
  61. Kyler’s Kool Kats of Kombat
  62. The Murray Monarchs
  63. Kyler’s Khaotic Khaos
  64. The Murray Mavericks of Mayhem and Magnificence
  65. Kyler’s Krazy Kickers of Khaos
  66. The Murray Marvelous Men
  67. Kyler’s Khaotic Killers
  68. The Murray Mavericks of Magnificence and Mayhem
  69. Kyler’s Kool Kats of Khaotic Kombat
  70. The Murray Movers and Shakers
  71. Kyler’s Krazy Khaos Kings
  72. The Murray Mavericks of Magnificence and Madness
  73. Kyler’s Khaotic Killjoys
  74. The Murray Mavericks of Magnificence and Mayhem
  75. Kyler’s Krazy Khaos Kooks
  76. The Murray Madmen of Mayhem
  77. Kyler’s Khaotic Khaos Kats

Wrapping Up

Did you find a Kyler Murray fantasy team name that you love on this list? We hope you found inspiration with our list of 77 fascinating options. 

Do you have a personal favorite, or did we miss any great ones? Let us know in the comments below! 

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and fellow fantasy football enthusiasts. Happy drafting!

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