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151 Interesting Medieval Fantasy Football Names for 2023

In this epic adventure, you’ll discover five captivating themes – with 150 interesting mediaeval fantasy football names – that will add a touch of historic charm and enchantment to your fantasy football league. 

From the power and hierarchy of feudalism to the romantic tales of chivalry and courtly love, these unique and inspiring team names will transport you to a time of knights, castles, and legendary quests.

Embrace the divine and spiritual with our religion and the church-inspired names or marvel at the grandeur of Gothic architecture. Stand strong in the face of adversity with our plague and warfare-themed monikers that evoke resilience and valor. 

With these fascinating themes and unforgettable names, your fantasy football experience will be nothing short of legendary in 2023.

Feudalism Theme

This theme takes inspiration from the social and political structure of the medieval ages, incorporating elements of feudalism, such as vassals, lords, and knights. The names under this theme convey a sense of hierarchy, loyalty, and martial prowess, reflecting the spirit of camaraderie and competition in fantasy football.

  1. Royal Fiefdom Fighters
  2. The Vassal Vanquishers
  3. Lords of the Endzone
  4. Serfdom Scorers
  5. The Jousting Juggernauts
  6. Knightly Gridiron
  7. The Castle Crushers
  8. Noble Quarterbacks
  9. The Field Goal Feudalists
  10. Chainmail Chargers
  11. The Manor Maulers
  12. Squire Squads
  13. The Baron Backers
  14. The Tackling Tenants
  15. The Plundering Peasants
  16. The Courtly Crusaders
  17. The Heraldic Hail Marys
  18. The Gentry Gladiators
  19. The Rampart Runners
  20. The Aristocratic Armada
  21. The Fiefdom Fumblers
  22. The Monarch Marauders
  23. The Estate Enforcers
  24. The Dynasty Dominators
  25. The Regal Raiders
  26. The Landed Gentry Gamblers
  27. The Peerage Punishers
  28. The Valor Vikings
  29. The Chivalry Chargers
  30. The Liege Lords’ Legion

Chivalry and Courtly Love Theme

Inspired by the ideals of chivalry and courtly love from the Middle Ages, this theme features team names that evoke romance, honor, and nobility. These names embody the spirit of sportsmanship and loyalty, capturing the essence of what it means to be a part of a fantasy football league.

  1. The Gallant Gridirons
  2. The Courtly Cavaliers
  3. The Romantic Receivers
  4. The Love-Lorn Linebackers
  5. The Chivalrous Chargers
  6. The Knightly Navigators
  7. The Troubadour Tacklers
  8. The Amorous Archers
  9. The Minstrel Marauders
  10. The Passionate Passers
  11. The Poetic Punters
  12. The Devoted Defenders
  13. The Swooning Scorers
  14. The Enamored Endzone
  15. The Fair Maiden Fumblers
  16. The Noble Knight’s Nemeses
  17. The Virtuous Vikings
  18. The Star-Crossed Steelers
  19. The Legendary Lovers
  20. The Heartfelt Hail Marys
  21. The Questing Quarterbacks
  22. The Romantic Rivals
  23. The Lovers’ League
  24. The Chivalry Chiefs
  25. The Faithful Falcons
  26. The Secret Admirers
  27. The Passionate Pioneers
  28. The Loyal Lions
  29. The Romantic Raiders
  30. The Courtship Conquerors

Religion and the Church Theme

Drawing from the religious institutions and practices of the medieval ages, this theme incorporates team names that reflect the sacred and spiritual aspects of the Church. 

The names under this theme evoke a sense of devotion, divine intervention, and faith, which can be a powerful and unifying force in fantasy football.

  1. The Holy Hail Marys
  2. The Saintly Scorers
  3. The Crusader Kickers
  4. The Sacred Saints
  5. The Divine Defenders
  6. The Pious Passers
  7. The Heavenly Heralds
  8. The Angelic Archers
  9. The Clergy’s Crew
  10. The Monastic Maulers
  11. The Friar’s Fumblers
  12. The Pulpit Punters
  13. The Pilgrimage Packers
  14. The Holy Warrior Hawks
  15. The Cardinal Crushers
  16. The Gothic Gridirons
  17. The Confessional Chiefs
  18. The Cathedral Cowboys
  19. The Abbey Avengers
  20. The Inquisitor’s Insiders
  21. The Papal Punishers
  22. The Sinful Steelers
  23. The Virtuous Vikings
  24. The Sacramental Sackmasters
  25. The Scripture Seahawks
  26. The Divine Dolphins
  27. The Holy Roller Raiders
  28. The Rosary Ravens
  29. The Biblical Broncos
  30. The Canonized Cardinals

Gothic Architecture Theme

Inspired by the awe-inspiring and intricate elements of Gothic architecture, this theme features team names that evoke the grandeur and majesty of medieval cathedrals and structures. 

These names embody the spirit of ambition, craftsmanship, and beauty, reflecting the same dedication and teamwork needed for success in fantasy football.

  1. The Flying Buttress Blitzers
  2. The Cathedral Crushers
  3. Gothic Architecture Theme
  4. The Pointed Archers
  5. The Gargoyle Guardians
  6. The Vaulted Vikings
  7. The Spire Scramblers
  8. The Gothic Gladiators
  9. The Rose Window Raiders
  10. The Medieval Masons
  11. The Pinnacle Packers
  12. The Ribbed Vault Ravens
  13. The Gothic Gridirons
  14. The Stone Carvers’ Crew
  15. The Stained Glass Steelers
  16. The Cathedral Cowboys
  17. The Pillar Punters
  18. The Spires of Victory
  19. The Transept Titans
  20. The Buttress Buccaneers
  21. The Basilica Bengals
  22. The Gothic Goliaths
  23. The Medieval Marauders
  24. The Cloister Chiefs
  25. The Abbey Avengers
  26. The Nave Navigators
  27. The Cathedral Carnage
  28. The Ecclesiastical Eagles
  29. The Flying Fortress Falcons
  30. The Tracery Titans
  31. The Gothic Giants
  32. The Plague Physician Panthers
  33. The Siege Squadron
  34. The Pestilence Punishers
  35. The Battleborn Buccaneers
  36. The Crusader Chiefs
  37. The Warhorse Warriors
  38. The Trebuchet Titans
  39. The Bubonic Ballers
  40. The Quarantine Quarterbacks
  41. The Ratcatcher Raiders

Plague and Warfare Theme

Drawing inspiration from the hardships and strife of the medieval world, this theme features team names that evoke the trials of plague and the valor of warfare. 

The names under this theme convey a sense of resilience, survival, and fighting spirit, encapsulating the competitive nature and challenges of fantasy football.

  1. The Black Death Defenders
  2. The Catapult Crushers
  3. The Knight’s Warfare
  4. The Flaming Arrow Falcons
  5. The Hundred Years’ Hail Marys
  6. The Jousting Jaguars
  7. The Siege Engine Saints
  8. The Medieval Mercenaries
  9. The Sword Swinging Seahawks
  10. The Castle Stormers
  11. The Archers’ Army
  12. The Battle-Axe Bears
  13. The Plague Pioneers
  14. The Warhammer Warriors
  15. The Armored Assault
  16. The Crusader Cowboys
  17. The Conflict Chargers
  18. The Siege Specialists
  19. The Cavalry Carnage
  20. The Crossbow Crew

Your Turn

As our medieval fantasy adventure comes to an end, we hope you found the perfect name for your fantasy football team in 2023. 

Let your imagination run wild as you lead your team to victory on the virtual gridiron, embracing the spirit of the Middle Ages with every play. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our 150 Interesting Medieval Fantasy Football Names. Which one was your favorite? Did any particular theme resonate with you? 

Share your thoughts, ideas, and any additional names you’ve come up with in the comments below. 

Together, we can celebrate the magic and mystique of medieval times as we conquer the realm of fantasy football.

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