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150 Non-player Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023 Season

Welcome to our comprehensive list of 150 non-player fantasy football team names, thoughtfully crafted and organized into eight distinct themes. These names are designed to help you express your unique personality, interests, and passions as you compete in the thrilling world of fantasy football.

Whether you’re a fan of TV shows, movies, animals, food, mythology, music, puns, geography, or nature, we’ve got you covered with creative and memorable names that will make your team stand out. 

So, without further ado, dive in and explore our carefully curated themes, and discover the perfect name for your fantasy football team!

TV Shows & Movies

This theme is inspired by popular television shows and movies. Team names in this category cleverly incorporate elements from these visual media, merging their titles or characters with football terms to create unique and memorable names that will appeal to both football and screen enthusiasts.

  1. Gridiron Thrones
  2. Breaking Tackles
  3. Pigskin Peaks
  4. Endzone Empire
  5. Stranger Sprints
  6. The Walking Redzone
  7. The Touchdown Diaries
  8. Field Goal House
  9. The Fresh Princes of Bel-Air
  10. The Big Blitz Theory
  11. Touchdown Titans
  12. The Scoring Sopranos
  13. First Down Friends
  14. Pigskin Pulp Fiction
  15. Endzone Endgame
  16. The Redzone Redemption
  17. Hail Mary Harry Potter
  18. The Goal Line Godfather
  19. Fourth Down Forrest Gump
  20. Huddle Home Alone


The animal kingdom serves as the foundation for this theme. Football team names in this category are inspired by various creatures, from the fierce and predatory to the cute and cuddly. 

These names draw upon the traits and characteristics of animals, combining them with football terminology to create a vivid and dynamic team identity.

  1. Cunning Cougars
  2. Fierce Foxes
  3. Gridiron Gorillas
  4. Touchdown Turtles
  5. Scoring Serpents
  6. The Golden Gophers
  7. Redzone Raptors
  8. Pigskin Penguins
  9. Bulldozing Bison
  10. Field Goal Flamingos
  11. Blitzing Bobcats
  12. Hail Mary Hedgehogs
  13. The Endzone Elephants
  14. Overtime Owls
  15. Goal Line Grizzlies
  16. Scrambling Scorpions
  17. Thundering T-Rexes
  18. The Wild Wolverines
  19. The Spiral Sharks
  20. Pouncing Panthers

Food & Drink

This delicious theme is perfect for those who appreciate the culinary arts or simply enjoy a good meal. 

Team names in this category take inspiration from various foods and beverages, blending them with football terms and concepts to create names that are both appetizing and entertaining. 

This theme is sure to leave your opponents hungry for more!

  1. The Guac & Rollers
  2. Touchdown Tacos
  3. Scoring Sushi
  4. Field Goal Fries
  5. Pigskin Pizzas
  6. Redzone Ravioli
  7. Hail Caesar Salads
  8. Quarterback Quiche
  9. Blitzing Burgers
  10. Goal Line Gumbo
  11. The Pancake Platoon
  12. The Donut Defenders
  13. The Muffin Maulers
  14. The Waffle Warriors
  15. The Smoothie Squad
  16. The Sandwich Scrimmage
  17. The Taco Tacklers
  18. The Salsa Strikers
  19. The Poutine Punishers
  20. The Burger Blitzers


Drawing inspiration from ancient myths and legends, this theme explores the world of gods, heroes, and mythical creatures. 

Team names in this category bring together football terms with elements from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and other mythologies. 

These names are perfect for teams who want to channel the power and intrigue of ancient myths on the football field.

  1. The Herculean Hail Marys
  2. Olympian Offense
  3. The Touchdown Titans
  4. The Scoring Sirens
  5. The Redzone Gorgons
  6. The Pigskin Pegasus
  7. The Field Goal Furies
  8. The Hades Huddle
  9. The Apollo Audibles
  10. The Zeus Zone
  11. The Hail Mary Hydra
  12. The Dionysus Dominators
  13. The Artemis Arrows
  14. The Endzone Elysium
  15. The Midas Maulers
  16. The Spartacus Scrimmage
  17. The Athena Avengers
  18. The Minotaur Mania
  19. The Circe Cyclones
  20. The Poseidon Punters


This theme is perfect for football fans with a passion for music. Team names in this category are inspired by various musical genres, artists, and songs, merging them with football concepts to create harmonious and catchy team names. 

Whether you’re a fan of classic rock or hip hop, there’s a name that will resonate with your musical taste.

  1. The Rolling Scones
  2. Redzone Rockers
  3. Scoring Symphony
  4. The Pigskin Pipers
  5. Field Goal Funk
  6. The Touchdown Temptations
  7. The Hail Mary Harmonies
  8. Gridiron Groove
  9. The Blitzing Beatles
  10. The First Down Five
  11. The Touchdown Troubadours
  12. The Scoring Supremes
  13. The Pigskin Punk Rock
  14. The Redzone Rhapsody
  15. The Field Goal Fleetwood
  16. The Hail Mary Hip Hop
  17. The Goal Line Grunge
  18. The Overtime Orchestra
  19. The Endzone Eagles
  20. The Blitzing Blues

Puns & Wordplay

If you appreciate clever wordplay and puns, this theme is for you! 

Team names in this category playfully combine football terms with puns, creating names that are humorous and memorable. 

These names are perfect for those who enjoy a good laugh and want to bring a lighthearted spirit to their fantasy football team.

  1. The Hail Marygoround
  2. The Scoringboard
  3. The Pigskinny Jeans
  4. The Redzone Rangers
  5. The Touchdownaissance
  6. Field Goal Frenzy
  7. The Extra Points of Interest
  8. Fourth Downforce
  9. The Two-Point Teasers
  10. The Overtime Operators
  11. The Scrimmage Scramblers
  12. The Puntastic Players
  13. The Touchdown Turncoats
  14. The Pick-Six Pixies
  15. First Down Fandango
  16. The Blitzing Brainstorm
  17. The Endzone Enigma
  18. The Goal Line Gurus
  19. The Hail Mary Mavericks
  20. The Pigskin Punslingers


Taking inspiration from diverse landscapes and geographical features, this theme brings the beauty of our planet to the football field. 

Team names in this category merge football terms with elements from various regions, landforms, and ecosystems. 

These names celebrate the wonders of the world while showcasing your team’s unique identity.

  1. The Touchdown Tundras
  2. The Redzone Rainforest
  3. The Scoring Savannah
  4. The Pigskin Peninsula
  5. The Field Goal Fjords
  6. The Blitzing Bays
  7. The Goal Line Glaciers
  8. The Hail Mary Mountains
  9. The Endzone Equator
  10. The Overtime Oasis
  11. The Pigskin Prairies
  12. The Scoring Swamps
  13. The Redzone Rockies
  14. The Field Goal Forest
  15. The Touchdown Taiga
  16. The Hail Mary Highlands
  17. The Blitzing Beaches
  18. The Overtime Outback
  19. The Goal Line Great Barrier Reef
  20. The Endzone Everglades


This theme focuses on the awe-inspiring forces of nature, from powerful weather phenomena to geological wonders. 

Team names in this category combine football terms with elements from the natural world, highlighting the incredible power and beauty of our planet. 

With names inspired by this theme, your team will be a force to be reckoned with on the football field.

  1. The Touchdown Tornadoes
  2. The Scoring Sandstorms
  3. The Pigskin Polar Vortex
  4. The Redzone Raindrops
  5. The Field Goal Forests
  6. The Hail Mary Hurricanes
  7. The Blitzing Blizzards
  8. The Goal Line Geysers
  9. The Overtime Oceans
  10. The Endzone Earthquakes

Your Turn

We’d love to hear which team names resonated with you the most, and if you have any suggestions or ideas for additional names, please feel free to leave a comment below. 

Your input and feedback are invaluable to us as we continue to create content that supports your fantasy football journey. 

Happy team-naming, and best of luck in your upcoming fantasy football season!

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