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90 Fascinating Russell Wilson Fantasy Football Names 

As we gear up for another thrilling season of action-packed, gridiron glory, it’s time to put our creativity to the test and come up with some fantastic team names. In honor of the charismatic and immensely talented quarterback, we’ve compiled a list of 90 fascinating Russell Wilson fantasy names for 2023. 

So, whether you’re a die-hard Seahawks supporter, a long-time Wilson admirer, or just love a good play on words, this list is sure to inspire your own fantasy football team name. 

Let the Russelmania begin!

Russell Wilson Fantasy Football Names

  1. Russelmania
  2. Russel the Hustle
  3. Russel and Flow
  4. Russel Up Some Points
  5. Russel the Muscle
  6. Russel the Escapologist
  7. The Russell Experience
  8. The Russell Renaissance
  9. Russel Sprouts
  10. Russel and Bustle
  11. Russel Wilson’s Warhawks
  12. The Russell Hustle and Bustle
  13. Russel Wilson’s Renegades
  14. The Russell Rushers
  15. The Russel Revolution
  16. Russel’s Raiders
  17. The Russell Resurgence
  18. Russel’s Razzle Dazzle
  19. The Russell Rockets
  20. The Russell Rodeo
  21. The Russell Renegades
  22. Russel Wilson’s Rollers
  23. Russel Wilson’s Rebels
  24. The Russell Resilience
  25. The Russell Rascals
  26. Russel Wilson’s Rampage
  27. Russel’s Rhinestones
  28. Russel Wilson’s Road Warriors
  29. The Russell Rampant
  30. The Russell Rookies
  31. The Russell Revolutionaries
  32. Russel’s Roadrunners
  33. The Russell Riders
  34. The Russell Regulators
  35. The Russell Rattlesnakes
  36. The Russell Renaissance Men
  37. Russel’s Rainbow
  38. The Russell Runaways
  39. Russel’s Roadsters
  40. The Russell Rangers
  41. Russel’s Ringmasters
  42. Russel’s Razzle
  43. The Russell Rollerskates
  44. Russel Wilson’s Rockstars
  45. The Russell Roundup
  46. The Russell Renovation
  47. Russel’s Rebels Without a Cause
  48. The Russell Resurrection
  49. Russel’s Road to Redemption
  50. Russel’s Rose Garden
  51. The Russell Revolutionized
  52. Russel’s Red River Rivalry
  53. Russel’s Raging Rhinos
  54. The Russell Rubies
  55. Russel Wilson’s Rhythms
  56. Russel’s Roaming Rhinoceroses
  57. The Russell Renaissance Revolution
  58. The Russell Refinery
  59. The Russel River Rats
  60. The Russell Renegades of the Road
  61. The Russell Rainbow Coalition
  62. The Russell Roaring Rampage of the Road
  63. Russel’s Royal Court
  64. The Russell Racecar Drivers
  65. The Russell Renegade Runners
  66. Russel Wilson’s Retro Riders
  67. The Russell Regal Renegades
  68. The Russell Resurrected
  69. The Russell Roughriders
  70. Russel’s Rustlers
  71. The Russell Rainmakers
  72. Russel’s Road Warriors Redux
  73. The Russell Road Rebels
  74. The Russell Renowned
  75. Russel Wilson’s Rockin’ Roadsters
  76. The Russell Razzmatazz
  77. Russel’s Racing Rascals
  78. The Russell Resurgence Reloaded
  79. The Russell Roaring Thunder
  80. The Russell Red Hot Renegades
  81. The Russell Renegades of the Rush
  82. Russel’s Rolling Royalty
  83. The Russell Ramblers
  84. The Russell Reckoning
  85. Russel’s Rally Racers
  86. The Russell Renegades of the Rumble
  87. The Russell Roadsters of Revenge
  88. The Russell Rebel Revolution
  89. The Russell Rampaging Roadsters
  90. The Russell Rebel Riders


Now it’s your turn to weigh in: which names caught your attention? Did our list spark your imagination to create an ingenious Russell Wilson-inspired team name of your own? Share your thoughts, favorites, and any new ideas you’ve conjured up in the comments section below! 

Embrace the spirit of friendly competition and infuse your league with a sense of fun and camaraderie through your captivating team name. 

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