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100 Ted Lasso Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Ted Lasso fans and fantasy football enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to share a list of 80-100 Ted Lasso-inspired fantasy football names for the 2023 season.

We’ve crafted these names to capture the spirit, humor, and camaraderie that Ted Lasso and his AFC Richmond crew have brought to our screens.

We hope that these names will add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your fantasy football experience this year.

Ted Lasso Fantasy Football Names

  1. Lasso’s Lads
  2. Ted’s Tacticians
  3. Richmond Roar
  4. Lasso’s Lions
  5. Believe Brigade
  6. Tedsylvania United
  7. Diamond Dogs United
  8. Lasso’s Legends
  9. Biscuits with the Boss
  10. AFC Richmond Rebels
  11. Richmond Rascals
  12. Lasso’s Lethal Lineup
  13. Ted’s Tea Time Titans
  14. Lasso’s Lucky Strikes
  15. Dazzling Diamond Dogs
  16. Richmond’s Redemption
  17. Lasso’s Lollipop League
  18. Ted’s Terrific Team
  19. Biscuit Ballers
  20. Lasso’s Leap of Faith
  21. The Optimistic Ones
  22. Lasso’s Life Lessons
  23. Ted’s Touchdown Titans
  24. Richmond Revolution
  25. Lasso’s Lighthearted Legion
  26. Ted’s Transformative Team
  27. Richmond Resilience
  28. Lasso’s Laughing Llamas
  29. Ted’s Turnaround Troop
  30. The Lasso Effect
  31. Richmond Ruckus
  32. Lasso’s League of Wholesome
  33. Ted’s Timeless Tactics
  34. Richmond Renaissance
  35. Lasso’s Loveable Lineup
  36. Ted’s Trusty Teammates
  37. Richmond’s Rising Stars
  38. Lasso’s Loyalists
  39. Ted’s Tactical Titans
  40. Richmond Rally
  41. Lasso’s Leadership League
  42. Ted’s Tenacious Team
  43. Richmond Rebound
  44. Lasso’s Leaping Leprechauns
  45. Ted’s Unstoppable United
  46. Richmond Rumble
  47. Lasso’s Lively Lineup
  48. Ted’s Triumphant Team
  49. Richmond’s Reckoning
  50. Lasso’s Limitless Legacy
  51. Ted’s Tasty Treats
  52. Richmond Raging Bulls
  53. Lasso’s Lyrical Lineup
  54. Ted’s Top-Notch Team
  55. Richmond’s Royal Family
  56. Lasso’s Loquacious Legends
  57. Ted’s Talented Team
  58. Richmond’s Rowdy Rascals
  59. Lasso’s Luminous Lineup
  60. Ted’s Tug-of-War Team
  61. Richmond’s Robust Rebels
  62. Lasso’s Lassoing Lads
  63. Ted’s Tight-Knit Team
  64. Richmond Rookies
  65. Lasso’s Leadership Legends
  66. Ted’s Terrific Tacklers
  67. Richmond’s Regal Rulers
  68. Lasso’s Lovable Lunatics
  69. Ted’s Tango Team
  70. Richmond’s Rallying Rookies
  71. Lasso’s Lucky Leprechauns
  72. Ted’s Tornado Team
  73. Richmond’s Remarkable Rebels
  74. Lasso’s Laughing Lions
  75. Ted’s Team of Titans
  76. Richmond’s Rambunctious Roar
  77. Lasso’s Lighthearted Lads
  78. Ted’s Tenacious Tacklers
  79. Richmond’s Relentless Roar
  80. Lasso’s Lovable Lineup
  81. Ted’s Transformation Team
  82. Richmond’s Resolute Rulers
  83. Lasso’s Laughing Lizards
  84. Ted’s Tough Team
  85. Richmond’s Rowdy Rebels
  86. Lasso’s Leadership Luminaries
  87. Ted’s Tactical Triumphs
  88. Richmond’s Rebellious Rovers
  89. Lasso’s Lively Lads
  90. Ted’s Touchdown Team
  91. Richmond’s Radiant Roar
  92. Lasso’s Lighthearted League
  93. Ted’s Talismanic Team
  94. Richmond’s Rousing Rebels
  95. Lasso’s Loving Lineup
  96. Ted’s Tactful Tacklers
  97. Richmond’s Rejuvenated Roar
  98. Lasso’s Limitless Lineup
  99. Ted’s Teachable Team
  100. Richmond’s Resounding Rebels

Your Turn

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Ted Lasso-themed fantasy football names for 2023! Which ones were your favorites? Do you have any other creative Ted Lasso-inspired names that you think should be included in our list? We’d love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas in the comments section below. Remember, like Ted always says, “Believe!” and have a fantastic fantasy football season!

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