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150 Survivor Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023 Season

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to name your team or group for a competition? Whether you’re participating in a sports league, trivia night, or office challenge, a catchy and memorable team name can help set you apart and give you a sense of identity and unity. 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled five different survivor themes for team names, each with 25 unique options to choose from. 

From nature and wilderness to pop culture and internet memes, there’s a theme to suit any group’s personality and interests. So, take a look and get inspired to find the perfect team name for your next competition!

Nature & Wilderness

These names are inspired by the natural world and its various landscapes and elements, from jungles and rainforests to mountains and oceans. The names evoke a sense of adventure and survival, suggesting a group of strong and resilient individuals who can thrive in even the harshest environments.

  1. Jungle Juggernauts
  2. Island Icons
  3. Tropic Titans
  4. Volcanic Victors
  5. Outback Outlaws
  6. Rainforest Renegades
  7. Beach Brawlers
  8. The Coral Crusaders
  9. Wildfire Warriors
  10. The Sandstorm Squad
  11. The Tidalwave Tacticians
  12. Reef Resilience
  13. The Monsoon Mavericks
  14. The Typhoon Titans
  15. Coastal Conquerors
  16. The Hurricane Heroes
  17. The Mangrove Masters
  18. The Tsunami Tribe
  19. The Jungle Jive
  20. The Mountain Marauders
  21. The River Rowdies
  22. The Swamp Survivors
  23. The Lagoon Legends
  24. The Oasis Overcomers
  25. The Waterfall Warriors

Strategy & Tactics

These names are focused on the strategic and game-playing aspects of competition, inspired by reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother. 

The names suggest a group of savvy and cunning players who are skilled in manipulating others and playing the game to their advantage.

  1. The Alliance Architects
  2. Tribal Tacticians
  3. Immunity Idols
  4. Hidden Heroes
  5. The Firestarter Faction
  6. The Puzzle Prodigies
  7. The Challenge Champions
  8. The Deception Dynasty
  9. The Blindsiders
  10. The Tiebreaker Titans
  11. The Social Strategists
  12. The Jury Whisperers
  13. The Underdog Union
  14. The Merge Masters
  15. The Tribal Council Titans
  16. The Outwit Outlast Outplay Outlaws
  17. The Reward Raiders
  18. The Exile Elite
  19. The Vote Vultures
  20. The Backstabbing Brigade
  21. The Loyal Legion
  22. The Stealth Mode Squad
  23. The Whispering Warriors
  24. The Flippers’ Federation
  25. The Trust Cluster Club

TV Shows & Movies

These names are inspired by popular movies and TV shows with survival or adventure themes, such as Castaway, Jurassic Park, and The Hunger Games. 

The names suggest a group of characters who are larger-than-life and capable of overcoming incredible obstacles to achieve their goals.

  1. Castaway Crusaders
  2. The Lost Legends
  3. Gilligan’s Guerrillas
  4. The Lord of the Flares
  5. The Revenant Renegades
  6. Jurassic Juggernauts
  7. The Hunger Games Heroes
  8. The Blue Lagoon Brawlers
  9. Swiss Family Strategists
  10. The Robinson Rivals
  11. The Temptation Island Tribe
  12. King Kong’s Comrades
  13. The Maze Runner Marauders
  14. The Island Idols
  15. The Mysterious Island Masters
  16. The Castaway Kings
  17. The Survivor Saga
  18. The Apocalypse Alliance
  19. The Treasure Island Tacticians
  20. The Odyssey Outcasts
  21. The Pirate Platoon
  22. The Deserted Dynasty
  23. The Marooned Marauders
  24. The Atlantis Adventurers
  25. The Island of Dr. Moreau’s Minions

Mythology & Legends

These names are inspired by myths, legends, and ancient stories, featuring names such as Hercules, Medusa, and Poseidon. 

The names suggest a group of powerful and mythical beings who are skilled in combat and have a deep understanding of ancient lore.

  1. The Odyssey Outlaws
  2. The Argonaut Alliance
  3. The Hercules Heroes
  4. The Trojan Tribe
  5. The Poseidon Platoon
  6. The Artemis Archers
  7. The Siren Survivors
  8. The Spartan Strategists
  9. The Gorgon Gang
  10. The Minotaur Marauders
  11. The Pandora’s Pioneers
  12. The Achilles Alliance
  13. The Valkyrie Vanguard
  14. The Mythical Marauders
  15. The Medusa Militia
  16. The Phoenix Phalanx
  17. The Griffin Guardians
  18. The Centaur Champions
  19. The Lost City Legion
  20. The Nemean Nomads
  21. The Icarus Initiative
  22. The Mermaid Marauders
  23. The Titan Tribe
  24. The Legendary Leviathans
  25. The Oracle Outcasts

Puns & Wordplay

These names are more lighthearted and playful, often featuring puns or wordplay related to survival or competition. 

The names suggest a group of individuals who are quick-witted and have a good sense of humor, but who are still focused on winning the game.

  1. Sole Survivor Seekers
  2. Tribal Troublemakers
  3. Island Instigators
  4. The Castaway Clique
  5. Exile Escapades
  6. Beachside Bluffmasters
  7. The Buff Bunch
  8. The Immunity Innovators
  9. The Tropical Takedown
  10. The Outwitting Outlaws
  11. The Merge Mavericks
  12. The Tribal Council Troupe
  13. The Fire-Making Frenzy
  14. The Idol Hunters
  15. The Coconut Conquerors
  16. The Palm Tree Pioneers
  17. The Torch Snuffers
  18. The Ration Raiders
  19. The Survival Strategists
  20. The Paradise Prowlers
  21. The Reunion Rebels
  22. The Whispering Willows
  23. The Adventure Addicts
  24. The Jungle Jugglers
  25. The Seashell Scavengers

Pop Culture & Internet

These names are inspired by social media and popular culture, featuring names like The Meme Masters, The Influencer Islanders, and The Streaming Survivors. 

The names suggest a group of individuals who are savvy with technology and social media, and who are adept at navigating the online world to come out on top.

  1. The Meme Masters
  2. The Viral Victors
  3. Emoji Elite
  4. Hashtag Heroes
  5. The Streaming Survivors
  6. The Gif Gurus
  7. The TikTok Tribe
  8. The Snapchat Strategists
  9. The Instagram Islander
  10. The Tweeting Tacticians
  11. The Binge-Watching Brigade
  12. The Podcast Pioneers
  13. The YouTube Yahoos
  14. The Netflix Nomads
  15. The Reddit Rebels
  16. The Facebook Faction
  17. The Twitch Tribe
  18. The Pinterest Platoon
  19. The LinkedIn Legends
  20. The Blogger Bunch
  21. The FOMO Fighters
  22. The Social Media Squad
  23. The Influencer Islanders
  24. The Streaming Strategists
  25. The Emoji Escapades

Your Turn

We’d love to hear which team names resonated with you the most, and if you have any suggestions or ideas for additional names, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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