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149 Witty Fantasy Football Team Names: 2023’s Edition

In this collection, we’ve gathered 149 witty fantasy football team names. Some of the most amusing and creative team names across various themes, including Pop Culture Puns, Mythical Creatures, Wordplay and Puns, Football Lingo, and Alliteration and Rhymes.

Dive in and explore these team names that will make you stand out in your league and bring a smile to your fellow football enthusiasts.

Pop Culture Puns

Pop culture puns take inspiration from movies, TV shows, songs, and celebrities, blending their names with football-related terms to create funny and memorable team names. These puns often rely on fans’ shared knowledge of the source material, giving the name an extra layer of humor and camaraderie.

  1. Game of Throw-ns
  2. Stranger Tacklings
  3. Marvel-ous QBs
  4. Yoda’s Gridiron Gurus
  5. The Touchdown Lebowski
  6. Jurassic Pass
  7. The Pigskin Dead
  8. Breaking Backfields
  9. Snapvengers: Endzone
  10. Star Wars: The Touchdown Awakens
  11. Lord of the Endzones
  12. Fast and the Fearless
  13. Terminator: Touchdown Genesis
  14. Frozen Tundra: The Icebacks
  15. Napoleon Dynamite Tacklers
  16. Harry Passers and the Footballers
  17. The Sack-tion Heroes
  18. Westeros Wingmen
  19. Spongebob SquarePunts
  20. Orange is the New Sack
  21. The Office Linebackers
  22. Desperate Touchdowns
  23. The Gridiron Games
  24. Guardians of the Gridiron
  25. House of Cards and Cleats
  26. Interception Impossible
  27. The Brady Bunch
  28. The Walking Tacklers
  29. Men in Black and Blue
  30. The Pigskin Thrones

Mythical Creatures

Drawing on the lore and legends of mythical creatures, this theme creates team names that combine the fantastical nature of these beings with the high-energy action of football. 

These names give a sense of power and enchantment, making the team seem larger than life and instilling fear in their opponents.

  1. Sackquatches
  2. Gridiron Gargoyles
  3. Endzone Unicorns
  4. Pigskin Phoenixes
  5. Fumble Fairies
  6. Dragons of the Red Zone
  7. Centaur Linemen
  8. Kraken Quarterbacks
  9. Touchdown Trolls
  10. Huddle Hydras
  11. Field Goal Griffins
  12. Minotaur Running Backs
  13. Pegasus Punters
  14. Sirens of the Scrimmage
  15. Ogre Offensive Line
  16. Tackle Titans
  17. Leprechaun Linebackers
  18. Basilisk Ballers
  19. Chimaera’s Endzone
  20. Goblin Gunners
  21. Mermaid Receivers
  22. Punt Protector Pixies
  23. Sphinx Safeties
  24. Werewolf Wideouts
  25. Yeti Yardage Crushers
  26. Valkyrie Victors
  27. Medusa’s Midfielders
  28. The Harpy Hail Marys
  29. Nemean Lion Linebackers
  30. Hippogriff Halfbacks

Wordplay and Puns

Wordplay and puns use clever twists on famous phrases, idioms, or sayings to create amusing and memorable team names. 

By incorporating football players’ names or positions into these phrases, these names demonstrate both wit and a deep knowledge of the game, making them fun and engaging for fans and players alike.

  1. Fourth and Lynches
  2. Turn Your Head and Goff
  3. Mixon It Up
  4. Wham! Bam! Thank You, Cam
  5. Fleury of Foles
  6. Gurley Gone Wild
  7. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  8. Ingram Toenails
  9. Breesy Like Sunday Morning
  10. Lamar the Merrier
  11. Kelce Me If You Can
  12. Mahomes Alone
  13. RussellMania
  14. A Zeke Outlook
  15. Wentz Upon A Time
  16. Golden Tate Warriors
  17. Brady Gaga
  18. Dak to the Future
  19. Stafford Infection
  20. The Full Monty
  21. Tua Legit to Quit
  22. Kamara Shy
  23. Hyde and Zeke
  24. Dalvin and the Chipmunks
  25. Pitts Stop
  26. Diggs In a Blanket
  27. Chubb-a-Lubb-a-Ding-Dong
  28. Ertz So Good
  29. CeeDee’s Nuts
  30. The Adams Family

Football Lingo

Football lingo-themed names capitalize on the unique terminology of the sport to create distinctive and dynamic team names. They embody the spirit of the game and highlight various aspects of football strategy and gameplay. These names appeal to die-hard fans and demonstrate a strong connection to the sport.

  1. Hail Mary Heroes
  2. Blitz Breakers
  3. First Down & Dirty
  4. Goal Line Gurus
  5. Red Zone Renegades
  6. Touchdown Troubadours
  7. Fourth and Inches
  8. Gridiron Gladiators
  9. Turf Titans
  10. The Audible Avengers
  11. Snap Decision
  12. Pylon Predators
  13. Two-Minute Drillers
  14. Onside Kickstarters
  15. Backfield Bandits
  16. Fumble Force
  17. Interception Insurgents
  18. Overtime Overlords
  19. Sack Savants
  20. Pigskin Pioneers
  21. The Huddle Hustlers
  22. Downfield Daredevils
  23. Scrimmage Scavengers
  24. Yardage Yetis
  25. Pass Protection Platoon
  26. Kickoff Kings
  27. Extra Point Enforcers
  28. Goalpost Guardians
  29. Punt Punishers
  30. Rushing Raiders

Alliteration and Rhymes

Alliteration and rhyme-based team names use repetition and catchy phrases to create memorable and entertaining names. 

They showcase the playful side of language and engage the listener with their rhythm and sound. 

These names often invoke a sense of unity, as the repeating sounds create a bond between the team and its fans.

  1. Battering Ballers
  2. Cleat Crusaders
  3. Dynamic Draftees
  4. Endzone Enforcers
  5. Field Goal Fanatics
  6. Gridiron Gangstas
  7. Hail Mary Hooligans
  8. Interception Invaders
  9. Juking Juggernauts
  10. Kickoff Killers
  11. Lateral Legends
  12. Momentum Monsters
  13. No-Huddle Ninjas
  14. Offensive Ogres
  15. Pylon Prowlers
  16. Quarterback Quake
  17. Red Zone Rascals
  18. Sack Syndicate
  19. Touchdown Titans
  20. Upfield Unicorns
  21. Victory Vipers
  22. Wildcard Warlords
  23. X-Factor Xplosion
  24. Yardline Yellers
  25. Zealous Zephyrs
  26. Almighty Athletes
  27. Beastly Ballhandlers
  28. Clutch Crushers
  29. Daring Destroyers


We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of 149 Witty Fantasy Football Team Names for the 2023 season. Whether you’re looking for a name that showcases your love for pop culture, your fascination with mythical creatures, or your passion for clever wordplay, this list has something for everyone. 

Remember, a great team name is not only fun and memorable, but it also reflects your personality and love for the game. So, go ahead and choose the perfect name for your fantasy football team, and may the best team win!

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